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  1. Happy Birthday! I am having some cold PBR's in your honor today...
  2. Biggest Loser - was somewhat inspiring at the start (granted I would eat McDonalds while watching); but then seemed too contrived... Deadliest Catch Dexter - love the show, but thankfully they are hitting the final season - how long can he pull this sugar-honey-iced-tea off????
  3. Fairly legible... unless you have been drinking - then it makes perfect sense...
  4. Today was a roast beef wrap with horseradish and onions... plus a few pints - had an electrical sub sponsor that lunch... tomorrow is an exciting (note the sarcasm) lunch and learn in house regarding 3D laser scanning and BIM (worth 1.5 AIA CEU's). I can hardly wait for that to be over...
  5. Happy Repeal Day! On this date in 1933 Prohibition was repealed by passage of the 21st Amendment! I'll drink to that!!! $2 pints anyone????
  6. Halfmoon LLC Institute of Design Professionals - something like; google it and you will find them - they have a 7 credit Ethics course; 2 of your credits must be in ethics... needless to say those seminars sold out quick in the spring. Depending on what you do at work; try to get some subcontractors/vendors/etc, in to do a lunch and learn... earlier this year I arranged a HEPA filter provider and a local water repellant company to come in and do lunch and learns for certified AIA courses... depending on many licensed professionals (and LEED AP's) you have at your office, you may want to check out an online CEU library - if you have ten people who need it, it is about $500/person per year... which is cheaper than trying to pay for all credits individually... (they also can provide CEU's for safety, etc.) For the April '12 renewal, you need a prorated amount... existing PE's have to get 15 credits between 1/11 and 4/12... check with the state board for what they require of you...
  7. Not trying to meet a 14 year old, but having an affair with someone 20 years his junior....
  8. Must be a female location joke. You have to be there. Dex's picture looks like a psychadelic steer to me. Reminds me of the 'Wonder Years' episode where they are getting sex ed in the gym and the gym teacher points to a chalk drawn picture of the female reproductive system and asks 'doe anyone know what this is' and some kid responds 'a cow?'
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