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    Movie thread

    Sorry for creating a new one ... but the old one is so far off the page, I can't bother looking for it. I saw "True Grit" last night. I loved every minute of it. It was fantastic. Jeff Bridges is not John Wayne, but then again he is a far better actor than John Wayne was, who pretty much played every character as John Wayne. Bridges transformed himself into Rooster Cogburn, a drunk, disheveled, and completely believable character.
  2. Dleg

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    Why does the guy in the main picture look like he just got caught doing something he should be doing?
  3. I don't think it's a pass/fail kind of thing. Depending on your ambitions, a high score can make a difference with the school of your choice. I was rejected by my high-end choice at the time (I deferred grad school then went again later to a school that didn't require the GRE) I also disagree that you won't need to practice the math just because you're an engineer. How many of us do long division without a calculator? I admit it's been a while since i took it, but calculators weren't allowed. Plus, how many of us really do any form of "math" aside from spreadsheets and plug and chug? Practice will help on the exam. I don't know if they still have it, but when I took it the "analytical" section was puzzle-like problems that definitely responded well to practice, just to get used to the format and style of puzzles, which weren't like anything I see on a day to day basis as an engineer.
  4. Dleg

    Flat Earthers

    I've been hearing about these wackos over the past couple years, and recently discovered that a pharmacist I know believes in this shit whole heartedly. He constantly posts on Facebook about it, and uses all sorts of flawed mathematics that he clearly doesn't understand to try to justify it. Nothing will convince him otherwise. What disturbs me most (aside from the movement starting in my home state of Colorado, and apparently headed in part by an engineer) is how this illustrates a poisoning of thought, where people start to genuinely doubt science yet believe in the most improbable, massive conspiracies, all fed by manipulative messages that you can't trust scientists, educated people, professionals, etc. because they must be personally benefitting from it. The Flat Earthers may seem to be the most idiotic of these groups, but the basic tenets underlying their rejection of science are the same as those behind the anti vaccination movement and - yes - climate change denial as well as anti-evolutionism. Because these other erroneous schools of thought were viewed as slightly less absurd and even socially advantageous (in certain religious or political circles), enough people are apparently willing to apply the same level of doubt and skepticism to any number of other scientific theories and fact, especially if it begins to seem popular to do so within their social groups. I'm worried that the Flat Earthers are just the beginning of a potentially catastrophic expansion of this type of thinking. The start of another Dark Ages, where progress stalls because science becomes distrusted or even illegal in favor of religion, superstition, and mob rule. While I personally believe that religion can coexist with science, as it has for the past few hundred years, I do think that we've been too weak and tolerant in our response to anti vaxxers, creationists and the like, and if we don't start to more vigorously stand up for science and fact, we could very well be condemning our descendants to a much lower quality of life, and eventually threatening our own science-based profession. http://secondnexus.com/technology-and-innovation/flat-earth-society/?utm_content=inf_10_1164_2&tse_id=INF_230818c094c911e7aba2ffcf7683ccd7
  5. Dleg

    Flat Earthers

    Uprooting trees, shrubs, and flowers.
  6. Dleg

    Flat Earthers

    And there was much rejoicing!
  7. I don't think you need to spend more than a couple of weeks studying for the GRE. It's been many years since I took it and I know the format has changed a couple of times, but I do remember getting some benefit from practicing some of the problem types, refreshing my basic math skills, and doing some vocabulary work. But depending on the school, your GRE scores might not matter all that much.
  8. Dleg

    Not really politics

    I'm sorry, sort of political in nature, but the write up is just too funny not to share: article link
  9. Dleg

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    Wow, you turned this one down?
  10. Dleg

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    Exactly. I stayed away for that same reason!