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  1. Has anyone been asked to provide their state board for verification of their PDH's? Texas doesn't require you to submit anything when you renew your license annually, but they do ask you to keep records in case of an audit. Recently a coworker was asked by the Texas board to supply verification of all the PDH's he claimed this year. I'm just curious what other engineers across the country have experience.
  2. He probably saw that movie "Arlington Road". Of course he might be afraid of his kids teachers after seeing "The Substitute". Or archaeologists after seeing "Indiana Jones".
  3. I got my current job through Aerotek. I never worked for Aerotek however. They contacted me based on my Monster.com profile. I interviewed with them, and then I interviewed with the employer. I will agree they "suck ass". I don't feel they helped me at all in getting the job. Their screening process was 100% useless as well. When they asked me about my structural engineering experience I told them I had done a lot of work with curtain wall systems, specifically the anchoring of them to the building. The guy then asked me if i did anything with shower curtains and folding partition walls. I then explained that a "curtain wall" is a glass or other non structural wall that is typically used in high rise construction, not the privacy curtain found around hospital beds.
  4. Mike1144


    Texas spoiled me... I got a score for my PE. Both when I failed and when I passed. I finished the LEED exam in the first hour. I spent another 5 minutes reviewing the 4 or 5 questions I marked. I almost didn't want to know how I did. I was confident I did well, but I always have a few doubts. I answered all the survey questions indicating I was very satisfied out of fear it would change my grade.
  5. Mike1144


    That was a fun exam. Passing was more funner.
  6. Mike1144


    I have two of the "the other board" books, the sample exam and the practice problems. I just took the sample exam the other day and got close to 75% right. I'm working trough most of the practice problems this week. (exam on monday) I'm mixing that with a little memorization of the credits. Every morning I write or type out the credit numbers, name, and a few notes on each intent, including the standard referenced.
  7. Mike1144


    http://www.cce.ufl.edu/LEED/precourse.asp http://www.cce.ufl.edu/LEED/quizzes.asp Some practice questions some might find useful. I don't know how they compare to the actual exam. I hope they are much harder then the exam, otherwise...
  8. Studying. I was just trying to understand what I was reading. Thanks for the reply, it was very reassuring.
  9. Pretty specific question here... In credit EA4, Enhanced refrigerant management, where do the "Rc" values come from? Page 223 of the reference manual has some examples but I don't know where I'm supposed to find the "Rc" values. I found a table with default maximums, but nothing seems to match up.
  10. Mike1144


    I'm signed up to take the LEED-NC exam next friday. I've been slowly becoming familiar with the whole process, and I'm using these next two weeks to "cram". I've got flash cards with all the basic items on each credit. And 5 flash cards for just acronyms. The one acronym I have the most trouble with is LEED. EDIT: The best $30 I ever spent was rescheduling the exam. I'll try again this Monday.
  11. Mike1144

    Got Ink?

    I don't have any. If I ever got one it would be a practical one. Like my blood type or something. Maybe basic CPR instructions. Incidentally, my sister is a licensed tattoo artist. She's told me she doesn't do Chinese characters. There is no way to tell for sure what one means. Like many English words, they can be taken out of context. You might think some symbol means cool, like awesome. But it could mean cold, like frigid.
  12. I'm sure it varies by region, but how far in advance do you need to schedule your exam? For example I think I'll be ready to take it in march, do I need to schedule it now? Or can you get a test date within a few days from when you sign up?
  13. The only reason I passed the SE1 was because of the SERM, 6min and codes. With the SERM I found it important to actually look up any code references. The SERM skims the surface, and is good at showing you what you need to know, but it doesn't teach you everything. The practice exam, SERM and 6min book alone will get you a 40 on the test. Follow the codes as you go, and you'll get a 71.
  14. I was more interested in the content of their training.
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