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  1. Anybody know where I could find free AutoCAD blocks of regulatory signs and pavement markings. Haven't had any luck. Tried to find time during the day to make them myself but haven't had much between chasing down Architects for information and paying their bills on time. Thanks!
  2. owillis28

    Water Service Sizing

    My firm was just hired as city engineer for a small municipality. Currently working with a City to extend a water service to a commercial building owner (owner currently uses private well & septic tank). Business involves washing larger motor homes & recreational vehicles. His septic tank hauler said he pumped 70,000 gallons. Need to come up with a size of water main and sewer service. My question is that I am unsure of how to size a water main. Unsure yet if any future expansion will be require sprinklers. Looking for help on how to best determine size of water main.
  3. owillis28

    Flap Gate in HydroCAD Model

    Ok. Thanks for the information.
  4. owillis28

    Flap Gate in HydroCAD Model

    Does anyone know how to model a flapgate in HydroCAD? The reviewer for this project is asking for my calculations on the effect a flap gate will have on the overall storm drain system for my site. Any help is greatly appreciated. Matt
  5. owillis28

    HydroCAD Modeling Question

    Is it possible to model the effects of a flap gate in HydroCAD?
  6. owillis28

    HydroCAD Modeling Question

    For the last 3 months, I have been going round and round with a reviewer on my HydroCAD model of a 5-acre site. Looking for some help on modeling advice from members here so that I can put this project to bed and never sign another proposal for a job within this certain rural water district ever! Just wanting to figure out the best routing methods to use and make sure that I am doing everything correct. Starting to think that HydroCAD does have a flaw in it after the two hour phone conference I had earlier this week! If I model the site with subcatchments & a pond (modeled as a catch basin with insignificant storage), the reviewer states that a problem is created because it will "push" through any amount of water (CFSin = CFSout) If I model the site using a reach in the same situation, tail water conditions, pipe inverts & headwater conditions are ignored and the pipe functions as though there is nothing upstream or downstream. I am reading up on the various Reach-Routing Methods and Pond Routing Methods that should be used in certain situations. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. (Personally, I feel like the reviewer is trying to keep her consultant job and never let a project die unless she has been looking at it for over a year)
  7. owillis28

    Equivalent Dwelling Units

    I am having a brain block today. I am reviewing a facilities plan for a community and am having difficulty determining how the Equivalent Dwelling Unit was calculated? If anyone could share what they know, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  8. I haven't been on this site for a long time. Going to make an effort to help others just I as I was helped when I was studying to pass my PE exam. Hello once again!

    1. Road Guy
    2. SoftwareGuru



      I am new to the site and would like to get some advice regarding the FE exam. I hold a PhD in Software Engineering, a MS and BS in Computer Science. I would ultimately like to sit for the new Software Engineering PE exam, however, I need to sit for the FE exam first. Question. Am I limited to the "General" Discipline during the FE exam or can I sit for the "Industrial Engineering" Discipline ? The reason why I ask, is because I feel my work experience is much...

  9. owillis28

    Civil PE Questions

    Just a quick reply to add my . Congrats on passing the FE exam. I am guessing that you are either looking for a job or already are working in the industry. I would recommend that as you work towards getting your 4 years of experience, make certain that a registered PE is willing to sign off on your time. This means that 4 years from now you are going to contact this person and get he/she to review the type of work that you did under his/her supervision. Any PE that you work under, you should maintain contact with this person. You may find that you will work for this person for the next 4 years. In this business, people come and go from firm to firm. It's just that simple. I would recommend that you also keep record of the projects that you worked on, the type of work performed and categorize it. Print off the application to sit for the PE exam in the state that you are working in to better understand the amount of information that you will have to describe and document. You don't need to worry about which "module" to take right now. I have seen people wait until the are sitting at the exam and opening the test packet to review the questions before the determine which module they are going to attempt. I don't recommend this personally but it does happen. I bought a PE review manual (CERM) and had it at my desk during my 4 years after college. It is a great book to have handy as it can help you understand the types of designs and formulas you will need to apply to actual projects. See if you can purchase some sample exams that other co-workers just used in studying for the PE exam. This will give you a better understanding of the material you will need to know if all areas for the morning PE exam and a better idea of the more defined afternoon modules. A friend of mine that I went to college with hated water resources and took transportation classes in college. He ended up passing his PE exam taking the water resource afternoon module because of the fact that this encompassed the type of work that he was doing on a daily basis. You will never know what avenues and direction your career will take after college. You just have to do what you like and like what you do. I would research this site a little more and that should answer your questions regarding the study materials needed for each afternoon module. I would list the references that I used but I have had my PE for 2 years now and by the time you site for your exam, references will be updated & added as our industry changes and evolves. That's all for now. Hope this helped. Matt
  10. owillis28

    Civil reference manual

    Might want to look at purchasing a CERM that has the equations book with it. You should be able to find people that are selling the same "bundle" that they purchased from PPI or other online stores. I found the equation book to be helpful during preparation for the exam and during the exam. Although the practice problems that come with it are formatted differently, I found these questions helpful when reviewing certain subject areas not seen since college. Just a thought Matt
  11. I have spent numberous hours searching the internet for any reference material on how to properly place isolation and/or construction joints within a parking lot. Just wondering if anybody has ever taken a seminar or found any reference material on this subject. I would love it if I could find some design material so that I could improve on this. Most documents or websites that I find only talk about jointing in intersections and round-abouts. If you have anything that is helpful, please email to owillis28engr@yahoo.com. Thanks. owillis
  12. owillis28

    April 2009

    Kevo - Are you trying to become registered in all states? haha
  13. owillis28


    HELP What is the difference between HS-20 loading and HL-93 loading? What section in the AASHTO is it in? I haven't been able to purchase extra study material outside of what my company has due to financial constraints. owillis
  14. owillis28

    General question about the 2009 LEED

    Tark62, First, I do not dispute the information you have posted. That said, where did you find this information. I have been trying to let other co-workers who keep putting off the exam to take the exam before March 31, 2009. They seem content with waiting until the new format is announced and available to all. Trying to keep everyone informed as new information is released. I do check the USGBC website frequently but didn't see anything about the Green Associate LEED AP+ structure you referenced. Thanks in advance. Matt
  15. owillis28

    why are these forums so dead??

    I try to read the forum daily but it sometimes gets lower on the priority list (work & family). I do see that you post a lot of questions on an afternoon subject area that is fairly new. Keep asking questions and meeting new members. If you find a member that replys to numerous posts, send that member a personal message to get their attention. Most test takers that subscribe to this site are "observers" and rarily want to join in a thread. Keep it up and it will pay off. Just my owillis