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  1. Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I'm getting so old I was even late to my own birthday thread. :\
  2. These are a friend's photos of the totality. That's really what it looks like, no filters or camera tricks. The difference between 98% and 100% is indescribable. Believe me, I was a skeptic and this morning when I saw all the traffic I kind of thought since we'd get 98% here at home that it probably wouldn't be worth it to see 100%. I was so wrong. It's incredible to look up at the "sun" and look directly at it (without glasses) and to see the corona around the moon is mesmerizing. It looks like the moon is on fire. It's just crazy to see. And to see stars in the middle of the day. It's really crazy.
  3. Yea, sticking to the interstate the whole way up would have been miserable. Fortunately we were off on country roads and were moving. Driving through cow pastures and small towns is at least interesting even if it's the long way to go. We stopped just south of the GA/SC border, so we were on the southern side of the totality, and once it was over hopped quickly back on the road heading south to get ahead of the rest of the folks who were north of us and heading back to town. Only took us an hour to get back home.
  4. I took the day off and drove up to the Georgia-South Carolina border (normally only an hour north of Atlanta) to see the totality. It took us closer to 2 hours to get there. Waze took us the scenic route taking backroads so the drive wasn't terrible. Taking the day off and driving 3 hours (2 up and 1 back down) was totally worth it. Totality is really cool. The lead up to the eclipse is cool, but it's nothing compared to being able to look directly at the sun (with no glasses) during the full eclipse and seeing the corona around the moon. Crazy. In some respects I sort of wish I'd taken my DSLR so I could have tried to take some pictures, but I'm also glad I wasn't messing with my camera during the full eclipse because it only lasted a minute and it was really cool to watch. It's an experience I'm glad I took the time to enjoy and would totally do it again given the opportunity.
  5. ...says the person with the dancing Hermione Granger avatar.
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