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  1. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    One of the worst things I've had to do around the house. I think the biggest problem was that the parquet was glued to the old linoleum. If it was just parquet, the machine would make pretty quick work out of it since it was individual squares. If it was just linoleum, the machine would easily peel up long strips at a time. With the two glued together they worked to hold everything together so it made it twice as hard.
  2. The thing that got me when it came out was how the police/prosecutor just kept saying there was more evidence and he was definitely guilty. My thought was, well then you better give more info than that because the series makes them look really bad.
  3. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I decided to go with the grout lines which adds a bit on the PITA meter, but once that's in, it'll look just like stone tile. Every once in a while I would start to complain about cutting tiles until I remembered what it'd be like if I was putting in real tile. Just score it with a sharp razor fold it and it snaps right along your line. I had one odd spot where the little pantry is next to the nook where the fridge goes. Even after I got it cut out, I still wasn't sure how it'd work because I was literally installing tile around a corner. Easy-peasy...heat the stuff up with a hair dryer and it got soft enough to fold it in half without breaking. Slide the tile under the door jamb/trim and then fold the little sliver back over.
  4. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Well, I went from thinking I'd have a new floor in the entryway/hall/kitchen by the time the wife got home from her week in Dallas to hoping I have the kitchen and stove back in the kitchen by the time she's back. The vinyl tile is looking really nice and it is really pretty easy to put in, but I ended up having to tear the old floor out down to the plywood sub-floor first. It was bad enough that I had to rent an electric floor scraper and it still took me two days to get it all out.
  5. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Got the vinyl tile to redo the entryway/hallway/kitchen. Right now, the whole thing is parquet which looks terrible, but it has actually started popping up in the kitchen where the dogs' water bowl is. Youtube videos reveal that removing the parquet could be okay or it could be a giant PITA. Hopefully a hand scraper will work, if not, you can rent electric floor scrapers that look like they would make pretty quick work of it. Wife leaves Wednesday to work in Dallas for a week so the plan is to have it done by the time she gets back. This is the stuff I got:
  6. jeb6294

    Countdown to Star Wars

    I grew up on "Star Wars" so I can't not see it, but I will probably wait until it's out on digital so I can watch it at home.
  7. ^ This...the referenced bozo did none of those things. I'm still split on the whole more millennials living at home thing. I still think part of it is the fact that they have no concept of what real life is. They graduate with their degree in prehistoric basket weaving and immediately want a 6-figure job and a 9th floor loft in Manhattan. That ain't how it works. I graduated and started off in an apartment that was so bad that I wouldn't let my parents come over when they came down to visit.
  8. I shouldn't have read those articles or watched the interview. All it did was piss me off even more. She asks him if he's trying to get a job and he can't even answer a simple yes or no question. Whatever he said about trying to obtain income absolutely screams that he's trying to use all the publicity he's getting to get a free ride from someone else. He had a job at Best Buy and is suing them because they fired him for refusing to work on Saturdays? He keeps falling back on this custody thing to try and get sympathy, but do you suppose he ever stopped to think that the fact that he is such a loser might have something to do with that? This bozo is the personification of what society is raising nowadays. When he is still in his parents' house, because you know he's never really going to leave on his own, the sheriff needs to throw him in the back of a squad car and give him two choices...jail or boot camp.
  9. It's not even the fact that he was living at home, but I get the distinct impression that he spent his days in the basement on his PC/Xbox/Playstation. When I graduated I moved back to Cincy, I actually lived with my parents again for a while. I paid rent (which mom put in an account and gave to me to use towards my down payment when I got my house), I still did chores around the house, bought them a new fridge and oven when the old ones were about shot (figured I had used them enough over my years growing up that it wouldn't kill me).
  10. The fact that they raised a kid who is so useless that they had to go to court to have him evicted makes it hard to feels bad for them.
  11. jeb6294

    Damn united airlines at it again!

    If Hillary's the one who does it, just best forget it even happened or you'll end up having an unfortunate "accident" on the way home from the airport.
  12. jeb6294

    Damn united airlines at it again!

    Not an airline, but similar issue. Short version of the story in the news, guy goes to the news complaining that he got cited for having his "service dog" at the VA. https://www.wcpo.com/news/health/veteran-cited-to-federal-court-after-dispute-over-service-dog-at-va-hospital First of all, it is a 4-month old puppy. If that is really a service dog then she must be the Doogie Howser of dogs. Second, I have met and work with most of the VA Police, including Chief Bartos. They are all good guys, and I think all of them are veterans themselves. I guarantee they didn't just saunter up and write this guy a citation. I'm sure he was given several opportunities to have someone have someone get the dog. Third, the story conveniently leaves out the part about the puppy crapping and peeing all over his room (this is second hand info, but from a very reliable source). Fourth, he/they try to spin the story to make it sound like the VA doesn't allow service animals, and yet, I see them in the hospital all the time.
  13. jeb6294

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    The parquet definitely needs to come out no matter what...it looks really bad. If the area under the sink is any indication, there's some pretty hideous linoleum underneath that too. It looks like the vinyl tile that is groutable would be pretty similar in thickness which would minimize all the issues with transitions between rooms. And while real tile would be nice, there's a lot more labor involved and it ends up being a lot more expensive by the time you figure in the cost of backer board, joint tape, thin set, etc.
  14. jeb6294

    Damn united airlines at it again!

  15. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    Worse than that...it's from their minivans. Getting rid of the I-6 was idiotic. The straight 6 was a better engine for the Jeeps and they were darn near bulletproof. Sad to say, but now they are more concerned with being more refined to make the soccer moms happy when they drive their "offroader" to the mall, i.e. Jeeps aren't real Jeeps anymore.