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  1. It is awesome that this thread is still alive. For some reason I came to check on it... funny that the last update was just a month ago. As reiterated above, the main concepts are "you" determine what is important, then arrange the side tabs by section and the top tabs such that all the tabs in the section are visible from the front of the section. This allows you to quickly go to the section and then quickly go to the formula/table.
  2. Shaggy

    Cheat Sheets

    I did have a book of cheat sheets and additional reference pages (photocopies of AISC Beam Tables). The cheat sheets were originally created while in college... I used them while doing sample problems. Whatever method you use during prep should be maintained during exam.
  3. Basically agree with all the above. If you aren't familiar with it... it won't really help. Though my recollection is that Machinery Handbook has better data than Shigley on fatigue life under variable loading. Are you taking the Machine Design depth?
  4. I agree with shahab. Though physics doesn't change (at this level anyway), the test can. Having a more recent study guide will more closely conform to the types of problems and formats on the current tests.
  5. The exams are the same for all states
  6. Yeah... not to be a dick... but this forum is intended ONLY for people preparing for the various Professional Engineering exams. If you want a general engineering forum, got to but they frown on students. Not sure if you are a student or a working individual from your questions.
  7. Shaggy

    Motor mounting

    Which sample test is this a problem from?
  8. I just started at prob 1. If I got hung up or didn't "know" how to start... I skipped it (and returned later of course). While ranking the problems seems interesting... it sounds like a potential time killer.
  9. Have you worked the PPI practice problems and sample exam? Those are typically regarded as more difficult than exam questions, but they are good practice.
  10. My opinion on the Kaplan material can be found in this thread:
  11. 66/33 isn't so bad... I would think more like 50/50. Some where in there though.
  12. I went to the PPI course in California. Excellent course and instructor. I recommend taking a course to help direct your study path. He provided a lot of "don't worry about that" and also "there may only be one question on that subject".
  13. The Lindeburg conversion book is excellent. Not a chart, but very user friendly.
  14. I agree with all the points above... specifically Slacker's. Don't tab things you think you will need. Tab the things you definitely need (and have used) based on all of your sample problems.
  15. The 6MS books are dedicated to a specific topic. So the TF book has only TF morning and afternoon problems. The MD has only morning and afternoon MD problems. The recommendation to get all three is to do the morning from all of the books and the afternoon for your depth only. This method also helps those that are on the fence for the afternoon by giving them the opportunity to work the other problems.
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