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  1. I really like what they are doing on the body around the fenders and to a degree the hood. The grill looks like azz. But aero probably had a majority of the design there anyway. Overall it is a hot car. And yes I think the looks are marketed to folks that can't actually buy the car, but that is some of the strategy of even having a Corvette in the first place, its about excitement, not actual financials.
  2. I was just a lowly paratrooper, but that thing looks tiny. And my frame of reference are F-16 which I looked in the cockpit (pilot control station an airman corrected me) once and laughed about trying to fit inside and I am only 6'2".
  3. I thought the culprit was that Obama was a secret muslim?
  4. What embarrasses me more is there are people out there who watch this crap. It doesn't embarrass me at all, but it worries me a LOT. Because they breed. And vote. Mostly Republican lately.
  5. I have a FF league started in Yahoo, if anyone is interested shoot me a message and I will give you the details to join up.
  6. Heck some MD are quacks. However, there is a fundamental lack of scientific proof that any of these manipulations of your skelatal system improves health in anyway shape or form. Research the history of chiropractors and you tell me what you think. I might be biased as a good friend is a PT, but a chiropractor would be the last place I would go for back or neck pain relief.
  7. I don't know why but I always hated that color of that car. Other than it being a Firebird, it seemed to represent all that I hated about that era of cars... Underpowered (a 6.6L with 200 hp?) and with hideous color schemes.
  8. I don't mean that your way is wrong, but the point is, I don't want to spend anymore time hitting bars every week, I am pretty done with that because I did it all as a twentysomething. Now I like/look forward spending all my free time with my family. I still do some stuff by myself or with friends but it is about 1 or 2 afternoons a month.
  9. And the Game of Games gave us the greatest trivia question ever: "Dennis is a**hole. Why Charlie hate?"
  10. My favorite is the "Game of Games" or Chardee MacDennis episode. This one had me rolling. Also Kitten Mittens one was pretty good, but mostly just the Infomercials they all made.
  11. Same in my neck of the woods, just substitute University of Oregon for LSU. BTW, this year Phil Knight is building Football only offices for UO. The cost? 68 Million Dollars!
  12. As someone that that their first child at 37, and my spouse was 33, I have to agree with those who mentioned waiting. I can't count the times I have said, glad I was 37 and not 27. I spend my early twenties/late teens in the Army, my middle twenties in college, had almost a decade of decent earnings and had bought most of my big purchases and paid off bills before MiniKep made his appearance. Obviously some people have kids in their twenties, but for me, that wouldn't have been ideal AT ALL. I wanted to go out on Fridays, spend Saturday recovering, and go hiking/fishing/ww rafting on a Sunday and out to dinner on Sunday night. If I had a kid 10 years ago I would be either regretting the time I missed out or regretting I dumped him/her off on my parents too often. You don't have time for hobbies or activities. Heck just getting house work done and everyone fed is quite a deal. Further there is no way with what I made in my twenties I could afford to have my spouse be a stay at home mom. <---- and that is a bigger deal than you can imagine and you won't realize it until you have that little baby. BTW any single parents out there? If so those people are some sort of superheros, I dunno how you can possibly even survive that. Therefore, be VERY sure you have the right PARTNER, before you get pregnant.
  13. ^^ Par for the course with the NCAA, in fact, they seem to NEVER punish those that really deserve it. Case in point my hated in state rival, the whOregon Ducks. They basically paid a "street agent" $25k to steer recruits to Eugene, ...back in 2010. Yahoo Sports basically gift wrapped the entire case to the NCAA, now 2-1/2 years later nothing at all has happened with the case. Why even try and play by the rules if the likely hood you will get caught is so small, plus the penalties will be so late in coming?
  14. badal, how you liking the SnW Bodyguard? I have heard some very mixed reviews on the thing, mainly in the reliability/feeding sector.
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