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  1. Hahahaha!!! My husband just informed me that he’s on Nextdoor and there was some shit going on in the neighborhood tonight. Who knows what. I’ve never heard of it before.
  2. Ah I remember the anxiety... hang in there USC
  3. What?! No results come out until this is finished. Don’t they know that?
  4. The worst year for trolls is whatever year you took it in.
  5. I love strava just because of all the data you can geek out on. Thats a cool article, but i think their conclusion is wrong - the incease in number of runners doesnt necessarily mean running is getting more popular, it could just mean strava is getting more popular.
  6. I don’t understand millennial.
  7. I should have started dinner before I started wine
  8. Also I got a grilled cheese the other day and it came with tomatoes and apples!! WITH NO WARNING! Who does that?!
  9. Thats an epic grilled cheese rant! Too bad you didnt spread it over 100 posts.
  10. Now $40 million doesn’t even seem worth buying a ticket.
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