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  1. jeb6294

    funny pic thread

  2. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Oh, and I didn't do the whole street, but the whole thing slopes down to our cul-de-sac. It's curb and gutter though so we don't see any of that water in the yard.
  3. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Definitely not...but this is the first time I can remember getting rain for so long that there's been standing water in the front yard which is why I'm hoping that's it's just a matter of waiting for it to dry out some. We're the yellow house. The front yard slopes gradually towards the front of the house and then around towards the sides. From there it's utter madness. Around the south side of the house it's got a significant slope (I can mow it on the rider, but there's some serious pucker factor) down to the creek. Around the north side of the house is even worse. It's drops down to the creek so fast that I can't even mow it with the push mower. It's bad enough that we tilled up most of the hillside and started planting ground cover last spring. There's still a strip about 1-1/2 mower decks wide right at the property line. To get that I go over the edge on the rider, hang on tight, hope I don't get turned sideways, run around the house back to the top and repeat.
  4. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Uhhh, somebody shoot me. It's literally been raining for 2 straight days now. Wife says water started backing up in the storage room in the basement the other day. I think the sump pump was cycling so often that the float got hung up. Gave the float a good shake, moved the pump away from the crock a little bit and it started working again. Only issue was some wet carpet just outside the storage room. Not a huge deal, it's happened a time or two before, just put some fans on it and crank up the dehumidifier. Went down this morning and there's wet carpet at the bottom of the stairs. Being a finished basement, I can't see what's going on at all. There's a little access just to the right of it to get to the water shutoff and the little I could see was dry. More fans and dehumidifier and then I guess just hope the rain finally stops for a little while and see if it's just a matter of too much rain for too long.
  5. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    Somebody pee-ed on your car.
  6. jeb6294

    Movie thread

    Agreed.... Watched "Equalizer 2" it this weekend also. Pretty much a repeat of the first one, i.e. Denzel doing his stint as an action guy, although the big finish in the first one was better since it was at the Home Depot.
  7. jeb6294

    Movie thread

    Kids were off yesterday because it was too cold, no snow or ice, just too cold...candy asses...so I took the opportunity to watch "Aquaman". Gotta agree, it was pretty bad. I think one thing that wore on me was so much bad CGI. It's gotten better, but it still isn't good enough to do people yet without being obvious.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty sure any expectation for a "spoiler alert" is out the window when a movie is more than 20 years old.
  9. jeb6294

    Flu season - who's catching?

    Flu shots are mandatory at work...keeping my fingers crossed that they got it right this year. I guess it isn’t technically mandatory, but if you don’t get it then you have to wear a mask anytime you’re in the hospital for the duration of flu season.
  10. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    Little bit...1/8" would be 3.175mm. He said pretty much the same thing. I sent scanned copies of my receipts in yesterday. Got a call from him again yesterday afternoon confirming he'd gotten my email and that he'd have them send the check. I'm one of those people who's pretty reasonable when it come to this kind of thing. I suppose I could have made a big stink about the hours I had to put in to do it myself, and I would have if I'd had to go to court, but I figure worst case, I traded a little bit of my time for a new floor jack since they're reimbursing me for the one I got.
  11. Anyone else watch "The Passage" last night? Looks like it could be promising...almost like a "Resident Evil" prequel kind of vibe...although it does star Zack Morris.
  12. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    HOLY SHITBALLS BATMAN!!! Phone rings yesterday and it's some manager of something or another at the Mark Williams Group, the group that Beechmont Ford belongs to, Long story short, agrees that they screwed up, told me to email him my receipts and they'd send me a check. He saw where I got the lifetime brakes, but apparently Ford's policy is to not replace the pads unless they are less than 3mm. When he checked my file, he said that I was right at 3mm when I was in for my maintenance so, per Ford's policy, they didn't replace my pads. That's fine if you're driving something like a Ford Focus, not so much in an F-350. He said it's one of those times where they should have used a little more common sense and never let me leave without replacing the pads.
  13. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    Cry me a river...I've got two batteries in one truck and any time one goes bad, you have to replace both of them. Wait, 2 batteries 1 truck. They should make a movie.
  14. jeb6294

    2 teenagers versus rotary phone

    It's right up there with the kids and the cassette tape:
  15. jeb6294

    The Baking Thread

    Plenty of recipes out there for doing wings in the smoker, but I'm with Supe on this one. I like my wings crispy and I'm not sure that would happen in a smoker unless you left them in there long enough to turn them in to chicken jerky.