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    Congratulations to all those who passed the PE or EIT. I'm moving to Manhattan and am looking for a civil design consulting job. Anyone know PE pay range? I got my PE in 2006 and I think I just low-balled myself when asked about what I was looking for. I said $80k and I heard silence, then I asked if that was high, and she said "no." I got my BS and MS in Civil from a top 3 national engineering program (read: MIT, Stanford, etc.). What type of ranges are you guys looking at? Any information would be great. Thanks in advance!
  2. Good luck all. My words of advice to you is to execute the easy questions. Don't rush them so you can spend more time on the harder ones because you don't need 100% to pass. Take all the gimmies you can find. And watch UNITS UNITS UNITS.
  3. Also, I practiced studying for long sittings at a time. My boyfriend was studying for the GMAT so both of us would study together for hours and hours. Sitting in a room for 8+ hours taking a test is absolutely awful. You should try and practice concentrating for at least half this time. Also, I took sugar candies in to kinda wake me up during the exam and drank a huge coke. Also, get Metcalf & Eddy if you are not confortable with the Environmental stuff. I based my time on the % of the test. I spent a lot of time in WR (my section), then GEO and ENV. I brushed through TRANS and STRUCT, even though I didn't have any classes in school or any projects. A bigger difference in your score will come from knowing your section the best rather than killing yourself to learn some section only covered in the morning.
  4. I also heard that 48 was the magic number to shoot for. The cut may vary +3 but usually it's around 48. I was in a panic when I saw people get 49's and fail.
  5. I felt really good walking out of the exam but made the awful rookie mistake of telling everyone I though I did well. So while waiting for results, I thought I jinked myself and failed. Luckily I passed and won't need to do the walk of shame back to the office.
  6. What worked for me was actually doing the problems and working them out. Don't just look at it and say you can do it (unless you run out of study time) but practice going through the units conversions. Read through the CERM.
  7. Hawaii is mailed from the HI Board...results were mailed on 12/29 this year and I got them on 12/30.
  8. Hawaii results mailed from the HI Board on 12/29. I passed the Civil WR. Good luck to all the rest of you Hawaiian out there!!!
  9. I can't, I'm new so it's not allowed. (always loved this one.)
  10. :pass Hi all, lone time reader...just registered today to tell everyone Hawaii PE results are in. Sent from the Hawaii Board on 12/29. I passed the Civil WR part. Good luck to the rest of you Hawaiians out there!
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