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  1. The harvest is about to start exploding. The garden photo was taken from my neighbor's back patio.
  2. The harvest has begun. Have brought in bell, banana, and jalapeno peppers. And my sunflowers are starting to explode. Will have zucchini by the end of next week.
  3. Our 20-year old college student told us the other day that he had never seen TITANIC. We watched it last night.
  4. Just finished Season 6 of Bosch, on Amazon TV. I have read every book, so I have really enjoyed the TV series. Season 7 is the final season.
  5. Yeah everything is either producing fruit or flowering now. Peppers should be a little larger than what they are but the 6-7 nights in the 40's over the last few weeks didn't help them any.
  6. These photos are from two weeks ago. Things are growing nicely. Sunflowers are about 6-7 feet tall. Everything grown from seed.
  7. Yeah her birthday is Saturday. Knew they were only a few days apart.
  8. I remember when @FLBuff PE started this thread; we were both getting ready to become fathers to girls. Cannot believe they are about to turn 12!
  9. The General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge, more commonly known locally as the "Dolly Parton Bridge" - The bridge has red warning lights atop the parallel support arches which, when combined with the shape of the supporting arches when approached from certain directions, have caused the bridge to gain the nickname "The Dolly Parton Bridge". Interstate 65 across the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta northeast of the U.S. city of Mobile, Alabama
  10. Got most of my Fall garden planted this past weekend. Bok Choy, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and spinach. Have lettuce seeded indoors but they're being a pain and not germinating. Have two pepper plants still producing that I left in the garden.
  11. Watched the finale of Stranger Things 3 last night.
  12. Took some cayenne and Thai chili peppers last night and made up a jar of hot pepper sauce. It might be a tad hot. We'll see...
  13. It's been so hot here that I have had to pull out dead / dying plants....
  14. Water. Container vegetables demand more water than in-ground. At least that's been my experience.
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