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  1. kevo_55

    Kids of EB

    All kidding aside, congrats NJ! (Pun not intended.)
  2. kevo_55

    Kids of EB

    ^^ Whoops?
  3. Truck stop? That's not mayo....
  4. kevo_55

    Christmas gifts /

    I've been thinking about that Ring/Nest doorbell camera as well. I haven't pulled the trigger simply because of the region that I live in. I don't think think those cameras can take several winters of -15 to -20 nights. I'm really curious on how they work in the cold though.
  5. kevo_55

    Results From October SE?

    It's not if, it is when. All I can say is that a ordinary engineer in MN can do this stuff, anyone can. It's tricky, but there is a method to this madness.
  6. kevo_55

    Results From October SE?

    @SEStress Don't feel down on how you did. Learn from this and keep studying. This is the hardest of all of the exams. Take it in the spring and give this exam a run for it's money! YOU WILL PASS. I believe that you can. Oh and that wasn't KF. That was me. No harm done in the end. We are cool.
  7. kevo_55

    Random Topics 3.1

  8. kevo_55

    Christmas gifts /

    My wife and I got our daughter one of these: It's sad but I don't even know what this really is. Apparently it's the thing that all 7 year old girls want though.
  9. kevo_55

    Results From October SE?

    Please play nice.
  10. kevo_55

    The Baking Thread

    TY Google: https://www.blogger.com
  11. kevo_55

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Doppelganger! Edit: Ok, there is my one post in here.
  12. kevo_55

    Oct. 2018 PE Exam Results will come out ------

    Be careful what you wish for. Results are coming!!
  13. kevo_55

    The Baking Thread