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  1. the only good reviews had be be from feminist supporters. Save yourself the disappointment.
  2. cement

    Movie thread

    ^ did they confiscate your man card at the door?
  3. cement

    EB Cycling Club

    I saw a guy take his seat with him while in the coffee shop. Making it literally a pain in the ass to steal his bike.
  4. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    They have the US team and other national teams, plus school and club levels from all over. I used to think it was pretty cool to ride up with the elite racers on the chairlift, but the novelty has worn off. Especially when 12 year olds with no concept of personal space go flying across the front of your skis.
  5. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    @Road Guythey're opening with the Super Bee lift this weekend since American Eagle and Flyer aren't finished yet. I hope that they are collecting liquidated damages from the contractor. The new lifts are supposed to be ready for Thanksgiving. We were talking to a racer at A=Basin last week, she said they had 20 lanes (race courses) open at Copper for training so watch out for those stick chasers! You can take an old board and make your own split board for hiking up, using your current snowboard boots. https://www.wildernessx.com/splitboard-hardware-standard.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAiarfBRASEiwAw1tYv6BCrSW9vjGTDxde9YD1c4pOYODJBN7NXZPD0rjPlwMvY49vpv1XCxoCkAcQAvD_BwE#92=376&167=1884 then climbing skins would be another $150
  6. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    crud ownership right there.
  7. cement

    How old are you?

  8. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    It'll probably be January 3,4,5 for me, still sorting out the details. Let's talk when it gets closer.
  9. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    let's do it! I'm kind of prejudiced against brik and keystone, huge crowds of tourists. I understand why they go there, nice villages for dinner after, but you go to copper and ski all day with no lift lines at the super bee. And $10 bucks to park and ride that silly gondola!
  10. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    ^plus tons of skiing at Copper. @Road Guy there's great skiing at Loveland - but the wind can get pretty crazy,. We've been packed in like sardines in the warming hut at the top of the lift. For upskiing - hiking up Arapahoe Basin by moonlight is an incredible experience. bring headlamps for the trip down. And don't park at the early riser lot as they lock it after 6 pm and you might be stuck there...(speaking from experience)
  11. cement

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    We bought Ikon, but it's just the two of us now. The wife has a conference at Snowmass so we'll get a free room there, and our son and daughter in law will ski with us at Mammoth in February. A friend with the Cincinnati Ski Club has a great deal for room at Jackson, we'll see about airfare...
  12. cement

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    Mister Rogers misbuttons his sweater when he arrives and promptly corrects his mistake.
  13. cement

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    checking twice this time