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  1. Personal life is good. I actually just did a "Global Stability Analysis" - I like the geo stuff. problem is i need more course work at this point. college was awhile ago and doing real geo work is lots-o-liability - so A-game is always needed. Haven't found a local college offering classes. doing little "learn and deliver projects", like the Global Analysis, is my only way to keep my brain going. the owner/my boss tends to shy away from geo work. no changing his mind. (part of the problem)
  2. This was not a cut on regulation side engineers - although it is hard to find a real regulatory engineer - i've never meet so many people who call themselves engineers and never even went to engineering college or took an EIT, etc. I can't stand reviewers that know so little that you are having to teach them what the code/regs means, etc. Unfortunately I seem to spend all of my time with incompetent reviewers, because the competent ones review the stuff and move on. i thought i wanted to spend a few years of my career (maybe 10 to 15) doing the public sector side - a noble idea - but after working with many of these agencies - no F'in way. hats off to anyone who can put up with that environment.
  3. Any suggestions om free (or really inexpensive) global stability analysis software?
  4. Thanks for the posts - so far. I do disagree with building up business for someone else's business when that owner is hardly putting any effort into it their business. Additionally, the owner has been approached by other Engineers about taking on additional owners, etc. and he said no way. I think the approach will be as follows - please feel free to criticize. 1. Start attending ASCE meeting for area - I will start meeting other Engineers. Need to join ASCE as well. 2. I currently attend specific Town(s) various board meeting. But I really started doing this just to get exposure to the back end of the design process (the approvals) with an associate of the company. He has been an engineer for 25/30 years. I asked if I could tag along about 2 years ago and have keeped up doing it ever since. No extra money in it, just for the experience. Great experince but he is always in the drivers seat. I think I will approach the owner and request my "own' Town for meetings, etc. 3. Start looking, just to have an idea of what is out there. I think, fundamentally, that the company I work at is too small. I like larger projects. I worked on some big ones in the past, like the Big Dig in Boston, etc. My biggest problem is location of the big companies. Big companies seem to be in the cities. NYC is 60 miles (2 hour) commute. Anyone have any suggestions for the area of good Engineering firms/what a big Engineering firm will be looking for? 4. Keep a poistive attitude in the office. Can't afford to get fired. Any other suggestions, comments etc?
  5. I've used watercad. Used it for a forcemain and needed high spot pressures. had difficulty with it though. the calced values always seemed off from field data. We had 6 pump stations sharing a 6 and 8 inch forcemain with many high/lows. the biggest varialbe seemed to be the pump curves for each stations input. i found that the pumps/impellers often did not match what was in the design plans (or as-builts) which killed the model pretty quickly. is this an e-one type design? our model was for sewer (not water) which also was a problem with watercad - forget how we overcame it though. we had to 'trick' the program because of the sewerage not water. i could research if really needed. (take some time though.) let me know before i invest time into that.
  6. i would suggest looking at two failures. Slipping (or sliding) depending on how the wall is built on and Overturning. Each involve knowledge of the underlying material(s). You should be able to drop the weight per unit length of the trash right in the formula with the knowledge of the repose angle. Also the other BIG issue to consider is the weight of water. Is the retaining wall porious (can is drain)? I suspect not as it is a waste material and must be treated. This will add a huge force to the wall. More specifics of the wall are needed. For example, how far into the bottom of wall surface does the wall extend? Is there a "Key"? Is there a footing strip? Is the trash going to extend above the top of wall? Good luck.
  7. I work for the most non-focused company (small - 15 people). The manager/owner is seen maybe once per week for a couple of hours. he is MIA, hence no supervisor. The pay is good and i do enjoy the freedom of no supervision at times - like when i want to stroll in at 10 am, after late meeting the night before. This company only offers only 1 type of work(land development) - that is the big problem. trying to figure out something more challenging/meaningful - while still collecting a real pay check is the obstacle. I'm not opposed to changing companies, besides I live 60 miles from NYC - which could offer real options if i don't want to find something more local.
  8. i believe there is a whole section for this topic. regardless the lindeburg manual is key for reference - and the 5 minute solutions are good for review.
  9. I received my PE a couple of years ago. I have about 10 years CE experience - mostly land development. I also have about 5 years experience with the dot com world doing programming in C, and various LISP(s). Anyway, the point is I thought that getting my PE would also mean that I would get more interesting work. All I do is minimal design and spend most of my time answering various regulatory agencies and local boards with comment/response, etc. for getting plans/projects approved. This work is killing my brain - what is left of it. Is there anyting exciting out there? Or, is this how the next 30 years will play out? Answering the dumbest most bureucratic BS I can imagine? I think I am due for a career shake up but do not want to waste the PE/experience I do have. Suggestions?
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