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  1. So, I got a side gig working security with the Cincinnati Reds. Not supposed to take selfies, but I managed to snap a covert pict while I was "checking my messages". TBH, I don't know who most of these guys are, but maybe there are some Cubs fans on here.
  2. China has been on their game lately...watched "Shazaam" the other day. Wasn't expecting much but it was better than I thought it would be. Was a bit confusing though, it comes across like they wanted to make it a kids' funny superhero type movie, but then it's got monsters biting people's heads off.
  3. Watched whatever that Ted Bundy movie is called. Wasn't bad, but we're also a bit biased because it was filmed here in Cincy.
  4. Could be a way to show everyone that Jon is really a Targaryan...psycho tries to torch him and it doesn't hurt him or if there turn out to be 3 little dragons like some of the rumors, they flock to Jon. I think part of Dany's what drove Dany nuts is that she's an attention whore and people weren't fawning all over her once she got to Winterfell. Up until now, everybody loved her. At Winterfell, about the only thing she's been hearing is, "Meh, whatever."
  5. From the tone of the show and the brief preview at the end, it seems like Dany would have secured a spot towards the top of Arya's list...watching the mom and little girl get, ideally Arya will do it. Then again, the final scene of her on the horse could be her saying F- this, I'm going back to Winterfell. That'd be a real pisser, but since when have they been afraid to piss fans off? I'm pretty sure it was just getting Jamie out and back into King's Landing and having the boat waiting for he and Cersei.
  6. W.T. actual F.?!?! Cersei was a bit anti-climatic, but other than that, the wife and I put that one right up there with The Red Wedding.
  7. i.e. Got fired from your Engineering job and now working part-time at the UPS Store....gotcha.
  8. So what, now they're just going to start "borrowing" the plot from Frankenstein? No that he probably cares at this point, but I wonder if George has shot himself in the foot a bit by taking so long? With HBO finishing the show before the books are done, I wonder if a lot of people won't bother getting the books if/when they come out because they already have an ending to the story? Sure there are plenty who would buy more books, but most people today are too lazy for that if they can watch a TV show instead.
  9. Watched "Captain Marvel" and "Endgame" over the weekend...thank you China. I thought they were both good, but then I'm one of those people who watch movies for entertainment and not to overanalyze things to death. Although, along the lines of the Loki thing, were they trying to say that going back in time wouldn't change what had happened, i.e. they couldn't just go back and kill Thanos when he was a baby? If that's the case, does it matter if Loki got the cube?
  10. Wife got busted.... We usually watch GOT pseudo-live...~9pm as soon as the stream is up on HBO Go...but for whatever reason we didn't this week. Our TV is a TCL so when you first turn it on, it defaults to the home screen with all the different channel apps and the last one watched is the one that is highlighted. Went to turn on the news before work yesterday morning and saw that someone, not saying who, had been on HBO Go after I went to bed.
  11. So did he lose his job and is trying to tell us he now makes more $$$ as a truck driver or is "transport driver" just fancy resume talk for an Uber driver?
  12. I wonder if the hoe demoes the brick in between the steel beams and is then rotated/lowered by the crane so the beams are in the new low spots and then demoes the brick it had been sitting on previously? I may get to see this firsthand. We've got a 180-foot chimney that needs to come down, but things have been built up around it over time that there is no place to drop it so it's going to have to come down in place.
  13. Dany is too stupid to be Queen of the 7 Kingdoms..."we're surrounded by the walking dead, but I'm just going to sit here on my dragon for a few minutes and pose". This also contributes to the answer to #4 they sort of gave in the post show. Dany and Jon were supposed to wait for the Night King to show up and go after him, but she acted like a sissy girl when she saw the Dothraki getting their asses handed to them, took off prematurely, and blew the whole plan out of the water.
  14. If King's Landing is the way it works out, it will be quite amusing to see the "oh shit" look on Cersai's face when the walkers show up and they're completely unprepared. Like someone said before though, that'll also increase the size of the dead army exponentially. Maybe that's when you go back to the whole Arya/Night King theory. She sneaks in and kills the Night King as they are about to kill everyone at Winterfell and all the walkers drop dead...but like really dead dead, not white walker dead.
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