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  1. The Pet Thread

    Sorry EG.
  2. It's Friday!!!!

    Ok, now it's Friday. Is it time to go home yet?
  3. It's Friday!!!!

  4. So if this is the fabled PD&J Club sandwich, shouldn't there be a toothpick in it as well?
  5. Happy Birthday bigray76 & MetsFan!

    Happy birthday guys!
  6. Happy Birthday FLBuff!

  7. Random Topics 3.1

    So the government employs robots?
  8. ^^ It may burn too.
  9. The Baking Thread

    Keeping it PG Supe.
  10. The Baking Thread

    I would have also accepted a runny egg on those muffins. Yum!!
  11. The Baking Thread

    Good as a 6 or good as a 15? (Out of a 1-10 scale.) I hope that you were not putting that Mrs Butterworth's on those pancakes!
  12. Is it true that you can get some sort of "high" from eating too many dried banana chips?
  13. The Running Thread

    About 14 years ago I weighed in at 205 lbs. One day I simply said I'm changing and I cut the crappy food off cold turkey. To this day, I run 30 mins a day and trade off with some push ups, crunches, and some planks every other day. Now, I am 40 and I weigh 164 lbs. It is never too late to change things around. For your shin splints, try running on the grass. Try also to almost run on the front part of your feet rather than always landing on your heel. It really does help.
  14. Another thing, do you get $$$ from the Apple Council too?