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  1. Not a nuke guy and it's been a while since I watched it, so I'm trying to go from a spotty memory, but was the blast they were talking about a nuclear blast or an explosion that would have happened if the core melted down into the cooling water and it flashed to steam?
  2. I've got a canister fuel filter on the diesel...does that count? Gets changed every 15,000 miles or so. It's in a big plastic housing right on the frame rail on the driver's side so at least it's pretty easy to get to. Has a handy dandy spot for a 32mm socket on the bottom for taking it off, but being plastic, there are lot's of stories of the housing breaking off (common enough that you can get a replacement on Amazon for $30). I use a socket wrench in conjunction with a strap wrench.
  3. Watched whatever the latest Godzilla movie is yesterday after work. Mostly out of boredom...wife working, kids gone...and it was at the top of the page of movies that people ware watching. To be fair, a lot of times movies jump to the top of the list because they've just come out on disc or digital so people are watching it because it's a good picture and not necessarily because it's a good movie.
  4. politics-and-the-county-engineer/ Doesn't work right all the time. I was able to listen to the audio from the sentencing and it was a joke. The way the judge was carrying on about Pat bordered on gay porn. Sounds like he was so busy thinking about what a good guy he is that he didn't even bother reading the investigation. I guess the only takeaway is that he can't hold office or public employment for 7 years. If you believe his lawyer...which I don't because he's another one with a pretty shady past in Clermont Co...this means he's been unable to get another job because even private firms don't want him cause they work on public/Gov't projects. To me it sounds more like he can't work for the Gov't, not that he can't work somewhere that does Gov't work. The Ohio Board may or may not have gotten a tip to take a look since he's a P.E./P.S. as well.
  5. Not that kind of soliciting you pervs. Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger pleads guilty to charge of soliciting or accepting improper compensation; resigns from office Karma's a bitch. So this was the guy who took over as Clermont County Engineer a couple years into my stint there. Pulled one of those "resign or be fired" on me so he could hire one of his buddies and give him a county car to drive. Heard the buddy got canned the day the new acting CE was chosen. I was able to find a copy of the investigation. Doesn't say in the article, but the $3,000 value was only what they figured it was over 5 years, even though he's been CE for 15 years and I can say with 100% certainty that he was doing this kind of stuff since the day he took office...literally. Old CE retired mid-term so Pat could be appointed without having to run. As soon as he got the spot, he had several of us out at his house one weekend helping him move.
  6. Also forgot the last season of OITNB. I started watching the first couple episodes and kinda forgot about it. I'll finish it up since I've watched it up to now, but so far...meh.
  7. Finished up "The Boys" last night. Not bad...I'd check out the next season.
  8. I forget how to do the "spoiler thing" with text, so I'll just say there's a bit of a "Stranger Things" spoiler coming in 3..2...1....
  9. Watched the new "MIB: International" last night. It was fine. I seem to remember it getting hammered pretty hard, but I'm not sure what people were expecting, it was a lot like the first 3, just different people.
  10. So kinda like the "Dumbo" remake? Fine to watch, but just meh as a movie. At least "Dumbo" tried to change the story up a little bit. I would imagine that, as long as there any bit of profit in crapping out remakes, Disney will keep doing it.
  11. Have a feeling this is going to be a disaster for the movie industry.... Young people are going to go back and watch the original and realize how shitty and unoriginal movies are nowadays.
  12. It was my telework day so I got a couple movies in since I had to stick around the house. “John Wick 3” was good but pretty much what you would was more of what went on in “John Wick 2” meaning it was also a lot like “John Wick 1”. Not going to win any oscars, but entertaining enough. The one that surprised me was “Alita”. Didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did. Apparently based on some sort of Japanese story so I don’t know if the super nerdy are complaining about how “wrong” it was or not, but I liked it.
  13. So, for those of you not on "the Facebook", I made my big screen debut. I don't remember even hearing about it being in theatres besides some film festivals, but I was an extra in "My Days of Mercy". It was when I still had my motorcycle and they said they were looking for biker lookin' guys. It was a grand total of about 1 second. It was funny while they were shooting though. We had to look like we were in a bar, but not make any sound at glasses clinking, no talking, nothing...we were all supposed to sit there and mouth "peas and carrots" over and over again so it looked like we were talking. My motorcycle actually got more screen time than I did. I only watched enough of the movie to find my scene and FFW-ed through a bit, but for those interested in that kind of thing, I can verify that there are boobs and at least one scene of Kate Mara and Ellen Page doing things that are definitely not kid appropriate.
  14. Still waiting on "X-Men", but in the meantime, I can verify that "Hellboy" was a trainwreck. Made it the whole way through the movie, but it didn't do very well on the iPad scale.
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