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  1. kevo_55

    How old are you?

  2. kevo_55

    Random Topics 3.1

    Nacho cheese. The only question is.... how many bags in one sitting?
  3. kevo_55

    It's Friday!!!!

    FINALLY. Happy Friday!
  4. kevo_55

    It's Friday!!!!

  5. According to the internet, those people live in "Oceanside." They were in season 7 as well as this new one on Netflix. I just got to the part where Aaron & Enid is heading out to apparently meet with them.
  6. kevo_55

    The Baking Thread

    Great job! I'm jelous!!!
  7. Just got to the part where the tiger got eaten by the walkers. I think I liked that tiger than the king guy.
  8. 小龍寶 YUM! Edit: The literal meaning of those words is "small dragon bread." Kinda funny.
  9. Oh, sorry. CSB needs to have a whisky then. Apparently I should pour myself one right now as well.
  10. TJ doesn't look happy in that pic. She would be happy if she was holding a whisky though.
  11. kevo_55

    It's Friday!!!!

    Finally it's Friday!!
  12. Touching the seatback in front of you when you get up! Why not touch your own headrest of your seat or better yet, grab on the armrest to help you get out of your chair? Sorry, but I'm a flying Madonna. And yes, the vomit nightmare is my nightmare. Never heard of that happening but it very well could happen.
  13. kevo_55

    Kids of EB

    LOL. Mini-kevo has some shark teeth. I'm sure that braces will be in her future in like 6 or 7 years.