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  1. Went a few weeks ago. Sit in your car until they come to get you. Mask on your way in. Make you gargle with peroxide. Whole thing is silly...even before the ‘Rona, hygienists wore masks. Hygienist asked me if the peroxide was bad. Told it burned and tasted like shit. She acts all surprised and says nobody there had tried it.
  2. Watched that the other day...I gave it a solid “meh”. Not bad, but not great either.
  3. Pay for AppleTV, that’s hilarious 😆 I watched it this afternoon. I liked it. Almost came across like those old WWII movies from 40 years ago but with much better effects. It Actually made me anxious watching it. As someone who grew up in the era of smart bombs and fire-and-forget weapons, I can’t imagine how nerve wracking it would be floating in the middle of the Atlantic like a sitting duck.
  4. So, it's been tough with the oldest. His mother and I live in the same school district, but I was in the area for his elementary school so up through 6th grade he could ride the bus to/from our house and on days he was at his mother's house, she would pick him up at school. Once they get to 7th grade, all the kids in the district are funneled into one school. Since he could ride the bus to/from either house, he decided to start going to her house all the time because she's the "fun house", i.e. he can sit in his room and play on his computer all day. Our house is mean because we, you know, make the kids do their schoolwork and do chores and evil twisted things like that. TBH, I am 90% sure that he would have failed 8th grade this year if it hadn't been for COVID. Since kids had to do the 2nd part of the year at home, they pretty much just assumed everybody would have done fine if they were in regular school and promoted everybody. Even though I never really saw him, I was still getting the emails and even some phone calls about him not doing any work at school and failing most of his classes. At one point when school had moved to home, I got a call from one of the vice principals asking me if Emmett had access to internet and a computer at home because his teachers said none of his work was being done. It's gotten a little better lately. He's not splitting his time 50/50 like it's supposed to be, but he's started coming over to our house a little bit here and there. They just got back from vacation so he came over for a couple hours yesterday. Good news, we spent most of the time talking about applying for jobs. Bad news, he wants to save the money he makes for a motorcycle when he turns 16. He talked about coming over again this weekend sometime so we could look into applying for a job at Kroger because there's a store within easy biking distance and Kroger will hire as young as 14yo. I was just surprised that he was asking because that is the complete opposite of how his mother is...she's always put most of her effort into mooching to get what she maybe there is hope for him yet.
  5. Was there for a bit of “opening day” working. Had the game going on the Fox Sports app on my phone while I was in the tunnel...not sure why it was picking up that audio. Only people in the stands are a few camera people, the grounds crew and some of the non-starting pitchers. Funny, they’re still announcing the game like there’s a crowd there and they’re piping in some crown noice.
  6. Apparently some net nerd in his moms basement with nothing better to do found some group related to the (formerly) Redskins, filed for the domain name, so rumors have already started.
  7. Yeah, the Reds had an exhibition game last night against Detroit that you could watch live on, sorta...seems like you could get about 10-15 minutes at a time before the video froze and you had to refresh the page. Wonder if it was cause so many people were jonesing for some live sports, any kind of live sports. I turned it off after a little while because it was obviously a practice game, aka batting practice, that didn't even rise to NFL pre-season effort.
  8. Kids are at grandparents/on vacay with mom so I took the RZR out on my own today. Not my first choice of places, little park called Haspin Acres in Indiana, but I just wanted to get it out somewhere besides driving circles around the yard. On one hand, it was really nice because there were only about a dozen people there. On the other hand, there were only about a dozen people there so there wasn’t much help around if you got in trouble. Since it was just me, I tried to take it pretty easy, but still had a ball. I did get busted...stepson FaceTimed me mid-ride and wasn’t happy I went out when he wasn’t here. This hill doesn’t look too bad in the video, but when you’re looking at sky when you get to the top, it’s steeper than it looks.
  9. That’s the one that (somehow) didn’t blow up. It’s currently still in the back of the truck. The wheel looks pretty rough, but if it’s still usable, I may get a good trailer tire thrown on there so I have a proper spare.
  10. So, sitting stranded along I-75 is squarely on me for: 1) assuming the guy I got the trailer from wasn’t a complete moron, and 2) not checking the tires closer than I did. 1) First red flag should have been the fact the tires he put on it weren’t even trailer tires. They were standard all-season car tires. 2) The tires didn’t look bad when I checked the pressure the day before we left, but that was sitting in the driveway cold. After 4 hours of interstate driving, the one that didn’t blow up is all cracked to hell. I’m not even sure how old these things were because I had to lookup the codes for tire date codes because it kinda looks like the code is pre-2000. If I’m reading this right, best case is they were made the 31st week of 1999.
  11. Holy shit?!?! I was all about that exact same car! And I remember first seeing it in my SCUBA magazine. Like you, I also fell quite a ways short....Ford EXP. But, I was also an idiot. When we looking for a car for me to drive, a friend of the family who restored cars had a ‘48 Ford he was selling. 302, 4 speed, inside was all done, but the outside was in grey primer so I didn’t want it...I wanted the pretty lookin’ little red car. Geez I was an idiot. On the other hand, I probably would have killed myself in a hot rod.
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