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  1. And whenever I used an equation, I would label the units for each variable. So if I flipped to an equation, everything was clearly labeled. L in stations, h in feet, A in acres, etc. Also, I had noted if I had used (or nearly used) an equation incorrectly before. Quick, short notes like, "DO NOT USE FOR..." or "BE SURE THAT..." Again, one of the challenges of the Transportation depth is the high number of references and finding everything quickly ... then not having to reread and relearn. Not only does it take longer but if you're like me, there's only so much reading and thinking you can do in 8 hours. Working problems twice and scanning through text to relearn how to use an equation is extra, unnecessary effort. The test is long enough without making more work for yourself.
  2. Perhaps my smartest move was keeping a master index of every practice question I did, alphabetic by keyword. Say there was a question about warrants... I could turn to my master index and it would tell me the textbook and sheet number for every warrants problem I did. (Many questions were in the index two or three times, under different keywords). Easier than saying, "Where the h3ll did I see that question?" With all the references for transportation, you don't have time to search.
  3. I did a MS in construction management with a concentration in public policy. 21 credits of CM and 12 credits of public policy / administration I am now taking a couple MBA classes per year. I have to do continuing ed anyway and the firm pays for it. MBAs can vary a lot. For example, a high school friend of mine did an engineering undergrad and then an MBA from an elite business school. He's now CFO for a firm in NYC. Makes big cheese but he's not doing any science anymore. Also, a top MBA program might be nearly 50 credits plus (as an engineering undergrad) you might have to do "collateral" undergrad business classes before you are admitted. MBA program that I am in is online from ENMU-Portales. Decent accreditation... only 30 credits ... collaterals were minimal... about $300 per credit for non-residents
  4. "Errors and omissions" insurance, commonly called "E and O" And yes, most good firms provide it.
  5. I worked for a township and inspected sewer pipe under pressure. 50 LF of 6" is a small volume. It would be tough to pressure test. If the plug on either end leaks even a little bit, the test will fail because it doesn't take much leakage to drop pressure in such a small volume. (Not like 300-400 LF of 8" main, which is pretty standard). Also the inspector should require you to test at a higher pressure if there is groundwater above the pipe.
  6. "Well it's one louder, isn't it? It's not ten. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing at ten. You're on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're at ten on your guitar. Where can you go from there? Where?" - Nigel Tufnel
  7. Animal Cruelty Posts: It is disgusting and a shame. But I don't visit Facebook to get disgusted. Political Parrots: We know you are a blind follower of Party X in every way. So you don't need to share anything that party posts, much less everything they post.
  8. I am not a transportation guy but I did the transportation PM, back in the old days. 1) I enrolled in a review class but they cancelled the Lansing section and offered a spot in Cleveland instead. I declined. 2) I only knew one guy taking the exam when I did. But he was on his third attempt and was doing water resources so we did not study together. 3-12) A lot of the transportation challenge is procuring the references and learning where everything can be quickly referenced. It is great to have as many references as possible IF you can find everything quickly. If you cannot then the extra references will only slow and frustrate you. I made a master index of every practice question I did. So if I got a question on Atterberg limits, I would look in my index and it would tell me the book and page for the Atterberg problems that I did. As a result, I flew through the AM section in about 90 minutes. 13) I started studying about a year after graduation. I knew I was doing transportation and recognized I had a lot to learn. Note: If I had to retake the PE now, I would do construction. Construction management is my grad degree.
  9. Only a 6.5 from the Russian judge
  10. The way I remember it from grad school: Incorporation is the safest but you are essentially double taxed (revenue going into the corporation is taxed and then your salary is taxed). "Going it alone" avoids the double taxation but then you have little protection of personal assets. LLC is a compromise of the two. But yeah, checking with an attorney is money well spent in this case.
  11. If you are going with a Pinzgauer, go with the six-wheel version. Don't go halfway.
  12. I couldn't figure out why my first PE boss did everything but structural work. He said, "When you make mistakes with structural stuff, it's always in the news."
  13. Imagine how they felt when they climbed out of the manhole and their getaway driver was not there. If there is one time in your life that you want your ride to show up, that is it.
  14. I hate going to bed when it's 82 with the AC on, then waking up around 6am when it's 50 outside and still 72 inside. It would be ideal if the AC would go off and the windows would open themselves about midnight-2am. I need a Jetson house.
  15. I don't care about soccer. If they played the World Cup at my house, I wouldn't watch. But the Qatar choice is comical: No existing stadiums No soccer tradition Too hot to play games in the summer Alcohol sales are generally not allowed Approximately 4,000 people will be killed during stadium construction That's not to mention Qatar's terrible record regarding the rights of women and homosexuals. But despite all that, FIFA officials went with Qatar over England and the U.S. for some rea$on.
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