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  1. EB Cycling Club

    You can walk in mountain bike type shoes, keep regular shoes at the office. Leggo wants to dominate the bike path Mudpuppy! Your LBS (local bike shop) will set you up with the shoes and pedals and install them for you. Think of the motion of scraping mud off your shoes to engage the hamstrings. I rocketed by a couple of 20 somethings on my after work ride yesterday, it felt awesome!
  2. EB Cycling Club

    go search the eb link to amazon and you'll find plenty for women. The mountain bike style you can actually walk in once you get near your destination. You'll power up those hills with the clip in!
  3. RIP Hugh Hefner

    I'll be wearing a bathrobe all day today in memory...
  4. I contacted itunes and they got me the previous month refunded
  5. So...it's been a while...

    Same old spam-a-rama here, welcome back!
  6. funny pic thread

    That's bad only if the streams cross
  7. Flat Earthers

    I blame the 24 hour news cycle for giving wackos air time.
  8. I'll have to check out Longmire. There's going to be some serious GoT withdrawal about a week from now, need to find a new series.
  9. I have as much sympathy for Sansa as I do for Theon Greyjoy. And where did the dead get those chains? Did the Titanic sink nearby? I have to wonder if the Gendry character will be helping Arya at some point.
  10. At CDOT we're treating it like a major holiday and prohibiting lane closures on our construction projects.
  11. ^ now that's a plot twist!
  12. For the third rider, I read a theory that the mad king raped Teron's mother. That's why his father hated him. And the dragons didn't roast him when he removed their chains
  13. Ozark is really well done, when's the next season?
  14. 7 episodes this year, 6 next year. Bran controlling a dragon is interesting. I saw a reddit post that the sea is frozen next to the Eastwatch Castle so the whitewalkers can just walk on by...
  15. I'm thinking that the white walkers will be resolved in the final season. Need to kill Cersie first.