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  1. Will start the second season of The Sinner soon.
  2. Watched the finale of Stranger Things 3 last night.
  3. Took some cayenne and Thai chili peppers last night and made up a jar of hot pepper sauce. It might be a tad hot. We'll see...
  4. It's been so hot here that I have had to pull out dead / dying plants....
  5. Water. Container vegetables demand more water than in-ground. At least that's been my experience.
  6. Ktulu, I have a quick question for you. I was just reading a post from you from 10 years ago about how you passed on the 5th try and took school of PE as a review course. I just found out i failed on my 4th try and I'm feeling the usual discouraged and grumpy emotions. I was wondering, at school of PE, which one did you take? On-Demand, online, or live in classroom? I am also thinking about signing up for school of PE, but I just wanted to know which rendition helped for you. Thanks!

  7. The Kratky hydroponic method seems to be the easiest for beginners.
  8. Plant it in a pot and not in the ground. It will take over.
  9. My Early Jalapeno's are starting to produce. Won't be long now. I plan on making a bunch of pickled jalapeno rings.
  10. Premier Protein bar (30g of protein) and coffee.
  11. I have our garden in the ground and things are growing well. Had an outstanding crop of lettuce this year - think I had 8 different Romaine varieties, broccoli did well, cauliflower so-so. Grew bok choy for the first time this winter - love the flavor so will definitely grow more this Fall. Have cabbage under row cover now. Hoping they head before the 90F heat sets in. Have multiple varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squash/zukes, cucumbers growing in plots spread around (my yard, the neighbor's yard, AU community garden). Also have a few okra plants growing. Watermelon and cantaloupe seedlings getting close to planting.
  12. Watching the new season of Bosch on Amazon. Read all the books so I am enjoying the show. Recently finished Sinner on Netflix. Season 2 should be out this summer.
  13. Just finished "Haunting of Hill House" last night. Going to watch "Homecoming" on Amazon Prime when it is released. We listened to the podcast and enjoyed it.
  14. Overall, our garden had mixed results. Cukes were disappointing, but I just sowed a second planting so maybe a little better weather consistency will help. One type tomato exploded, but a second type did not. Squash and zukes were so/so, but I also just planted a second crop. Peppers were crowded by the cukes, so since I removed the cukes, the peppers have taken off. I had extra peppers and tomato transplants, so I threw them in my neighbor's garden - they are taking off. Thinking of starting some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings to plant in about a month. Lettuce and spinach when temps fall a bit.
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