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  1. I agree with you, Touchdown. CLUMB is defintely a word. I clumb a ladder to the top of the pier cap today I think may be a mid-west thing?
  2. thanks, craftylady; good luck to you, too! I may also take a break until April '10.
  3. See you all (for my 2nd go-around for PA PE) in October 2009!
  4. Don't worry, craftylady; you won't be alone on October. I'll be there, too.
  5. I got my PA results in the mail today. Bad news for me
  6. Worst news I've heard all day Maybe something will show up by the end of the week!
  7. Ditto Ditto. I live in the midwest now, so I'm expecting my results to possibly arrive later...I'm a little farther out now than I was in PA
  8. congrats!!! woo hoo! still awaiting my (first attempt, hopefully only attempt ) results here only 7 years after graduating!
  9. bridgewoman7

    EES states

    Well said, gentlemen. To all who are calling EES daily; I'd be careful if I were you...Capt has a point. Bug the coordinators enough and your results may be held to the last minute. I'm also awaiting results from EES, and am doing it in a professional manner. I agree; patience is a great virtue to have in engineering.
  10. Train wreck? I'm interested in helping my fellow engineers out in desperate times. I've been in tsli001's situation before and would have appreciated the help if I could get it.
  11. My man...? Dude??? Have any heavy highway/structural experience? PM me if you do.
  12. My company is hiring but also being very selective about who they hire. Mainly PM and lowly engineer positions in heavy hwy type work. Good luck in your search!
  13. Got Wisconsin confirmation in the snail mail yesterday. :blowup:
  14. I agree - get the regular manual if you plan on using it after the exam. I'm a CivE building movable bridges and it has almost all of the info I've ever needed - plus the darn print in the companion book is so hard to read!
  15. I give up. Registered for April '09 but have NO time to study. This will be a practice exam. Ugh! So frustrated!
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