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  1. that's because they keep making the exams easier every year!
  2. I'm assuming this is plain cement concrete pavement, 8" to 12" depth. The construction joints will be determined by the equipment used to construct the pavement, and the extent of the area. For the contraction joints, I would set it up to build 24' by 24' slabs at the largest, and preferably 20' by 20' to control random shrinkage cracks. I'd place expansion joints at any adjacent structures first. I wouldn't get crazy with expansion joints, unless you have a very large area.
  3. The only other issue I can think of is if the surrounding pavement was undermined, or if the walls of the trench were caving in as the 57's were placed/dumped. Andrew
  4. So you had a 5' by 10' hole that was 13' deep? If so the contractor must have used some type of shoring to get down there to install the pipe. Can you provide some details on the shoring and the procedure used? Depending on the type of shoring system and its use, it may have contributed to the settlement. As MA_PE stated, normally I would expect very minimal settlement with No. 57's.
  5. The company I work for runs a fleet of triaxles. We are allowed up to 73,280 GVW here in PA. We often get checked by the state, and sometimes they check the loading on each axle. From what I have seen on our trixles, when loaded (73k) you usually have about 15k on the front axle, and 58k on the rear axles, which is spread fairly evenly. It sounds like the road had some issues prior to the hauling. I don't think there is a way to prove whether the third axle issue caused the failures exclusively, but I'm sure it did not help.
  6. For a triaxle, the GVW is usually 80k. However, the law in your jurisdiction may limit the legal weight to less than the GVW. To ballbark it, figure the front axle carries 20k max, leaving 60k on the rear axles. Therefore with the third axle down, each is carrying 20k (60k/3 axles). If the third axle is up, you would have 60k/2 alxes = 30k per axle. I'm not sure what you mean by damages either. There should be laws/regulations in your area related to this. Is it a private road? If so, I'd think it would be difficult to quantify any potential damages such as shortened pavement life. Andrew
  7. I work in the asphalt paving industry. I agree with Cement on both his points. Specs that call for prime coat are usually outdated. It is rarely used anymore in that application, especially if it a cutback prime coat as opposed to a emulsified prime coat. With the cutbacks you are spraying kerosene or gasoline onto the subbase and waiting for it to evaporate. It not "environmentally friendly" Also, the prime coat would have almost no bearing on the material "squishing-out". The contractor was most likely paid by the ton, so he's happy to cover an additional area. Andrew
  8. Can anyone suggest a good book that covers the design of temporary excavation support systems? I'm specifically interested in design of sheet pile walls and cofferdams, and design of soldier pile wall systems with timber lagging. No one in my company (highway/paving contractor) has any expertise in this area and we are looking to expand into more/larger bridge work since PennDOT seems to have a new focus on reconstructing bridges. thanks, Andrew
  9. AJK


    I would guess you'll have your pass/fail letter within the next 2 weeks. However, don't get too excited. This past spring it took +/-61 days after receiviving the pass letter for us to recieve our license numbers and for the website to be updated. Good luck and hopefully it will be quicker this time, Andrew
  10. Recieved my "suitable for framing" certificate on Saturday 9/29. Its really nice and special how it reads "you are certified as a/an Professional Engineer" I guess the "an" is there because you get the same POS when you become an EIT?? Then I got the wallet card/thing on Monday 10/01. Not that it will do any good, but I think I'm still going to write a letter to the Commissioner about the slowness and poor attitudes at the Board office.
  11. I did talk to Rose at the board today (9/26) and she gave me the line that "90 days is only an approximation", and they have their best people working on it and they are doing there best. HA! I too will call my Rep. tomorrow. I don't think it will actually do anything though, besides let me vent my frustration. If you have a chance check out the article by Basil Merenda, Director of Professional & Occupational Affairs in the most recent Board newsletter. His says his most important duty is to provide service, make the boards more accessible and responsive, etc., etc. http://www.dos.state.pa.us/bpoa/lib/bpoa/2...gineer_2006.pdf I'm going to try to call or email him tomorrow and let hom know that it isn't working over there.
  12. I emailed the PA board last week. Their reply said that "licenses will be issued within the 90 days". That gives them until tomorrow (9/25). You bet I'll be on the phone Wednesday morning if I don't have by then. Its absolutely ridiculous!
  13. Still no licenses here in Pennsylvania yet. This is as of Sept. 18 for those who passed the April 20 exam. Their 90 day time limit is running out, so it should be soon. The 90 days is from the date of your passing letter. Mine is dated June 27th. Are there any other states as slow as PA where you are still waiting for your license?
  14. I am under the impression that the PA board verifies the results before they tell EES to send out letters to the examinees. This way if they do not agree with the NCEES cut score, they have a chance to manipulate the results themselves. I don't think this ever happens, but at least they have the opportunity. I think somebody is pulling your leg if they told you NJ has not recieved results from EES after four weeks. That seems crazy. Also, in PA we do not have to pay any additional fees to obtain our license. I guess they figure they already whacked you enough up to this point.
  15. Is anyone who passed the April 2007 PE exam still waiting for their license? Which States give you your license number with your exam results? Which States issue the license shortly thereafter? We are still waiting here in Pennsylvania. The board has 90 days to issue your license after you recieve your exam results. This seems like a long time for basically nothing. All the background and verification work was performed prior to them letting you sit for the exam. What do you think?
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