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  1. Watched several of the Mars episodes. 5-6 episodes into it they became pretty boring, but the first several mixed the documentary and drama good enough to keep all 5 of us interested. Introducing the young-uns to the Terminator. They thought the all metal Arnold was pretty cheesy, but were overall impressed with it "for being from the '80's" as my 15 yr old said. Should watch T2 soon. I expect rave reviews. Its from the '90's afterall.
  2. goodal

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    I took a group of 41 to Paoli in Indiana last weekend. They started the week off with a high of 6F. The day we were there it was 59F. It was miserable. I shed all the layers i could modestly and was still soaked in sweat. There were a few wearing shorts and a smile. I envied them.
  3. goodal

    Movie thread

    Watched Annihilation with the kiddos last night. Pretty awful. Didn't resolve anything. Acting and CGI was fine, but the story just never took off and never filled in any of the holes. A bit too gory for the 10 yr old too.
  4. goodal

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    We got a good deal at Breckenridge doing that, but we are staying with family so...
  5. goodal

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    My 5 and my sisters 5 are going to Steamboat the end of March for about 3 days of skiing. Anybody know of a discount on rental or lifttickets in that neck of the woods?
  6. goodal

    Christmas gifts /

    Weird. My wife asked for this too. I got the remote mount camera. Ill get to install it over xmas break I'm sure. I hope it doesnt call me everytime the dog walks by.
  7. goodal

    Christmas gifts /

    Cant remember how to post a pic, but my middle son is an aspiring artist and Bob Ross fan. My oldest got this for him. https://wholesale.wellspringgift.com/stationery/unique-pens/bob-ross-pen
  8. goodal

    Bitcoin - Anyone Investing?

    Oh and I got in in February, supposedly after the great fall.
  9. goodal

    Bitcoin - Anyone Investing?

    I'm down 90% overall. I only bought Bitcoin to purchase other crypto currencies. All of them have dropped more than Bitcoin, so I guess I would have been better off to keep in BTC and only lose 65% (or to stick under the mattress). Lesson learned I guess.
  10. goodal

    Wood for bbq

    Spatchcocked turkey was perfect. Cooked in 2.5 hrs. Skin was crunchy, not rubber and everything was juicy. The only way to go. We've done brisket a couple times and both were awsome. Sounds like we got lucky.
  11. goodal

    Wood for bbq

    Get the fire started with a charcoal chimney then use the wood for smoke. I have an Oklahoma Joes with the fire box, charcoal and propane barrels. Best $300 ever spent at Lowes.
  12. goodal

    Wood for bbq

    We are responsible for the turkey and ham this year again. We have smoked them both in the past and gotten mixed results. The wife is going to spatchcock (sp?) the turkey to try to get the cooking time down and leave the skin crunchy. I think we are going to use the wood from some barren peach trees i cut down this year. Fingers are crossed.
  13. goodal

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    I tried a snowboard last year for the first time and LOATHED it. So much work and you spend half the time sitting on the wet snow. Just did it because my youngest wanted to learn. Hope I don't have to do that again.
  14. goodal

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    no lifts = no thank you We went to Breckenridge last year and really liked it. We have always skied somewhere in Colorado, but are thinking of going to Big Sky this spring.
  15. We are watching Jack Ryan via Vidangel. takes all the stuff out kiddos don't need to hear. We are really liking it. I watched 3:10 to Yuma again and the new Magnificent 7. Yuma was still good. Meh for Magnificent 7. Denzel just isn't that great.