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  1. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    We did not. In the drawing I did, he ran the camera in through the cleanout just inside the basement and ran it outside the house. The utility tub does indeed come in to the main via a "Y" at the back of the house. I think the wife was going to get some Drano or something to try first and if that doesn't do anything, I may be taking out the utility tub and trying to snake the line. At least it would be inside the house and no digging required.
  2. Waterpik

    Every day?!?! I just did the dentist a couple weeks ago. The (new) hygienist gave me a hard when she asked me how often I flossed and I told her the last time was 6 months before at my last dentist appointment. Then the dentist came in and started talking about how good my teeth are (like he always does) and she shut up.
  3. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    New wrinkle. The boys' elementary school has a skating party once a month. Got home from said skating party last night, open the garage door and see a large puddle (the laundry room is in a room in the back of the garage). Get in the house and see the utility tub full of water and towels all over the floor. Boys are a sweaty mess from skating so I tell them to take showers, but to make them quick, while I keep an eye on the water level in the utility tub. That's odd, between their showers and mine, not only did the water not go up, it seemed to be going down. Before I left for work this morning, I turned on the water in the now empty utility tub for a bit. Only took a minute or two before water was backing up. So, even though our main is not good, it was working good enough. Apparently the problem is actually in the utility tub somewhere. I checked the trap, but I guess some more disassembly is in order.
  4. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    The portion under the patio is the only part that would have me worried. Wouldn't even have to go under the sidewalk, hence the "staying within the confines of the driveway/sidewalk". SW Ohio is pretty much all clay also, but as someone who spent over a year building an entire sanitary sewer system from building connections down to the treatment plant, a 3' x 3' trench for a 4" line is laughable. The guy who came out and cleaned out the line a couple years ago is going to try and come out today to get his camera in there and take a look for himself. It's he and his dad's plumbing company, not some big company, so he was a lot cheaper last time.
  5. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    The break is under the patio, but $5,500 was them going under the patio and staying within the confines of the driveway/sidewalk, so no concrete work. He put flags at the first 90 and where the cast gets better and he wrote the depth he was getting. That's where the 2'-4" and 2'-10" came from. Considering the shallow depth and short run, it almost seems do-able with a shovel. We just planted a little tree in that bed which I would want to try and transplant to at least try and save it. Right there, a good bit of your digging is done. The place up the street from work rents a mini-excavator for $180/day. In the picture I did, the top of the concrete patio is lines up with the top of the concrete foundation where it butts up to the side of the garage so ideally, the patio should be pinned to the concrete along the back and side. I figured the biggest problem would be digging it out so there was enough room to get under there and make the actual connection. The whole excavated area would be pea gravel or sand under the new pipe anyway, what if I went back in with sand or pea gravel under the patio?
  6. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Short version: How hard do you suppose it would be to replace about 15-ft of 4-in cast iron sewer lateral with 4-in PVC DIY style? Depth is no more than about 3-ft and would have to tunnel about 3-ft under the edge of a front concrete patio to connect. The sanitary connection to the house is screwed. Wife called me at work Thursday afternoon to tell me the utility tub in the laundry room wasn't draining...of course it had to be right before Veteran's Day weekend because stuff like this always happens when everyone is closed. By the time I got home the sink was empty, but checked the trap on the sink hoping it was just lint/dog hair since the washing machine drains to the tub. Trap was fine so next thought is that it's something down the line and it's backing up into the house since the utility tub is the lowest thing in the house. The 4" cast line is suspended along the basement wall and then drops into the 4" cast line that actually leaves through the basement wall. Where it tee's into the line there's a cleanout on the end of the pipe so I veerrryyyy carefully took the cap off the cleanout. Nothing in the line, but when I looked, the line just outside the hose is no longer connected and is about 2-inches higher than the house line. We are at the bottom of the street and the yard keeps sloping on past the house, so it looks like the house has settled some over the last 50 years and pulled the sewer connection out of whack. Was able to get someone out to look at it on Monday. He was able to run a camera through so his first thought was that there was a clog but the head pressure cleared it out. Pipe connection is definitely bad. He used the locator to find where the connection is off and where the cast pipe looks like it is back to being in good shape. I didn't measure, but it looks like it is no more than 10-15 feet of pipe and the locator showed the depth as 2'-4" at the first 90 and 2'-10" where the good pipe was. He couldn't get a depth where the break was under the patio. His quote to fix it was ~$5,500. Seems like an awful lot for what, when you get down to it, seems like it shouldn't be terribly difficult.
  7. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    When I was a kid, we had a Buck Stove fireplace insert. That thing would crank out some serious heat. The only problem is that the family room was only connected to the rest of the house by one 36" door. Walk around in flannel in the whole house until you get to the family room and then strip down to shorts and a tee shirt. I've seen a few of them for sale locally on CL or FB sites for a few hundred $$$. Wonder how much someplace would charge to install one? Fuel is no problem. There are always plenty of trees down in the woods behind the house and the lawn tractor/wagon make hauling split wood up to rack pretty easy. At mom's house, she got rid of the insert several years ago and put in gas logs. I don't like it...stinks like gas in the family room all winter long now...but she can turn the fire on with a button so I guess I can't blame her since it's just her now.
  8. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    Because I said “fireplace”, not indoor gas grill. Like a real live hole in the wall where you burn wood. Apparently there are plenty of gas grills fireplaces that don’t have fans built in because almost all the DIY stuff I’ve found is putting together some old computer fans to add a blower to an existing fireplace. There’s one guy trying to sell plans for $8 that is just some duct with a ‘puter fan on one end. 1) I’m not sure how much heat hvac duct can stand up to. 2)Since it’s routed through the fireplace, it’d have to be sealed up tight so it isn’t blowing CO and smoke into the room.
  9. Movie thread

    And today was the latest Transformers movie. Not sure why everyone said it was so awful...relative to the other Transformer movies anyway. It was just like all the other ones...big, loud, and explosions. Good mindless entertainment on a cold rainy day.
  10. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    Has anyone put any thought in to making a fireplace fan before? You can buy them but they’re $500+ for, what is basically, a fireplace grate made of hollow tubes with a fan on one end. The idea is that the fire heats the tubes and then the fan blows the hot air out into the room making your fireplace more efficient. The fireplace does a good job of heating the family room, but it doesn’t do much for any of the rest of the house.
  11. Movie thread

    Feed for “The Dark Tower” is good now since it came out on DVD so I watched that on my day off on Friday. It was fine. It’s been too long since I read the book, and I only read the first one, so I can’t comment on how well it follows King’s story. It did seem like the whole thing was rushed. It’s like they were building up to a finale that never happened...everything was wrapped up too quick and easy.
  12. 7,000 sf?!?! If I had that, I would still just be using my push mower. We've got a hair over 2 acres. Behind that is another couple hundred acres of woods, but we're still only 10 minutes from downtown...you can actually see the downtown skyline if you're standing on the hill on the next street over. We do have curb and gutter, but no sidewalks. The neighborhood is small enough that we don't have them. At one point I think it was supposed to be bigger though because the driveways have the little 4-ft strip of sidewalk going through them where a sidewalk would be, there's just nothing connecting them.
  13. We are at the end of one cul-de-sac and some friends of ours are at the end of the cul-de-sac the next street over. We've got a big pie shaped lot and theirs is a big rectangle so we actually end up sharing a good bit of property line. There's been talk of doing a full blown haunted trail next year back through the woods behind our house and up through the woods on their side. There's already a path going back through our woods that our kids use to go back and forth between houses. We'd have to build some kind of bridge across the little creek that runs back there, but I'm sure there's someone who could figure that out.... Would have to figure out how to get power to all her animatronics though too.
  14. The last thing I read was that production was "suspended", not necessarily cancelled. They also said that this was already planned to be the last season before the whole Spacey thing came out. Personally, I'm starting to think the whole thing is becoming a giant witch hunt. If there are shenanigans going on, that's one thing, but I'm getting the sense that it's almost like it's the "in thing" to do now so accusers are coming out of the woodwork.
  15. Wife called a little bit ago and gave me the bad news. She's running errands today which includes trips to both Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express to see what they have on sale. And it's payday.