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  1. You can also apply to be a MLSE which is a nationally recognized designation.
  2. If you took the NCEES exams, then I think you can apply for licensure in any state that recognizes SE's after taking only the SEI and SEII. Some states require the state specific SEIII, so you couldn't become registered there.
  3. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my results today from the Ohio Board! I passed the SEII!
  4. AHHHH!!! Still not in the mail today (Saturday)! With the holiday on Monday, Tuesday will be the earliest I can get results! I emailed the board on Tuesday and they said that they had received results from NCEES and they would be in the mail that day. I live in the same city as the board, so I can't imagine it would take this long to arrive... even by snail mail. This is so frustrating! ... The deadline to reapply for the April exam if I didn't pass this time around is FRIDAY so hopefully I hear something before then!!!!!!!
  5. AnnaS

    Passed SEI and SEII!

    What state are you in? I'm still waiting for SEII results in Ohio. Congrats on the new addition.
  6. I emailed on Tuesday. They said they had the results and they would be out in the mail later that day. The board is in columbus and I live in columbus.... As of yesterday's mail, I still have no results. TODAY is officially 12 weeks after the exam. I can't stand not knowing how I did!!!
  7. Still waiting in Ohio!!! Anyone else still waiting???
  8. Did anyone get them yet? Rumor has it that we should expect something this week?
  9. Does anyone have results to the October SEII exam yet??
  10. AnnaS

    SE II Results

    "NCEES releases exam results to ELSES 10 to 12 weeks after the exam date. ELSES will mail results to FE, FS, and PE examinees (via the U.S. Postal Service) on behalf of the Ohio Board. The Ohio Board will report the PS and the Structural II results to examinees (via the U.S. Postal Service). " I found this on the ELSES web site. This may explain the slower results. The PE stuff comes directly from ELSES to the examinees, but the PS & SE II stuff has to go to the Ohio Board first, then to the examinees. This is driving me crazy!
  11. AnnaS

    SE II Results

    Does anyone know about the SE II exam results? Will they come at the same time as the PE? Rumor has it that the SE II will take longer since it is not multiple choice.
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