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  1. What does the Fox say?

    Well, it happened. My Nexus 5X starting to do the "boot loop" issue with these phones yesterday. I chatted with Google and in doing the complete factory wipe, it was evident that it was a hardware issue. So, I was referred to LG. LG simply said that I could have it shipped to them and pay $20 to see if they will fix it or not. So, since it lasted 2 whole years I just bought a Pixel 2. Now, I get to be without a cell phone for 2-3 weeks.
  2. Happy Birthday Ble

    Happy birthday Ble!!!!
  3. What does the Fox say?

    Why go to Best buy when you can just get it from Amazon cheaper?
  4. What does the Fox say?

    My Google Nexus 5x upgraded to Oreo. It's not too different than Android 7.X. I am thinking that my phone will mysteriously stop working in the next 6 months so I will be buying a Pixel 2 as well.
  5. Happy Birthday engineergurl!

    HBD EG!
  6. NFL 2017

    Too soon?
  7. LinkedIn Protips

  8. Bagels

    Best bagels are hands down in NYC. But back on topic, HILTI gives us free fasteners. I may have used a few of them around the house.
  9. WTF Happened in Vegas?!

    The whole situation is sad. RIP.
  10. You forgot "peanuts."
  11. Make sure that you have a box for "peanuts" as an option in your poll.
  12. Happy birthday, Sschell!

    Happy birthday bud!
  13. Happy birthday, P-E!

    Happy birthday!!
  14. ^^ I signed up via google play. I was able to cancel my service in my play account. I'm sure Amazon does the same thing.
  15. So glad I did the free 1 month trial of HBO Now. We got caught up with GOT and watched the first season of Westworld. Also, I think Westworld jumped the shark after episode 7.