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  1. The disjointed sidebar personal life stories. The flipped scripts on the wrestling act were quite good though.
  2. if you want more disappointment, watch the new season of GLOW
  3. it's too bad that PEness and Testee can't remember their passwords.
  4. crazy snow this year. Silverthorne is handing out free sand bags!
  5. is a poll monkey someone that hangs on the stripper poll too much?
  6. It was interesting to see how weakly Tyrion said that the Lannister army would be joining the fight, as if he didn't believe it himself. Cersei played him. And Jamie arriving in Winterfell will confirm that the Lannisters aren't coming north. Danareys and company were going North to fight the dead regardless, so it wasn't that big a move by Cersei.
  7. The bike lights are for the tunnels which are not lighted. The two that you pass thru on the way up are short and you can see all the way thru. The one on the downhill is long and bumpy, especially when folks are flying downhill. There was a wreck in there last time we rode. The lights they sell are designed for you to be seen rather than to light the way. Be sure to flip up your sunglasses and you'll be OK. There's still lots of chances to to really fast after that. There might be cops at the park boundary writing tickets for people that cross over the double yellow. You can certainly ride from the hotel to the start/finish The US 36 bikeway is good training. We have a few rides in Summit we could show you that will make the climb no problem. 10 mile canyon is pretty awesome. Add Vail Pass and you're golden.
  8. You should book your hotel now. There are three hotels right by the start/finish line but they book out quickly. We had to stay out by the airport the first time we did that ride. Not a big hassle, but it sure was nice to just walk out the front door and ride. We're out of town that weekend. FLBuff is right in that you don't miss much by skipping the Fruita Loop. It's a great ride, amazing scenery, well supported, a great community there. We still talk about how good the peanut butter between two Oreos tasted at the aid station on the plateau. The climb is pretty gradual, I'd recommend getting some training in to build your butt callouses for the 40 miler. I'm sure @csb has some tips.
  9. I think that she's played Ellen Page better. The rest of it was pretty OK
  10. I told my wife that it might be a good weekend to stay home since they are predicting more avalanches to hit the highway and she looked at me like I murdered a puppy. And away we go!
  11. There's signs posted on the east side that if you proceed without proper equipment and block the road the fine is over $1000. It should be shown more prominently and enforced by the police. You should write the governor and local elected officials. Seriously. Rental car agencies should be required to give warnings about what the traction law means and that a front wheel drive with "all season radials" is not equipped for mountain driving. Like @Road Guy saw, a few bad actors can have a huge impact.
  12. interesting read: https://coloradosun.com/2019/03/06/colorado-avalanche-i70-mountains-roads/?fbclid=IwAR0npBf1cVHLQTwSGvX1mOLmw5JOPY_FUM2jFUs9zGeKXlSAgcsTBnSKCZc
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