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  1. I received my certificate in the mail Saturday. However it was not mine. It was addressed to me but the certificate was made to another person. So I called the board and was told to return it and hopefully the person who has mine returns it and it can be straightened out. So if you get the wrong one please send it back, because mine is out there and I would like to have it. :wave2:
  2. Thanks! Congrats to you too! The mountains are great except when you have to commute in the snow! Good Luck to you as well!
  3. No my raise is 10k, but I have been buried in studying and didn't want to put the house up until the beast was behind me!!!
  4. Bigger house!!! The starter house has got to go!
  5. Thanks Knightfox3! Just want to encourage people to stay the course and it does take a good amount of studying and understand the NCEES outline. I also took School of PE. I want to commend those who pass on the first time, but to those who do not just keep trying!
  6. PRAISE GOD!!! PASSED! PE - TRANSPORTATION! 4th timer!!! Over 300 studying and lots prayer!
  7. Sta. 168+98 represents specific location or place. 168.96 Sta. represents distance.
  8. Depends on the state. WV reports by mail however Texas be NCEES so check.your state board.
  9. I think I did fair. Good om morning but afternoon not sure. It is a toss up. Civil/Water.
  10. I thought I did fair. Morning was better than afternoon. Civil/Water
  11. I go through Princeton everyday and by Winterplace. I live about 30 minutes from there and we take our youth group every year!
  12. Received approval notice today! Thank the Lord!
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