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  1. in-laws are stealing Little-OSU soon for an over-night... grabbing dinner and a cookie cake on the way home, and picking up a couple comedies from Redbox...
  2. It's Thursday..... so Buffalo Wild Wings's Boneless Thursday
  3. I never made it through the Silmarilion. . . it's just way toooooooooo sssslllllllloooooooooooooooowww for me. Much more so than LOTR and Hobbit. I kind of equate it to sitting down and reading the bible, what with all the Bob, son of Joe, son of Tom son of . . . . etc. I'm only 80 pages into it (of 315ish).... I can't read more than 3 or 4 pages without falling asleep.... how much of that is the book vs how much is the 2 yr old effect, I'm not sure... but yes, very slow... having trouble dealing with the 3 or 4 names for each person/god/etc... I'm hoping that the history of how things came to be soon becomes the recollection of something slightly more interesting than "this is why the mountains are here"
  4. I just started reading The Silmarillion on my tablet... never tried an ebook before.. It's interesting to see the "history" and lore of Middle Earth, even if it is the typical Tolkien style... I've read The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy before, so it's nice to see the before...
  5. First "Meggings", now this??? Is this the new way to control the population??
  6. ^ This... 2-3 times a day... Mini-OSU gets mad if we don't reply "No, I do not"
  7. Gotta love Eddie Izzard I haven't played Risk or Monopoly for that matter in a looong time... probably close to 10-12 years... my brother is the only one I around me interested in games like that, and with wives and kids, taking 2-3 hrs for a game is definitely out of the question...
  8. Ritz crackers with Nutella... can't get much better than that
  9. Why do I like seeing Florida lose so much?
  10. yup, forgot about Unblock Me... lots of levels,etc, seemingly never-ending
  11. Bad Piggies is pretty fun, made from the same folks that make Angry Birds... you build cars, planes,helis,etc to complete the game... it's got everything from gravity power to soda bottles to rockets and V8s... Most of the apps on my Galaxy Tab 2 are for Mini-OSU... Super Monkey Jr, Dr Panda,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc (mostly from Amazon's Free-App-of-the-day)... Although I did pay for Sim City Deluxe from Google Play... I think it's the only app I've ever payed for...
  12. I saw a few funny comments in a story about iOS getting Google Maps back... it likened Apple fanboys/etc to North Koreans.... and Steve Job to Kim Jong II
  13. My typical steps when setting up a computer for myself or others.... Step 1: Assemble PC/Laptop Step 2: Follow whatever on-screen stuff you have to go through to get to a desktop Step 3: Find Control Panel, Uninstall McAfee, Norton, etc Step 4: Install Microsoft Security Essentials (apparently not needed in Win 8) Step 5: Install CCleaner, set to run at log-in Step 6: Trim as many startups as you can from the boot process... Step 7: Install Firefox/Chrome, set as default broswer Step 8: Enjoy relatively trouble-free operation...
  14. ^ This.... Win 8 is a good idea in concept (one OS to rule them all (PCs, tablets, phones,etc), but lacks one very important feature.... the ability to opt-OUT of the Metro interface and get a normal desktop (with start button that functions like windows has for the last almost 20 yrs)... Apparently 3rd party software and some "scary" registry hacks are the only way to get a start button... Microsoft went to great lengths to remove the code for the start button and replace it with the Metro interface, a simple toggle switch would've been much preferred in my eyes... I'm willing to try and adapt to "tiles" and app-like behavior.... but the 50+ aged user base is screaming... I haven't used Win 8 for more than a few hours, but something that drastic of a change, really should be an opt-in... esp. since it intended to be a touch-based OS...
  15. We did a little 4x8 raised bed garden last year. We grabbed a couple 4'x4' cedar raised bed kits at Home Depot fairly cheap. We planted WAY too much. We started seeds in my window here at work and planted (to the best of our knowledge) the layout which seemed logical. We definitely learned a few things: We didn't do enough pruning/etc of the tomatoes, the 2 or 3 different kinds we planted all went crazy... We planted 8 or 10 cukes, assuming only a few of the plants looked healthy enough to survive, 7 or 8 did, and they took over... Strawberries went well, grabbed a few before they were too shaded by other plants... they have since taken over the entire 4x8 layout... they've been tilled under... Our peppers (hot and bell) were too shaded by the tomato plants and didn't produce well... The different lettuces we planted did well, but we didn't stagger them enough and had alot and then nothing... The onions did well, both white and red... MrsOSU found a site that you could give a size and pick your plants and print a map... It also told you how many seeds/seedlings to plant in that square foot. But we may have put too much thought into placement (these plants will provide shade/etc) and with our lack of pruning and knowledge, we ended up snuffing out a few plants...
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