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  1. jeb6294

    Got Ink?

    When the wife got her her last one, the place had a tattoo/gumball machine at the door. I think it was $50 for a tattoo, but you had to get what came out. Every month they have a theme and they've got copies of all the stencils on the glass so you can see what's in there, but you can't see which one you're going to get until you crack open that little plastic ball. Must have been Mar/April/May when she was in there because it was a baseball/Cincinnati Reds theme.
  2. jeb6294

    Got Ink?

    I always thought it was funny that, when they started gaining popularity, girls always wanted to get 'em on the ankle or foot and that's one of the worst places to get pain wise. I've just got the one at the moment on my upper arm. Place I got it had dutch doors so people could watch if you didn't care. There were three of four guys standing there carrying on about how bad it was going to hurt trying to freak me out.
  3. Watched the first two episodes of "The Outsider" this weekend. Been good so far, hopefully it doesn't go off the rails. I just wish HBO would get with the times and release it as a series ala Netlix instead of an episode per week.
  4. Everybody here in Cincy is talking about Burrow, but I'm just worried because Cincinnati seems to be the place where draft picks go to die. People seem to forget that there's more than just a quarterback on a football team and as long as Mike Brown is running things, I'm not sure I see things getting much better.
  5. I would just like to take a moment to express my condolences to Joe Burrow on the end of his football career....
  6. Anybody started watching "The Outsider" on HBO yet? The trailer has popped up on my FB feed a few times and the comments people are leaving make it sound good. I always loved reading Steven King growing up, but I know his TV shows/movies can be hit-or-miss sometimes.
  7. Watched "Gemini Man" over the weekend....meh. I suppose it was entertaining enough, but it wasn't enough to keep me off the iPad the whole time. The CGI was a little distracting.
  8. I actually got laid off from a private industry Engineering position when the housing bubble burst. When I looked into returning to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the only thing I could find was a Civil Engineering Tech position. The department head even called me to make sure I realized it was a tech position because I was so over qualified. Ended up being a great job but I wasn't in it too long because he promoted me to an Engineering position when one of the other guys relocated.
  10. I totally cheated...found them at Walmart for $2.50 for a bag of the alphabet. They’re very light wood, maybe balsa, only about 1/8” thick.
  11. I saw that. I still think it's funny that people are flipping out so much because they punched baby yoda. They do realize that it's just a TV show and baby yoda isn't real don't they?
  12. "The Mandelorian" was great and now that Season 1 is done, they're already reporting that people are cancelling their Disney+ subs in droves. Not terribly surprising. I for one will continue to pay the exact same amount for Disney+ that I was while I was watching TM....
  13. Not crazy about the guy they've got playing Moff Gideon. He seems more like an accountant than an evil lord of the empire. Maybe they were short staffed after the death star got blowed up and he got a field promotion because he was the emporer's CPA?
  14. I like to listen to Buckethead sometimes at work. Ridiculous guitar work and no words to distract/offend anyone. Also nice since he makes his music so easy to get so there's plenty of stuff out there.
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