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  1. We recently adopted Beau's big brother. They are both about 3.5 yrs old and hate birds. Took a couple weeks for them to figure who the boss is, but they get along great now.
  2. You can get the title of "engineer" in just about any profession. I had the title of sanitation engineer when I worked midnights cleaning floors during college, but that didn't mean I was an engineer. To legally use the title of "Engineer" outside of the plant you work in you, must have a degree. If you don't want to go to school you, can eventually get the title, but it will more than likely take many years of work in your field to attain it and in all probability you will be at a lower paygrade than degreed individuals. If money is an issue, and it usually is, go to a community college. $40,000 a year for college is stupid IMHO and unless youre going to work at NASA or a fortune 500 company, the prestige is worthless. "Oh you went to Duke? Cool, now when are you going to get my drawing done?" I went the community college route and wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. What weird post. All students are left to fend for themselves after graduation. Its called life. I didn't have any help from my school after I left and didn't expect any. They aren't running a daycare for engineers. Once your out on your own its up to you. So yes, it is your fault not your universities. Own up to it and move on. Your life will be much better when you're not so busy being bitter.
  4. That's your fault bud. My degree has opened many doors for me to better myself and the lives of my family, and the lives of my employees that I've hired as a result of my degree and the charities that I have donated to because of my "status" as you call it. Just because your career petered out, or you didn't use your education properly, doesn't mean the profession is a farce. I don't claim to be the smartest person in the room, but it took a lot of hard work to get where I am in my life and my degree has alot to do with it. So assuming you're not a troll, what do you think is going to happen coming on an ENGINEERING board and crapping on all our hard work? "Oh yea, we all hate our life and profession and wish we had went to work on a dock." Don't think so. I realize I'm mud wrestling with a pig here, but couldnt help myself.
  5. I gots all kind a RESPECT. Not sure what his prob is.
  6. So no more suitcases or dollys or milkcrates loaded with books? That was half the fun seeing what everybody brought to the test.
  7. Steamboat was pretty awesome last week. First couple of days were very warm. If I hadn't had to be the pack mule, I would have skiied in a tshirt. We skipped Friday and got to experience 6" of powder on Saturday. Saturday was just about the best day of skiing I have ever had. Perfect snow, temperature and bright sun. We were on the mountain until they shut it down. We spent alot of time in the trees on the back.
  8. As a UK fan, it pains me greatly to say that I fully expect Duke to take it this year. Zion is amazing.
  9. I haven't seen where that plays a part yet. The LDS did reprimand him for "involvement with another girl" and sent to counceling.
  10. I'm almost through this one. How stupid were those parents? I'm mean there is naive and then there are those people. The parents should have been put in jail too for allowing that dude to SLEEP WITH THEIR 12 YR OLD DAUGHTER. I dont even know how to process some of the crap that they let go on. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  11. 600'. Its the best we can do in middle america without driving 10 hrs. Counting the days until Steamboat (end of March). We are bringing my sister and her fam along. Just ordered everyone new goggles last night. WHoohooo.
  12. Most definitely not.
  13. Weve had two without any issues.
  14. I've been called twice. Served once. It was a prostitution case complete with video. It was not fun or entertaining.
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