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  1. Yes! Wait... This is some sort of trick to suck me until this thread isn't it?
  2. Hmmm... Edit: is this a word? Trying to stay legit
  3. Yes! Thank you. Omega has a furnace cable that will work. There is also ceramic insulation for some of the bare leads.
  4. Uhhh... Just couldn't stay away! Yep. Spam cannons set to high quantity and very very low quality. Que theme music from Princess Bride... True love is like a story book story...
  5. Thanks! The highest rated connectors I can find on omega are 650deg C. Those may have to do the trick! I am planning to use ceramtec isolators on my process connections, but can't find anything in terms of electrical connectors. It's a ceramic membrane oxygen concentrator. See... I'm so mechanical, I leave out "details" like phase and frequency... The heater will be 120 single phase 50 Hz (I know it's weird). The process itself requires 30A at 6VDC.
  6. Electrical dudes and dudettes ! I need help. I am working on a design of a system which includes a furnace. The furnace operates around 700°C. I would like the electrical connections to the 250W heaters to be inside the furnace (solves a whole slew of other problems). Anyone have a good lead for electrical connectors rated to this temp? Thanks! Yes yes yes, I know, us mechanical guys should keep away from the electrical stuff... Believe me I would if it were an option right now!
  7. Oh boy... where to start? I've been pretty busy.
  8. Well hello EB people. so who here has been around long enough to remember this dude? <---------
  9. Shit. I've been away from this board for a long time. I did not know. I don't know what to say. So sad.
  10. weird... I was checking the mail when I got my results.
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