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  1. The Chazen Companies (www.chazencompanies.com) has an immediate opportunity for a Civil Engineer in either our Poughkeepsie OR White Plains offices. We're growing!! Responsibilities include Technical Design and/ or project management for public and private clients, development of creative and constructible design solutions; preparation of inventory assessments, analyses and reports, development of detailed site and grading plans, erosion and sediment control plans, storm water management design; and construction detailing and specifications. Project Management responsibilities include
  2. I'm back...

    1. knight1fox3


      Impossible. We just sent you to the FUTURE!

  3. I'm already thinking about what wonderful leftovers I'll be having for lunch tomorrow... P.S. - screw the calculation booklet...lunch is much more interesting
  4. I had some mexican rice/steak/cheese stuff that the gf made on Valentine's Day... ...just as delicious today as it was on Sunday!
  5. Well, we've discussed this topic before, but I'll add my 2 cents... I have three: - a tasmania devil on my right calf (done in high school) - a pair of hearts on my chest with my wife's name in them...it looks pretty cool, and it was done by a Chinese guy free hand - some tribal on my left forearm My oldest daughter got her first one (a butterfly on her right ankle) when she was 17, she asked me to take her and I said "Oh hell yeah!!", j/k, I figured that she was going off to college and she was going to get one if she wanted it anyway. So we jumped in the car and I took her. (T
  6. I'm always happy at work!

  7. You look so happy in your picture! :)

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