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  1. jeb6294

    Movie thread

    Since it just came out on digital, went ahead and watched “The Predator” last night. Kind of like “Venom”...not looking to win any Oscars and quite a bit of ridiculousness, but it was entertaining to watch
  2. jeb6294

    Christmas gifts /

    When I was a kid, my dad worked at a sign company. They’d make the signs here, but he would coordinate with installers wherever the signs were going to be put up. Installers were always trying to send him stuff for Christmas but he was never allowed. One summer we went to a lodge at a state park with a big lake and rented a boat and jet ski for a long weekend. Apparently one of the installers called the office looking for him and they told him we were on vacation. We took the boat/jet ski back to the marina at the end of the day and dad went to pay the bill. Guy says both had already been paid for as well as our fuel for the day. Guy tracked down where we’d gone and called up and paid for everything...don’t remember how much it was, but it had t be a couple hundred $$$.
  3. jeb6294

    Movie thread

    Since “Venom” is out on video I just finished watching that. Sorry, I didn’t think it was that bad, but then I was never in to comics so there’s no storyline variations for me to get all upset about. It was your typical superhero? type movie...a bunch of action without a load of substance but entertaining enough.
  4. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    Looks like small claims is enough of a PITA that I'm going to start with a BBB complaint, then if that doesn't help, I'll start filling out forms. Got the brakes bled yesterday after work and then took it out last night for some erratic driving to bed the new pads. Seem to be working well. The middle picture I posted, you can see there's still a bit left on the outside pad, but the inside pad is obviously gone. I made sure to get video of me checking the slide pins to show they weren't stuck. I certainly don't have a problem doing my own maintenance, but it was just easier having them do it, and part of the "lifetime brakes" deal was getting your service done there so they could check the pads.
  5. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    Guess I need to find a new place to take the truck. Used to go to the local Ford dealership for maintenance, but I don't think we'll be on speaking terms any more. Beginning of October I went in for an oil change and had a coupon for their "works" deal...oil change and check all the vital stuff, rotate tires, etc. One of the batteries was shot but it was less than 3 yrs old so they both got replaced under warranty. Everything else was fine. One of the things on the check list was brakes which they showed as yellow (green/yellow/red) which is 4/32" to 7/32" and "may require future attention". Fast forward a month and a half later and I've got brake pads down to the metal. Kicker is, when I had the brakes put on, they were doing some lifetime brake deal so even if they'd needed changed, it shouldn't have been an issue. The red dust down the side of the truck kind of narrowed down where the problem was. Tried calling the dealer a bunch of times, left voice mails, finally sent an email to the service manager and the general manager of the dealership. Ignored by everybody. So, Amazon for new rotors and pads, Harbor Freight to get a jack that would actually lift my truck, Advance Auto Parts for a new caliper and a few other odds and ends. In the end, I'm out about ~$300 for everything, but I kept all my receipts and started looking up the steps to take someone to small claims court. The spring clips the came out looked like they had been cut in half. I'm wondering if they decided to take a shortcut to make install easier and I had a pad that was constantly rubbing.
  6. jeb6294

    The Lawnmower Thread

    If he'd have just left the deck on the rider, he could have mowed the whole lawn in the amount of time it took him just to hook that whole contraption up. Probably took 8 gallons of gas to do it that way too.
  7. jeb6294

    Wood for bbq

    We had a few leftovers that I took to work (they even reheat good...had everyone there drooling). Normally the wife doesn't say anything when I take leftovers to work for lunch, but when she went to get something for dinner and the burnt ends were already gone, she was piiiissed. Made me take her out to dinner instead.
  8. jeb6294

    Wood for bbq

    This stuff tastes good enough that I would use it even if I wasn't looking for something sugar free. The only sweetener in its list of ingredients is sucralose, aka Splenda. It has 2 grams of carbs per serving, which I'm guessing comes from a bit of cornstarch. Since we're (sort of) on the subject, the food industry sucks. Before coming up with my own rub, I was looking for something at the same store where I got the BBQ sauce. There were quite a few that said they had 0g carbs, but when I looked at the label, the 1st or 2nd ingredient would be sugar. WTF?!?! When you looked closer, they'd use a serving size of 1 gram, or sometimes even less than that. Apparently they are allowed to round down so if the amount per serving is <1g, then they are allowed to list it as 0g/0%. Who the f@#$ is going to use 1 gram of rub on a rack of ribs? They're allowed to cheat the system so people can't see that their rub is basically sugar and sodium.
  9. jeb6294

    Wood for bbq

    Best part is that it's health food for my wife and I...all keto friendly. The dry rub I make myself so it's nothing but seasonings and a bit of sugar free sweetener in place of brown sugar and I found some sugar free BBQ sauce at our local specialty grocery that is a-ma-zing.
  10. jeb6294

    Wood for bbq

    My flat was a bit overdone, but that was my fault. I wasn't paying attention and by the time I remembered to check the internal temp, it was already over 200. Still tastes good, just a bit too tender. I'm sure the diehards don't approve, but one of the reasons I really like my electric smoker is because it has that digital temp...just set it and forget it. I gotta say, so far turkey has been my least favorite. It came out good, but just seems like more work than the other stuff I've done.
  11. jeb6294

    Wood for bbq

    Sweet baby Jesus...Kroger had brisket on sale for $1.99/lb the other day so I grabbed a couple. Got some strange looks when I dumped 30lb of meat on the conveyor at the register. I've been diligent in my YouTube smoking research, see Aaron Franklin and HowToBBQRight, and decided to do brisket and burnt ends. Quick anatomy lesson for those who don't know, brisket is one hunk made of two parts, the flat (leaner) and the point (fattier), with a seam of fat splitting the two. You can throw a whole brisket in the smoker or you can do what I did which is separate the flat and the point. The flat gets smoked per the usual while the point gets basted and goes back in a pan. After a few more hours, the point gets cubed, basted again and back in the smoker for a bit. You end up with ~1"x1" cubes of beef that melt in your mouth.
  12. jeb6294

    Movie thread

    Probably won't bother watching it. Watched the first one (tried anyway) recently because the wife had said something about seeing the new one and I couldn't tell you what it was about...was on my iPad and movie wasn't good enough to keep my attention.
  13. jeb6294

    Wood for bbq

    There are different variations out there, but the jist is Bacon Explosion: Make a bacon weave, I think mine was 8x8 or 9x9 Mix up 2lb of meat, I did half beef and half sausage, with another 1/2lb of cooked bacon crumbles Put the giant ball-o-meat in a 1-gal Ziploc bag and then roll it out (you're making a perfect square of meat about 1/2in thick) Cut the bag down both sides and then I put a layer of Colby-jack slices before rolling it up so it's like a giant swiss roll made of meat Throw some BBQ dry rub on it and plop the giant meat swiss roll down on your bacon weave and wrap it up so it's all sealed up in bacon Throw it in the smoker until internal temp is ~150-155 Brush some BBQ sauce on it and keep cooking until it's up to 165
  14. jeb6294

    Wood for bbq

    My smoker is electric, but has the wood tray/feeder for adding wood chips. We've got a big specialty grocery here, Jungle Jim's, and they've got a pretty decent selection of wood chips. Got hickory when I did ribs and apple for the bacon explosion and the turkey. I'd heard hickory was too much for poultry and fruit trees were recommended. Nice thing with the electric is that you only need to use chips to make smoke, electric element provides the heat.
  15. jeb6294

    Best Thanksgiving Recipes?

    Granted I've only done the ribs so far, but the electric smoker seems to be great for the at-home type stuff. Just plug it in, set the temp & time and let it do its thing. It even has a remote control so you can set everything and see how much time is left and monitor the temperature on the temp probe without even getting off the couch.