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  1. Love them. I have one at a tailgate for college football season every year. I'm drooling thinking about it.
  2. Heroin. I was in the mood for Nirvana a while back and found this on Youtube. Good watch. >
  3. Imagine being a lawyer... and moonlighting as a cover band. This guy's voice is spectacular. I so want to be able to do this. I would 'retire' immediately and play cover music all week long... Sadly my voice sounds like a cat with a cold, and I can't play guitar for shit. Still amazing to listen to, recommend flipping thru their list. > ** testing to see if I can post a playlist with youtube tags. nope, go here for playlist: click view in youtube and add the following after to see playlist: list=PL845994CC6663ADB6
  4. Bump. Hope we can pull off an upset at UGA. They have already announced Mizzou/Florida is at 11:30AM. Frack. I wanted to do a shrimp boil, but I'm not getting up at the crack of dawn to do that for an 11AM type game. Hell, I'll barely be buzzed.
  5. Yep. Can't remember what it was you said, but sounded good when I read it.
  6. Happy Birthday Snick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. TouchDown

    Got Ink?

    RG, that sounds awesome. For anyone that might have like a 1/4 sleeve (shoulder to that bicep at short sleeve length)... was looking at estimates, and it was going to run $600. Sound reasonable?
  8. HA. Feel for you Dex. My wife / daughter have done the whole big eye, sob story, etc. My daughter volunteers at our local Humane Society. After going there for about 3 months, and knowing others who do this, they "convinced" me that we could foster cats until they found a home. We already have 2 other cats and one of them is a chronic pee/poop wherever he pleases when he gets irritated at anything. I've broken off my foot in his ass more than once. he's past his expiration date but still hangs around. Well, my "agreement" was that they could do it as long as I'm NOT INVOLVED. EVER. AGAIN. I was never a cat person, the one's we have are not my cats, and since about 13 years ago when my wife was pregnant, I took over the litter duty to never give it up. Let's just say I'm tired of cat shit. At one point we have had > 10 total cats in the house (we have a mother and litter - because as my wife put it, "the kids will learn so much about babies"). Again, as long as it doesn't impact me - I'm OK. Over the last week, I've had to clean up the basement bathtub because one of the fosters has decided to use it as a litterbox. Since no one else was around that day, and I was close to vomiting UPSTAIRS, I had to do something. Good luck Dex.
  9. we're alternating between Rams, Chiefs, Cardinals, and Bristol. The remote may die tonight.
  10. Yeah, I haven't been able to stomach tequila after my 21st birthday. THought I was gonna die. The sorghum does make it a sweet beer, which I like. I used to enjoy like a dark / red - Killians type of beer, or even a good hoppy wheat. Then my joints acted like I was 80 and changing my diet seemed to help, so I'm about a year into "avoiding" gluten and I don't miss it... I miss beer.
  11. Gluten Free beer. Not quite as good as leaded - but Redbridge is not a bad ale.
  12. TouchDown

    Got Ink?

    yeah. thing is, by the time my skin is saggin.. I won't give a flying F%$#.
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