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  1. At home with a sick kid today so I finished season 2 today. My guess is that the lawyer is saying they’re good...she’s said a couple times how impressed/happy the cartel is that they were able to set up the ultimate money laundering scheme.
  2. jeb6294

    Movie thread

    I think you just answered your own question as to why the reviews seemed generous.
  3. jeb6294

    Movie thread

    “The Meg”...wow...just, wow. Seemed like something that would have been on the SyFy Channel rather than in the theatre. The “science” behind it was pretty bad and the “big twist” was very predictable.
  4. jeb6294

    Pot meet Kettle

    I’ll admit, I didn’t read the whole thing top to bottom, but for hat I did read, you’re picking a quote that only portrays a part of the picture. The article is from 8years ago. With the way things are moving today, I’d be willing to bet all the numbers would be vastly different nowadays. Yes, 5.9% were false reports, but you left out the part where only 35% of cases actually resulted in prosecution or disciplinary action.
  5. jeb6294

    TV - What are you watching?

    I thought the new "Murphy Brown" was supposed to be picking up where it left off, not really a reboot. I got a video adapter for the computer hooked up to my TV. Lets me plug the house antenna in and watch regular TV through the computer (which doesn't mean a whole lot since you can just watch regular TV on the TV), but it also lets me use my computer as a DVR. Kind of the same thing, you have to set the channel and time, and it's a little quirky but I really only use it to record Bengals games if I'm not going to be home.
  6. We were bummed when they switched us to military flights cause we were getting a ton of airline miles, but I gotta admit, flying home from the 'Stan in uniform was even better.
  7. jeb6294

    NFL 2018

    Unless you're the Steelers. At one point during the 1st half QB was going down and the Steelers' LB, not only drilled him, but hit him square in the head with the crown of his helmet. Miraculously, they called a penalty, but just about any other team he would have been thrown out of the game and people would be screaming bout fines.
  8. jeb6294

    NFL 2018

    Not a Twatter, so not sure if this'll work, but this video someone posted on there pretty much sums it up....
  9. jeb6294

    TV - What are you watching?

    I watched "Manifest" last night too. Seemed like it could be an interesting premise so it was good enough to keep me watching a few more episodes, but I may end up waiting until it's over, and then stream the whole thing if the reviews are still good. Didn't even bother with "Magnum" but I didn't hear anything good about it. Why do they even bother with shows like that? Just re-air the original if you can't thin of anything original.
  10. Flying back and forth to Dubai/Afghanistan so many times a few years ago, I had a subscription from United to bump me up to economy plus an all my flights. Not 1st class, but some decent extra legroom and, since it was a paid upgrade, it usually wasn't as crowded. One flight home I had my row of 3 seats to myself so I put my armrests up and put my feet up to get some sleep when some jackwagon comes up from coach, wakes me up and tells me to move over so he could sit there. Not sure if he spoke enough English to know what f@#% off means, but if not, my pissy attitude was enough to send him back to his seat.
  11. O!M!G! We ended up watching this last night. My wife had some movie on and by the time all the boys were upstairs we just ended up catching the end, but then Netflix does that thing where it plays a trailer of something it thinks you'll like based on what you were watching. The trailer for "The Package" looked like it could be funny so we ended up watching it. We were about halfway through the movie when it dawned on me that THIS WAS THAT MOVIE. Ended up being pretty funny...there were a few parts that had us laughing out loud.
  12. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    This the message that has been up on the interstate signs in Ohio lately....
  13. jeb6294

    funny pic thread

    What an idiot...everybody knows you've gotta bend the ends of the screw so it doesn't come out.
  14. The NH pay scale is literally exactly the same as the GS scale, it is just several GS grades lumped together separated as tiers instead. An NH 2 is a GS 5-11, an NH 3 is a GS 12-13, an NH 4 is a GS 14-15. The way it read, I thought it meant that, if you got hired as a an NH 3, even if they brought you in as a the approximation of a GS 12 that you could still get up to the GS 13 level or if you were looking for a GS 13 spot, they would bring you in as an NH 3 and your pay would start at the equivalent of a GS 13. Didn't realize they had tiers. Makes me wonder why they even bother instead of just using the GS scale like everyone else. I called after lunch and told them that I wife and I talked about it over the weekend and we didn't think we could make it work being a tier 1 position so I didn't want to waste their time and resources. Also said that we have talked about moving closer to that area in a few years and I would keep my eye out for positions in the future.
  15. jeb6294

    NFL 2018

    They need your bank account info so they can send you some sweet merch.