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  1. BIO Glad you found this site! I know this thread is old, but I only saw it today. DSIRE has links to both federal and state agencies that let the small fry know if net metering is possible in their location. I have been looking into this issue lately because I have been thinking about generating electricity at home while I'm riding on the bicycle trainer. The weather is getting too cold and messy for me to ride outside. Mudpuppy I can appreciate your point of view as a taxpayer, but my conclusion thus far is that for the majority of small suppliers to the grid that use "net metering", the net flow is from the utility to the small supplier. Very few homeowners or small businesses can supply more power to the grid than what they use; at times this may not be true, but over the course of the year it is probably the case. A compromise would be that any net power supplied to the grid would be purchased at the prevailing wholesale rate. For example, If I put a windmill or two in my yard, there are times when I might supply more to the grid than I the grid supplies to me, but over the course of the year, my net flow of electricity is from the grid to me. The windmills just reduce the amount I get from the grid.
  2. I registered on Jan 2 of this year for a MTB race on Nov 10 - that has really kept me at the training regimen. I'm not saying I'm always motivated, but it does keep me out there on the bike... well, most of the time. Who the hell can be motivated to ride for 2 hours in the rain, through the mud, in temperatures in the 40's? For this, you need an "event"! Wouldn't have ridden this, but it was the Poto SS World Championship (don't be impressed - all SS races are World Championships ) My goal was to redistribute my weight - but I've actually dropped 10 lbs since Jan.; guess I need to do a little cross training
  3. I felt that the Camara sample exams were far easier than the NCEES sample exam which was about on par with the actual PE exam. For example, I would get 80 - 90% on the Camara sample exams and about 70 - 80% on the NCEES sample exams. I don't know what I got on the actual PE exam, only that I passed, but I would bet it was just above the cut score, possibly 70%
  4. You might be able to do a 2 x 2 with complex numbers in 6 minutes without a calculator that handles it. The 115ms does not handle complex numbers when in simultaneous equation mode.
  5. There is a thread somewhere about this. If you're over 40, use a slide rule Otherwise, you may find it helpful to use a calculator that handles complex numbers (particularly for PM Power). Some folks may disagree, but I found that it saves significant time. That's my 1.414 + j1.414 cents B) Here's the link:
  6. Some hiring managers put a lot of stock in letters after your name, some don't. I can't comment specifically on your area in terms of whether MS or PE is better. However, folks don't normally use "yourname MS" on their business card, while "yourname PE" is common.
  7. When you see the load ratings, be sure to note what assumptions were made - some tables that I have seen state eccentricity of load, yield strength of steel, and compressive strength of concrete used to fill the steel post.
  8. Congrats JD - you got that monkey off your back. How does it feel to be a PE?
  9. Let me throw out another perspective - I know you're a gun fan - do you have any "older" pieces that you're especially fond of in your collection? Slide rules are like that to us older folk. The simple elegance of the technology that comprises the slide rule is appealing to me.
  10. Pedro, You'll never know what the emphasis will be in the PM, but the test I took had a lot of electrical machinery of types not covered in the EERM. Conversely, no illumination problems. Otherwise, the NCEES Problems and Solutions was fairly representative. Lots of good advice above, and it sounds like you're on the right road. Good Luck and post up with questions if you got them. There are plenty of EEs here willing to help.
  11. This is exactly the kind of attitude that makes this board the best of the rest. Congratulations to you both!
  12. Yes, I have the form somewhere, but I found the attached files on the MI site yesterday - you can see that the same link got me two different files (with the same filename!) - so sometimes the site is messed up. A useful contact: "Michael Pillow" <> This is the guy that will review your application. He works for Gloria Keene (who is listed on the website). As Ben mentions, mail the verification forms to your references and include a stamped envelope addressed to the State certification board. The five boxes on the verification report do not necessarily have to match the verification forms (per M. Pillow), but I would get it as close as you can. Ben - don't worry about the year off gap; if I remember correctly, on the back side of the verification report, you sum up the work experience you're claiming. I would also suggest that when you mail your verification report to the state, include a short note to Mike Pillow with your contact information and say something like.... if there is anything that appears to be missing or confusing, please contact me. Congrats again to you all and good luck with the forms ps took me about 8 weeks to get my number
  13. I've put the MI application in the "Michigan Results" thread (it's the larger of the two files with the same filename listed there - yes MI has problems with their website). Not all 5 references need to be PEs - only 3. Sorry, I don't know how to provide a link to the "Michigan Results" thread.
  14. Sorry for the confusion - the MI website coupled with my ignorance of message board skills has probably led you to wonder how the hell I passed that exam Anyway...the second file (the larger one) is the application in my modified post above
  15. singlespeed

    Thanks guys

    The best thankyou I could get is - stick around and pay it forward to the next group of examinees. Congrats!
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