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  1. If we accept MP's statement this wouldn't help. There is no way to write this problem clearly. Or to commuinicate at all. Everything is based on mutually agreed upon symbology and open to interpretation. 2+2 can equal anything if I don't accept the "mutually agreed upon" meaning of the symbol "2" or the symbol "+". At what point does it become ridiculous? The only thing that matters is what the boss thinks.
  2. Let's hold a poll. THat's the best way to solve math problems.
  3. sin(X + Y) = sinx + y ? sin(0+0) = sin0 + 0 = 0 + 0 = 0 = sin(0). That proves it, right? I may have located a technical explanation -
  4. You're right. To start with, I messed up the RMS conversion. But I oversimplified the design anyway. Since I'm obviosuly very rusty I googled it and came up with this, which agrees with what you say above. So I'm not sure where the 2 came from.
  5. For the first question, I think the 169.7 is the p-p voltage, and for the full wave rectifier you plan using only the peak voltage so they divide it by 2. Is that a possiblity? Apparently the ripple frequency for a full wave rectifier is twice the line frequency. So the f in the equation would be 120 or 2 x 60.
  6. Here's a rough cut calculator - of course most people have different deductions - http://www.bankrate....?ec_id=Tweet101
  7. Okay, I don't intend this to be for debate on the merits. No politics please, that's why I didn't post it there. I'm just interested in how much everyone else thinks they will be affected by the seemingly inevitable plunge. I get paid monthly. Between the expiration of the payroll tax and the increase in marginal rates I estimate I'll be taking home around $600 less each month (I hope it's not more). That's not counting what I'll lose on dividend income or if the market tanks. That hurts, honestly. Oh well. I do have a raise coming, and we'll probably get off these furloughs we're on in July so maybe it'll be okay.
  8. THey should have just gone to oneof those pay-day loan places, or better yet the mob and pay the vig.
  9. Lots of places would probably be glad to hire you. Starting with military contractors like Raytheon, Boeing, Loral, etc. Beyond that any electronics company that deals with communications - Qualcomm comes ot mind but there are many.
  10. I hate to break it to you, but protestors are arrested all the time. Legally and correctly so. In many cases they want to be arrested. You are not allowed to chain yourself to the gate of a nuclear plant and impede ingress and egress, or to "occupy" somebody's private office. Just like there are limits to where the reverend Fred Phelps can take his band of real haters, there are lmitis to how and where anyone can protest. You have the right to free speech but you don't have the right to disrupt business on private property, or place other people in harms ways as a result of your protest. Many of the "Occupy" movement protestors were ultimately required to move their ridiculous encampments. THank God because I had to pass by a huge smelly obnoxious one every day for a while. I deal with protestors in front of my building virtually weekly, many I stop to talk to or take papers from. But some are really annoying and get away with a lot but they are not allowed to prevent us from entering or intimidate us. We are allowed to do our work. In the case of people maknig out in a Chick Fila - I don't think Chick Fila indicated they would do anythig about it. As long as the gay couples were not doing anything really lewd I can't see how they could be kicked out. If couples, gay or straight,, do something really offensive I think there is a point where the restaurant can ask them to leave. I'm not sure of the legality. But there is a point I'm sure. I just think they have to treat both gay and straight equally.
  11. Well, up the street from us there was a remarkable showing of appreciation for free speech rights- http://www.huffingto..._n_1738807.html I love the way this guy characterizes the tagging. "It's just paint". Hey, it's private property. It reminds me of the "Stop the Church" incident when a group of gay and wpomen's rights activists disrupted services at a church in New York - going in and tearing up a bunch of stuff in the church. not to mention desecrating sacred observances which are at least improtant to the people in the church. They filmed this and PBS was going to air it, not as an example of what not to do, but in a supportive manner. I was a regular donor to the local PBS statiion up until then, and quit. Boy, did they kiss my ass trying to get my donations back (and it wasn't really that much). It was a vile film depicting a particularly nasty act in a positive light, but even so I was fine with them showing it. Even on government sponsored TV. I just wasn't going to support it.
  12. ^^^ He did it in the name of anti-religion. He stated so. He persecuted the Russian Orthodox Church mercilessly. His goal was to wipe it out. Besides, it doesn't matter. I'm arguing that evil comes from the human psyche, regardless of the presence or absence of religion. It's only atheists who just can't help themselves but bring up their "religion" in every discussion, painting a broad brush and insulting every decent religious person who helps out in food banks and schools and at hospitals around the world, both by financial support and donation of time. The implied superiority is exceedingly annoying. And who cares about Buddhas and Pyramids anyway? Those are basically religious symbols. If there was an ACLU in those days they wouldn't have been able to construct them anyway.
  13. Yeah, that atheist sweetie Joe Stalin had the right idea.
  14. MS - Thanks. That means a lot coming (no pun intended) from a fellow whose intellectual colloquy includes a jerk-off smiley. Wil- I suspect I actually agree more with you than with Aaron Sorkin.
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