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  1. I am not in this boat, but it seems to me that most of the people I have seen posting an opinion around here are going to go for the Civil/Structural test. In my opinion, if you are, and are going to be, a Structural Engineer, take the 16 hour exam.
  2. It might be better suited for aircraft, but I've always wanted to name something "The Flying Buttress". It is open to interpretation, but also has a specific meaning in regards to structures.
  3. I just wanted to note that I called this match up. The Packers will still win by 17.
  4. It's a matter of economics. I'm guessing it's cheaper to get a ticket and make a trip to Atlanta to watch the Packer's play than it is to get a ticket and make a trip to Green Bay, even if you live in Wisconsin, and even if it is a play-off game. It is extremely cost prohibitive to go to a home Packer game. I had to laugh when I read on here that they were having a hard time selling tickets to the Hawks-Bears game. I've been on the waiting list for season tickets for the Packers for twelve years. I'm almost to number 50,000. At the current rate of decay, from my last calculation, I will be about 125 years old when my number comes up for season tickets. I'm 34 years old currently. In case you are wondering, this years Super Bowl will feature the Steelers and the Packers. Packers will win by 17. Go ahead and place your bets.
  5. As I'm sure you would all agree, the greatest venue for a Super Bowl would be Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  6. Did you just look in the "License Look-Up", or did you find this somewhere else on the website? License look up on the IDFPR website. In case you are interested. I'd say all that passed, and have their paper work completed, should now have a number assigned. I just looked on the IDFPR site and I was listed. Mine is for the SE license, so I would guess PE candidates should certainly be up by now.
  7. No matter how you feel about the Packers or the Bears, if you're a football fan, you should be cheering on them both this weekend. How exciting would it be to see the greatest rivals in the NFL meet up for a conference championship. The Packers will ultimately be making their way to Dallas, but it will be quite a site if the Bears can get lucky one more time against the Seahawks.
  8. Did you just look in the "License Look-Up", or did you find this somewhere else on the website?
  9. This brings up another point. I don't understand why they group building designers and bridge designers in the same category. Well, I do understand why they do it, but I don't believe that they should. I think the new 16 hour format is the step in the right direction, but I still think that bridge designers should have their exam, and building designers should have theirs, just as the SE II was set up. At any rate, the bridge designer is at a disadvantage. I've never blamed someone in that industry for avoiding the SEI exam. It's a difficult undertaking to be successful on an exam when 80% of its content isn't really applicable to your every day activities.
  10. I would have posted this in the "Structural" section, but activity is usually pretty low there, and I'm interested to see if anyone has an opinion on this subject. I have noticed in the PE Results section, since results started coming in, that there are a good quantity of people that have unsuccessfully passed the SEI exam jumping ship to take the Civil exam in the future. It makes sense, I suppose. Who wants to take a 16 hour exam versus an 8 hour one, especially when you live in a state that doesn't recognize a different licensure process for structural engineers? My problem with this, however, is I fear that this may end up producing under-trained engineers performing structural design. I'm not saying that someone who works in the structural field that took the Civil PE can't be just as knowledgeable or qualified as one who took the SEI and/or SEI/SEII, but the general concensus is that the preperation and knowledge required is significantly less for passing the Civil exam in comparrison to the SEI. (this is the feeling I'm getting anyway) Intuitively, this leads me to believe that the quality will suffer. Again, I'm not trying to slam anyone here, and I'm not making a statement that one group is smarter or better than another, it just seems to me that there is potentially an unintnetional consequence of moving to the 16 hour exam; licensed engineers in the structural field performing and supervising work that are less informed than there counterparts.
  11. I would fear that if you don't get licensed now as an SE, you will never be able to less taking the newly formulated structural exam. I would bet the clock is ticking on the SEI / SEII combo being valid. Come June of this year the two exams might be ignored, if not already licensed somewhere which has the SE designation.
  12. This goes back a few years now, but I would be surprised if the DRL procedure is much different from when I was originally licensed. I don't believe the website was updated to say anything about licensure until after I had faxed in a final form after I received my passing letter in the mail. This is how I remember it anyway. The process was; get the passing letter in the mail, fill out a single sheet form with a bit of information and a signature, fax the form, DRL received the form, compared my name to the name of known passers, issed licensed, and updated the database. Hopefully I'm not giving anyone bad information, but I believe this was the procedure.
  13. Here's one for you.........I'm not sure if I would have been able to keep my pencil or not, but I probably missed out on an opportunity that few, or none, have had before. I took the SEII exam in the fall. About half way through the afternoon portion, my pencil ran out of lead, I believe it was the green version. I asked the woman in charge of my section for another pencil. She was happy to fill my request, and gave me another pencil. This time the pencil was black. Therefore, if removing pencils from the site was allowed, I could have walked away with two pencils of a different color.
  14. For those of you that have had multiple goes at the test in Illinois, how long did it take to receive your letter from CTS after they posted the results on their website?
  15. CTS posted SEII results just before 5 PM central time this afternoon.
  16. SE II results have been posted on CTS web site. I no longer have to take any exams, certainly not a 16 hour one.
  17. I guess I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Next week for most of you will mean two weeks for me. Oh well.
  18. I totally agree. I should have been a plumber. I have a great crack too! I am certain that you do.
  19. I was the assistant to a driller on a rig taking soil/dirt samples a number of summers ago as part of an internship. After about 10 or 11 hours of work in the hot sun, I would ask, "how many more holes do we have to drill"? The response was always about 3 more than the truth. He did this so that I would leave him alone, and finish hard as well I suppose, but foremost he was disarming me. As many here also believe, I think the NCEES is giving the canned response of one to two weeks to avoid any further conversation or conflict. They know they are coming much sooner. They just don't want to give out an answer that goes against what they told all of us two months ago, and they don't want to fan the fire that is eager test takers awaiting results. So, here's what is going to happen. The results will start coming fast and hard tomorrow AM. Let us not forget that Illinois has already received the results (their testing agency anyway). They can't be the only one, and they can't be a full week ahead of at least a handful of other States. It might be via their web site being updated, notification from them, email notification from your State, updated State web sites, or a combination of a bunch of these. Yes Ray, they will come, and they are coming tomorrow. On a side note. If you think it is difficult waiting for results for one exam, try doing it for two exams three years apart. There's nothing worse than being licensed in a dozen states and then having to sit for another exam because a State in your region has a different designation for Structural Engineers. I should have been a plumber.
  20. It really is! He says that it will take 2 weeks from today but will receive it by the end of year 2010. I think the agents statement makes sense. If you look at it in terms of work works, the end of the second week is December 31. This is one day before the new year. Whats a work works? Work Works = 5 days. works was meant to be weeks.
  21. It really is! He says that it will take 2 weeks from today but will receive it by the end of year 2010. I think the agents statement makes sense. If you look at it in terms of work works, the end of the second week is December 31. This is one day before the new year.
  22. They're trying to dig out the U of M stadium in time for the Vikings Bears Monday night game.
  23. I have to agree with everyone else here. You have no leverage, and you should just be satisfied with being able to find employment with the way things are. Also, I don't think you really want to start your service with a company on this kind of note. Even if they bumped your salary, or gave you the signing bonus, they are always going to look at you as over paid, or greedy, or a combination of the two. Your future raises, bonuses, etc. would more than likely be effected due to this, and be lower than what you would have gotten otherwise. After a few years, the $2,000 extra you got at the beginning will be nothing compared to the 10 K you lost out on through the smaller pay increases. I worked with a guy that had come to our office from his first employer. When he was offered the job, he had the mindset of, "I already have a job, if you want me to come and work for you, you need to make it worth it for me". They negotiated a higher salary, and he came to work with us. After our yearly reviews, they all took place at the same time, we would have discussions about how the increases were in terms of percentage. He got increases in the 2-3% range where the rest of us were getting 5-10% increases. I don't know what he was making, but I'm sure it wasn't much more than about 5K more than the rest of us with similar experience. At the end of the day, he got what he wanted in the beginning, but has paid for it ever sense. I'm sure by now he has been surpassed by those that he was making more than when he started. Be careful what you wish for.
  24. I had to comment here due to the timing of it. About a month ago, I rediscovered my shortest lived Christmas gift. It wasn't destroyed however, just put away. My son is enjoying it a lot more than I did. Of course, I was twelve and he is four. At any rate, when I was 12, I got the one gift that I had been asking for for months. It was my euqivalent to the Red Rider B-B gun. I was intoxicated by its commercials that I had been seeing for what seemed a lifetime, and I just had to have it. It was the 9.6V Tyco Typhoon Hovercraft. It was awesome, or so I thought. The minute I removed it from its wrapping, I took it from its box and raced out into the cold. Nothing happened, the battery needed to charged. So, four hours later, the battery was finally good to go, so I headed back out. Then, I was hit with the first dissapointment. In the t.v. adds, this thing seemed to go about 100 mph. In reality, it was more like a snail. Second disappointment. For some reason, probably the commercials, I figured the thing would turn on a dime. Again, not the case, but I should have known better being that it is fan operated. The third and final dissapointment. The battery keeps its charge for about 10 minutes. That's right 10 minutes of lack luster performance followed by a 4 hour wait. I took the f'ing thing back in the house and put it in a corner. My dad got it out a couple times shortly there after to show his friends, but I never played with it again, until about a month ago. I discovered that I never got over the dissapointment of it all, and still carry a great deal of resentment for the Tyco corporation.
  25. Integrated design build firms are what you are looking for. All architecture, engineering, project management, and construction are done in house. Your construction managment days would be over, but you would be able to work hand in hand with them. You will probably need to wait awhile however. Most of these types of outfits are on the verge of folding, if they haven't done so already. Too much overhead and not enough work.
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