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  1. cement

    Flu season - who's catching?

    I got stomped on by the flu years ago, could barely get out of bed, felt like I had a 40 lb bag of cement on my chest. I've gotten the t ever since and have had much milder versions since.
  2. Let's talk symptoms so we can spread paranoia as well as the virus (virui?). I've been exposed to so much junk over the years I should start an antibody bank. It hit me last Thursday afternoon like a brick wall, headache in the right forehead, mild fever, non-productive cough, no energy. But I drank a few gallons of water and various homeopathic remedies, dove into bed early and was back on my feet the next day. My wife on the other hand, refuses to sit still and has a lingering cough that is messing with my sleep. The homeopathic stuff tastes yucky so no thanks. It hit her sinuses over the weekend, then she felt well enough for a business trip and I think the pressure change on the airplane injected the bugs into her ears. She got Z-pack (antibiotic) from the doc for her ears and is feeling better now, but the cough goes on. 1 AM, 3 AM, 4:30...The guest bedroom is looking pretty good right now. A co-worker had pretty much the same variant I had, felt good enough to come in for a meeting yesterday then was just about passed out on the conference table an hour and half a box of tissues later.
  3. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    wholly crap that was scary!
  4. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    Loveland has some great stuff, and reasonable cheeseburgers too, just check the weather forecast for wind before you go. For A-Basin, We were looking for a 4 pack deal for when our kids were home for the holidays and ended up getting the 3 pack for $189. But the wife worked some magic when we picked it up and got a 4th day added. We can get you a walk up window discount with our passes if you want to try it out this year. There's also an added carpool bonus discount for 3 or more, and rockstar parking for 4 in a car. The new terrain opened this year "the Beavers" (insert joke here) is marked single black for the tree runs and a blue for the two sometimes groomed open runs is way under rated for difficulty in my opinion. Being new terrain, it has attracted alot of traffic this year and has been over-loved. We hadn't gotten new snow for two weeks when I was there and we were in terrain steep enough that I was doing jump turns between trees on hardpack snow. Pretty owie on my bad knee. So the wife and I begged off on the next run and stayed on the groomer, our kids went off deeper into the woods and found untracked. Oh well. We also found some less steep, but more heavily traveled trees.
  5. cement

    2 teenagers versus rotary phone

    The State Gubmn't pays extra for crank windows on our vehicles!
  6. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    I don't really know the ski area.
  7. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    We haven't skied there in a few years as we have become more risk adverse ( ). We used to ski that for Mother's Day every year! Once our oldest could drive we would take turns doing a self shuttle so we didn't have to hitchhike back to the summit, 3 ski and 1 drives. We would park at the summit and hike the trail that runs northeast until we found good snow. There's several routes, we liked this because it was more open and a lower angle. I don't know of any avalanche risk / history in this location, as the Pass and back country skiing has become more popular folks are taking some lines that are just plain crazy. Here's a photochop I made and here's a website: http://www.backcountryrecon.com/colorado/front-range/loveland-pass/ I'd be happy to take you up there, not sure that I want to ski it anymore. I've got some PTSD (S being Ski) after my kids took me in some really steep trees at A-Basin over break.
  8. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    When we lived in NJ we would drive right past VT to ski NH and avoid the crowds and NY crazies. Loon was always nice. But Waterville would shut down half the mountain when it got a little windy.
  9. cement

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    oh snap!
  10. cement

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    Salida is a pretty cool mountain town. Don't know why folks are being ordered out. Maybe this is directed at Texans?
  11. the only good reviews had be be from feminist supporters. Save yourself the disappointment.