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  1. Steamboat was pretty awesome last week. First couple of days were very warm. If I hadn't had to be the pack mule, I would have skiied in a tshirt. We skipped Friday and got to experience 6" of powder on Saturday. Saturday was just about the best day of skiing I have ever had. Perfect snow, temperature and bright sun. We were on the mountain until they shut it down. We spent alot of time in the trees on the back.
  2. As a UK fan, it pains me greatly to say that I fully expect Duke to take it this year. Zion is amazing.
  3. I haven't seen where that plays a part yet. The LDS did reprimand him for "involvement with another girl" and sent to counceling.
  4. I'm almost through this one. How stupid were those parents? I'm mean there is naive and then there are those people. The parents should have been put in jail too for allowing that dude to SLEEP WITH THEIR 12 YR OLD DAUGHTER. I dont even know how to process some of the crap that they let go on. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  5. 600'. Its the best we can do in middle america without driving 10 hrs. Counting the days until Steamboat (end of March). We are bringing my sister and her fam along. Just ordered everyone new goggles last night. WHoohooo.
  6. Most definitely not.
  7. Weve had two without any issues.
  8. I've been called twice. Served once. It was a prostitution case complete with video. It was not fun or entertaining.
  9. My firm and a sister firm currently rent an office together. We are both wanting to buy a something to rent back to the company and hopefully have enough to get a couple extra tenants and help it pay for itself. Anybody have any experience doing this? We are going to have to set up a LLC to buy the property. I know stuff like this can go sideways if all the partners dont get along, but i think we can pull it off. This would be my first venture into owning commercial property.
  10. Watched several of the Mars episodes. 5-6 episodes into it they became pretty boring, but the first several mixed the documentary and drama good enough to keep all 5 of us interested. Introducing the young-uns to the Terminator. They thought the all metal Arnold was pretty cheesy, but were overall impressed with it "for being from the '80's" as my 15 yr old said. Should watch T2 soon. I expect rave reviews. Its from the '90's afterall.
  11. I took a group of 41 to Paoli in Indiana last weekend. They started the week off with a high of 6F. The day we were there it was 59F. It was miserable. I shed all the layers i could modestly and was still soaked in sweat. There were a few wearing shorts and a smile. I envied them.
  12. goodal

    Movie thread

    Watched Annihilation with the kiddos last night. Pretty awful. Didn't resolve anything. Acting and CGI was fine, but the story just never took off and never filled in any of the holes. A bit too gory for the 10 yr old too.
  13. We got a good deal at Breckenridge doing that, but we are staying with family so...
  14. My 5 and my sisters 5 are going to Steamboat the end of March for about 3 days of skiing. Anybody know of a discount on rental or lifttickets in that neck of the woods?
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