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  1. Not sure if it should be here or in Movies, but Netflix just added "47 Meters Down". Not good, and the big twist at the end is pretty obvious. I got the impression that it was basically voice work for the 'stars' of the movie and stand-ins were used for the most part.
  2. NFL 2017

    He missed because he's just as stupid as a lot of the other guys in the NFL nowadays...didn't even see him because he has his head down trying to spear him with his helmet instead of tackle him. You'd think they'd learn after dumbass in Pittsburgh almost ended up in a wheelchair.
  3. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Whatever...they're all basically the same nowadays. Some units are just better than others. Kind of like cars, whether you get a lemon or not has a lot to do with what day it was built on. The only one that is truly better is Speed Queen, but you're going to pay for it. There's a little mom & pop appliance place that I checked out who carries SQ. They had a brand new one that was built like the washer my mom had when I was a kid, i.e. every single bit of it was mechanical, there wasn't a single electronic in it. Of course it cost more than almost any new washer and it was 3 cu.ft. which ain't gonna work for a family of 5.
  4. funny pic thread

    Yes. Yes we are.
  5. Overwhelmed Sump Pump?

    One thing that stood out to me is the way all the water is coming in, but there's barely a trickle coming in from the actual foundation drains...I'm assuming the corrugated pipes coming in to the sump are the foundation drains. It also looks like someone already drilled holes in the sump at some point. They just moved in to the house 2 weeks ago so I stole the picture he posted. It clearly doesn't appear to be draining towards the house so my first guess is that his foundation drains are shot and the water pressure is building up and around the sump is the only way out.
  6. Overwhelmed Sump Pump?

    Guy on a motorcycle forum I'm on is having some issues with the house he just got. Basement is getting water even though it has two sump pumps. My first thought is that his house must be in a hole or something the way water is pouring in. Thoughts on what the problem is?
  7. Not going to go back through all of them and look, but I can't remember anyone saying anything about "1922". Finished watching it last night. I liked it. It's another Stephen King adaptation. Reminded me a lot of "Gerald's Game" where it isn't a blatantly scary horror movie, but more psychological with just a bit of gore.
  8. HOA Horror Stories

    I wouldn't even call what we've got a HOA. We voluntarily pay, I think, $35 per year to keep up the landscaping around the entrance and for several neighborhood parties during the year.
  9. Movie thread

    Most of the people I know who (tried) reading the books only made it part way through the first book before they had to stop because they were so bad. Not just a bad story, but the writing was awful too.
  10. funny pic thread

  11. The Automotive Thread

    POS...I'd be willing to bet that it is more putty than metal at this point.
  12. Oregonians

    Go back to the way it used to be when a couple pumps were self-serve and a couple were full-service...and $0.50 more per gallon to pay Gomer. See how long they are bitching about pumping their own gas.
  13. Christmas Gifts

    The TCL TV I got gets great reviews. About the only thing people talk about that isn't great is the sound. As bad as sound is on TV's in general, I looked up the specs and the TCL packs 8W speakers which is about 1/3 the power of the Samsungs that I was comparing it to.
  14. Movie thread

    Pun fully intended. I just imagine some intern at AMC snickering while suggesting to the old guys that they call their new screen format "Big D" cause it's short for big digital screen.
  15. Definitely agree that Punisher was better. I like how it picked up from Daredevil instead of trying too hard to start it from scratch.