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  1. I rent a towed boom lift from Sunbelt to put up the lights. But I have 22' from ground to roof line. That is a lot of time going up and down an extension ladder.
  2. Welcome from the Houston area, the unofficial US Capitol for Relative Humidity.
  3. My daughter moved in with my wife and I when she finished her advanced degree. She has a job as an Adjunct Professor at a state college so she is gone all day. Since Adjuncts are paid less than public school teachers, she can't afford her own place just yet. We only see her at dinner and weekends, but she also does her share of work around the house. I guess I got lucky!
  4. Freon


    OK, I was off by a few minutes...
  5. I sweated out the results 12 years ago. Go have lunch and leave the "refresh" button alone for a while.
  6. Ladies & Gentlemen, Relax, Texas normally updates the web site at 1300 local time. And yes, I have it on good, but not excellent, authority that once they update the site, they lock the door and head a few blocks South. Those who have visited or lived in Austin will know what I mean.....
  7. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S Thompson Overweight Waffle House waitresses need love too. Tiger Woods
  8. Freon

    TX Results

    When I took the PE many years ago, Texas normally had the results up around Dec 20th. (In fact my certificate is dated 12/18.)
  9. Good news from the home of refrigerants! My newly-minted MA- Psychology Daughter has taken a teaching position at Sam Houston State University and my BSME son is finally getting some in-person interviews. Hopefully he will be on a payroll, other than mine, soon!
  10. Freon

    Name the flick

    "*he* will be the first man awarded the Navy Cross at his Court Martial"
  11. It looks like we will be getting a little weather this evening. Where I live, we are expecting not much more than a good thunderstorm, but none the less rumor is that the office will close early today and we will use the event to test our emergency action plan tomorrow.
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen (and storm-water engineers), I survived the two graduations and I am currently drinking my kid's booze supply. Hell, they have been drinking mine for years...
  13. Electrical Engineer
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