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  1. If you ever thought about watching "Fastest Car", don't bother. In a nutshell, it's a douchebag with more money than sense drag racing their supercar against three idiots with "sleeper" cars. In the last episode I watched, a guy in a souped up van did a burnout in water AT THE STARTING LINE. They're allowed to do one burnout, but this brainiac did it right at the starting line so his rear tires were literally sitting in puddles of water when the race started.
  2. Haven't watched it yet, but I've heard good things about the new "Lost in Space".
  3. The Automotive Thread

    Doing a quick search, even his asking price is several thousand lower than what an '04 Rubicon would usually list for.
  4. The Automotive Thread

    Odd that they go to the trouble of letting you see the thing...usually with scams they try to get $$$ without having an actual car. Definitely strange. I wonder if he is adding/deleting ads on CL or if he's done this enough times that people are flagging it and getting his ads taken down because they know it's a fake ad.
  5. Calling All Home Theater Junkies...

    No argument from me. The TV I just got is a 4K, although I didn't get it because it was 4K. I've watched some 4K stuff and it doesn't really look that much different to me. I gotta figure that at some point, they're doing stuff that the human eye can't pick up but it sounds impressive and helps sell more TV's..
  6. The Pet Thread

    Poor Sampson has no eye-mouth coordination at all.... https://www.facebook.com/lisa.johnson.319247/videos/1816734888401054/
  7. No Dilly Dilly at the Masters

    My advice for anyone involved in putting on a golf tournament is to make it as entertaining and fan friendly as possible because I could easily see golf being one of those things that is a memory one of these days. Golf courses take up a lot of real estate and need a lot of upkeep. Places like here, they're only usable maybe 8 months of the year as well. I don't know how widespread they are yet, but you've got places like Top Golf starting to pop up. Play year round while people bring food and beer right to your bay and it doesn't take up any more room than a driving range.
  8. Calling All Home Theater Junkies...

    The wife got me that Bose soundbar this past Christmas. Definitely a vast improvement over the TV speakers. It's got Bluetooth so I've played music from my phone over it, way louder than I ever needed to do with anything on the TV so far, and it can blast out some pretty serious sound. One wire to connect and it hides away nicely behind/under the TV (wasn't quite enough space to fit it under the TV so it is right behind it but the sound doesn't seem to be affected at all). Only thing it doesn't have that would have been nice is the CEC HDMI that would let you control the volume with the TV remote, but I've gotten along just fine without it.
  9. Movie thread

    Watched "Cloverfield Paradox" the other day. Didn't think it was too bad. I'll admit I cheated and read the Wiki- description so I was able to figure out what was going on a little easier. I also watched the new "Jumanji" this weekend. It was pretty good too and the boys liked it. Would seem like some of the action scenes were a little over the top, but then I would remember what they were going for...action sequences that are more "video game like".
  10. Autonomous Vehicles

    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/22/video-released-of-uber-self-driving-crash-that-killed-woman-in-arizona And now all the conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork to claim that the road isn't as dark as it is in the original video. If it isn't, from what I can see in some of the other videos, then we still have a lady coming out from behind a big tree/bush to cross a 5-lane road at night. So even though Uber still isn't out of the woods, she wasn't some innocent victim.
  11. Autonomous Vehicles

    Did anyone else see the video of the accident? I've got to assume that the vehicle uses something besides visual cues so the car still missed something, but damn, if I was driving I probably would have hit her too. First time I saw it was watching the news on the iPad. Second time was on the 55" TV in the living room. Even when I knew what I was watching for, I didn't see the lady until the car was on top of her. They've got the dash cam going, interior and exterior, so it still doesn't let Uber off the hook completely because it looked like the safety driver was probably on their phone, but even if they weren't, I'm thinking the lady still would have been hit.
  12. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Took the step-kid to Skyline for green three ways (green spaghetti noodles, chili and shredded cheddar...it's a Cincinnati thing). Skyline breaks out the green noodles for St. Patty's day. I got to wear my kilt too.
  13. Not ashamed to say three (3). My own fault though, the first two times I figured I would "wing" it and didn't put much time in. Third try I decided to actually put in the effort and spent time studying. Passed it and I was actually surprised because it almost seemed too easy...amazing what studying will do.
  14. Actually I did...it's on Netflix too. So is the sequel.
  15. If you're a hockey fan at all, I just finished watching "Ice Guardians" and I liked it. Documentary about how the NHL making rules to basically eliminate enforcers has actually made the sport more dangerous. Used to be guys would play more straight up because they knew that if they put a cheap shot on Gretzky, that Marty McSorely was going to drop the gloves and protect him. Nowadays, guys can put their shoulder into some guy's chin and know that nothing's going to happen unless the ref happens to see it and gives him 2 minutes. In the meantime, your star player is out on concussion protocol as a result.