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  1. Guys, I haven't been on here for a long time so some of you wont remember me. Road Guy sent me an e-mail about VTE. I'm shocked! As a founding member he help many of us pass the PE. He will be sorely missed! I will be praying for his family and friends! RIP Matt! Joey
  2. Sorta thought this is the path this thread would go down.
  3. Some good technical info can be seen here in this video.. BP Video 24MAY10
  4. Here's the live BP feed...Click Here (Video)
  5. Guys and Gals, we should join together to try to come up with solutions to the BP oil leak. First we could gather information regarding the leak. ie. specifications of the riser and water at that depth, schematics of the riser, etc. I have done a brief search on Google but didn't find much as far as gathering the facts. Maybe we should try to gather the facts, ie. what is the diameter of the riser, what material is it, how cold is it at that depth, flow rate, etc. We could also list the limitations which should become obvious as we gather the info on the current state of the riser. Then we could start brainstorming. Let's try to keep the limited to serious posts only. After we gather all the info and we start thinking of our own ideas we could submit them to BP and the US government. This could be a fun project. We definitely have the knowledge here so let's get to it. Does anyone have any links on anything technical regarding the BP oil leak? Like schematics, specifications of the riser, info on the water at that depth, etc? If so post'em.
  6. JoeysVee

    Mechanical PE

    Good luck everyone! I know the waiting sucks but it will be worth it!
  7. If they make it closed book they will have to make it less difficult and further from what a true engineer needs. We dont need to memorize stuff....just know where to get the stuff. I think this would be a bad idea.
  8. If it were me, I would get the latest edition. You can pass with an older edition but I prefer the latest edition.
  9. No dont buy it. You will not need the code just have a general idea of what is covered by each code. Get a list of Mechanical codes and their titles....that will tell you what's in each code.
  10. I dont have the problem in front of me but my guess is.....good. I think your answer and the method to obtain your answer is also correct.
  11. I like RPN so I wnet with the HP35s. Gotta love the tactile feedback!
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