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  1. I don't know why this showed up on my Facebook feed this morning, but it's disturbing....
  2. Trying to remember something fairly similar that happened years ago. While steel was going up, they put in the bolts at the connectors to hold everything in place, but forgot to go back and tighten everything. Wonder if this will end up being a similar circumstance?
  3. I was wondering that the other day...the watch my wife got me for Christmas never needs wound or a battery. It's one of those things that "winds itself" as you move it. Guessing either a GPS/smartwatch/mp3 player requires more juice than that could provide or the apparatus that does the generating would take up too much real estate.
  4. You beat me to it...I was going to mention him in reference to some of the comments about the Apple's GPS accuracy. He did some side-by-side comparisons and it sounds like the Apple's GPS may actually be better than Garmin's, but that Apples mapping screws stuff up by cutting corners too much to smooth things out. Not sure if a 3rd party app like Strava or Nike+ would fix that.
  5. Stopped at Best Buy on the way home. I’ve gotta admit, I liked the Vivoactive 3 more than I thought I would and it comes in a music version now. Something else I discovered, previously I had been thinking that the Apple Watch 3 would be fine, but when you look at them all side by side, the 4/5 really is a lot nicer than the 3. One more thing to take into account, the higher cost of an AW 4 or 5. There were a couple GPS watches with music, but it looks like it’d come down to the Garmin or the Apple. First thing is to see if I’m going to stick with it, then the decision may just be a matter of what kind of deal I can get on either one.
  6. Not a fan of Ohio State...and I’m from Ohio. Seems like they lose one game against a so-so team every year, but then bitch and whine that they should be in the playoff. And don’t even get me started on them trying to trademark “The”.
  7. I absolutely loved my Nike watch. It was super simple and was relatively inexpensive but worked really well.. I looked a some of the Garmin and FitBit watches, but I figured if the cost was going to end up being pretty comparable, I might as well go with an Apple Watch that'll be more than just a running watch. Another huge plus over a lot of the GPS watches is that the Apple lets take music with you. I probably wouldn't bother getting cellular, but I could still take my watch and BT earbuds and have everything I need for a run.
  8. Dredging up an old thread, but I guess I'm allowed now. Started couch-2-5K again this morning. Not going to guarantee I'll get back up to half-marathon shape again, but we'll see. It's been about 5 years since I stopped running, but it wasn't too bad...probably shouldn't be considering you're only running for 1 minute at a time during the first week. Apparently Nike gave up on the GPS game so my old Nike Sportwatch is now only good as a paperweight. Would have been fine lugging along my iPhone but the battery was at 1%. Fortunately I had my work phone at home too and the podrunner I use (electronic type tunes with prompts when it's time to switch between running and walking) is available online now. My big splurge was a set of bluetooth earbuds from Five Below...spent a whopping $5. If I stick with it, I plan on rewarding myself with an Apple Watch down the road though.
  9. Just finished watching "Yesterday". Really liked it and it was a pretty original concept as opposed to another reboot/sequel. Struggling musician gets conked and comes too in a world where The Beatles never happened. There's a bit of rom-com in there, but it's mostly about the music and one 'holy $shit, what if' moment that I won't give away.
  10. interview was right after I had submitted my paperwork. Seemed kind of silly because she had a printout of what I'd sent and basically just verified everything I had provided. Uh, yeah, I just sent the stuff in two weeks ago, address is still the same.
  11. You sure it was actually delayed and/or a "special" interview? I am in the process of getting secret clearance for a move to the DOE and the process has a lot more involved than in the past. I had secret clearance before when I was with the Corps of Engineers that, technically, is within the 10 year window but it gets turned off when you leave the agency where you've got the clearance. Filling out my info on e-QIP was a breeze because most of my information was still there from when I got clearance 9 years ago so I just had to update some info. I was still told it could potentially take several months and I just had someone come out to do an interview which was basically just verifying all the info I provided online was still correct.
  12. Windshield wipers are 6 month consumables? 🤣 Someone has Rain-X stocks.
  13. Been a while huh? I'm pretty sure you're going to need a $149 air filter replacement and some $89 windshield wipers at the very least.
  14. Didn't they already do that one and call it "Iron Man 3"?
  15. Watched "Spiderman: Far From Home" last night. I'm not sure why so many people were making such a big deal about this movie, calling it the best Avengers movie yet, it was kind of weird and not even entertaining enough to keep me off the iPad for the duration.
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