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  1. It's a Canadian syfi drama. It's set in Seattle but you can tell it's filmed in Victoria.
  2. ^^ It's an ok show. The first couple seasons are the best. I stopped watching after season 4. It just got dumb and too Canadian for me.
  3. kevo_55

    Email from NCEES

    Let the f bombs in this thread fly!!!
  4. If the test states to use the 2nd edition then you should really use the 2nd edition. Besides, the 3rd edition is a paperback book. Sure it has updated examples to the latest specifications as well as the MTBF examples, but I honestly do miss the hard cover.
  5. Finally completed the last season of GOT last night. I'm so disappointed. I think season 2 of Westworld will be next.
  6. They never showed Hopper's body. He'll show up in season 4.
  7. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Wat no drunk posts? I'm disappointed.
  9. Happy Friday everyone!
  10. Can botox make your whole body look younger? Still, it looks like a pretty good movie.
  11. We have a whirlpool french door fridge at my house. I think it works ok. Shutting the door with the folding seal is kinda weird though. If the doors don't seal, the fridge will warn you too.
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