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  1. Steam boat Springs, CO - Skiing Sanibel, Fl - Beaching Paoli Peaks, IN - Skiing Paducah, KY - Living
  2. IMG_4310.MOV This is from a cold start so its not great.
  3. Well i did it. She has a few minor issues, but this is by far the coolest thing i have ever owned.
  4. 350, 4 speed. My thoughts too. I dont want to be afraid to drive it and maybe put in AC and bluetooth. If it was numbers matching original (I wouldn't be able to afford it for one thing), I wouldn't want to change it or drive it. Not the case here. Yall aren't much help. I guess I'll have to go get it. Ill let you know.
  5. Ever since I was little I have wanted a 68-69 Camaro. I am only 39 so its not like I grew up with one or anything and I am not a grease monkey, so I'm probably not the typical owner of one. Still I cant help but drool over them. I am able now to get one if I want and have been looking for a few months. I've found this 68 local that has had a frame off restoration. I've shown it to a friend that owns one and a few other peeps that are more mechanically minded than me and they have all given the go ahead. My wife loves the idea and I can kick the old truck out of the garage and keep this thing in a semi-conditioned area. I'm looking for a reason to not do it. Can anyone talk me out of this?
  6. This year will be 40 for me and i hate to say it but I'm starting to feel a bit decrepit. Aches and pains and problems are starting to be more frequent than I would like. Still better than the alternative though.
  7. I have to be very careful doing squats, deadlifts or overhead presses. I have a disk that loves to herniate itself if I have even the slightest incorrect form. I've gotten to where I wear a back brace doing any of those three. So far, when I've had it on I haven't hurt anything. Not sure if its the belt or the fact that the belt reminds me to keep my back arched.
  8. I have just recently discovered coin collecting and am afraid I've gone a bit overboard with it. I obtained a few hundred coins last year and am still looking. My interest in coins is in having something of inherent value when everything goes to the crapper, so I haven't been too concerned with quality as much as quantity. I don't figure anyone's going to care if it is a 64+ when I'm trying to buy bread. I've gotten most of them from online auctions, but am paying a 15-18% buyers premium plus shipping plus tax. Just curious how other people ago about getting coins.
  9. I think thats pretty normal. I havent gone to a public gym much but the few times i did were pretty intimidating.
  10. How do you vote for anything other than "It's a Wonderful Life"? We watched a couple nights ago and my 11 year old complained for about half the movie, but by the end even he was into it. Polar Express is a very close 2nd though.
  11. I play the saxophone some Sing at church some Read fiction some I suck at being creative. I like rules and structure and typically have a hard time thinking outside of the proverbial box. I imagine my creative side is starving for attention most of the time. Too much design work to be done...
  12. Yep. The 30-30 has a more intricate stock, but i like the barrel and price of ammo for the 357 better.
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