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  1. What a bunch of bullshit. The kid can't graduate in time to beat the Guinness World Record, so his parents pull him from the program and start talking conspiracy. As I said from the beginning, that kid is going to become one seriously f'd up adult.
  2. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Yeah, it was disappointingly forgettable for a movie that looked so cool in the previews. I did like the moon buggy chase, though.
  3. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    When I was a kid my parents convinced me that shoveling paths for the dog was fun. And it was. I would shovel a maze into the back yard and then watch as the dog got lost and frustrated.
  4. Welcome back NC! Glad to see you remember your log-on info. And that you weren't deleted in one of the purges (can't remember which Mod was responsible, or if just Road Guy). Several new jobs for me! New choices in work wear, as well.
  5. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    This is my evenings, every other day. Not too much time: about a minute of prep, another minute of wrestling and poking, and then about 5 minutes to give her 150 ml. Except that on some nights she licks the needle out, or it falls out, and then we go into the struggles. And that's when I end up with the needle sticks and the cat AIDS.
  6. Yeah I have something like 240 hours into the game and still have over a dozen question marks in the Novigrad/Velen region, and at least that many again around the Skellige islands. I recently picked up one of the Assassin's Creed games (Origins?) for cheap, plus Battlefield V. I might play those, but The Witcher has kind of spoiled me now. Not sure I will be able to get into those other games as well. I've started many games over the past decade or so, but TW3 was the first that I felt compelled to finish. Plus i am finishing the last Witcher book now (Season of Storms) and getting geared up for the Netflix series. So it is looking more and more like another Witcher playthrough.
  7. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Did you see last year's documentary about him? Can't remember the name. I saw it at a second-run bar/theater in Alaska last year over several high quality beers. Which I cried in.
  8. Dleg

    Movie thread

    I was forced to sit through Frozen II this weekend. It was about what I expected it would be. No surprises, pleasantly or otherwise. Just 2 hours of my life that I won't ever get back. Later that evening we rented "The Peanut Butter Falcon" on Amazon Prime. Very good movie. If you haven't heard of it (and you probably haven't) it stars Shia LeBeef (or whatever) and the 50 Shades of Gray girl (Dakota Johnson), in a Mark Twain-ish odyssey about a Downs Syndrome man who is trying to get to a cut-rate professional wrestling school that he saw advertised in VHS tapes that he obsessively watches. It's not without its faults, but it's really well done and good for family viewing, and might restore just a little bit of hope in humanity for you.
  9. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    Yeah. I've figured that one out. The vet suggested some hormone injections I would have bring her on weekly for, and also mentioned the possibility of feline leukemia or a tumor, and I made sure to tell her exactly what you said. She's 16 years old, I'm not willing to go that far to extend her life etc. But the good news is the new antibiotic seems to be working. She's back to her normal Happy self recently.
  10. Finished The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC over two nights of concentrated playing. Not as good a story as Hearts of Stone, but some pretty good story branching based on how you decide to act on the plot twist involving Detlaff's girlfriend. I ended up with the so-called "good" ending where the sisters make up at the end and Regis has to leave, but I wish i had saved appropriately so I could go back and try for the more direct approach, and meet the Unseen Elder. Anyhow, not sure what to do now. There's still a handful of side quests and places of interest scattered throughout the various game regions, and some witcher gear I want to build. But not sure how much more I want to put into it before starting another playthrough on New Game +. Plus I was given a Nintendo Switch recently with The Witcher on it, so I am looking forward to starting another playthrough on that, for travel purposes.
  11. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    The vet keeps finding new and fairly reasonable ways to keep my 16 year old cat alive. But the bills are piling up and so is the stress. We're already giving her subcutaneous fluids every 2 days, which is a fair amount of work and of course the cat hates it. About $150 a month in supplies and not much fun for me, either. Stabbed myself deep in the thumb last night with her needle, after it had already fallen out of her. Good thing she tested negative for FIV, or I'd have cat AIDS! Then this past week we started her on a second type of antibiotic to try to kill off a UTI that didn't respond to the first. And of course the antibiotics made her poop soft, so she tracks it around the house on her ass fur. So all the couches now have old sheets on them to keep the ... sheet off the upholstery. To be honest, every time I have taken her to the vet with a new ailment, a part of me has expected and even slightly hoped for them to give me the "you need to make a decision" speech, but she is still doing fairly well and apparently enjoying life still, so I keep forking out the money and the effort to keep her alive.
  12. Dleg

    Movie thread

    I forced the family to go watch Ford vs. Ferrari with me this weekend. Best movie I have seen in quite a while! I recommend it, even if you're not interested in the cars. It has great characters, a very satisfying human story, and very exciting racing action.
  13. Then there's this: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tesla-pickup/teslas-electric-pickup-truck-flouts-convention-with-angular-design-and-armored-glass-idUSKBN1XW0BT Which I actually sorta like...
  14. Same boat here. I collected all the Grandmaster Ursine diagrams then realized I never finished finding the others. I'll probably go back and get those after I finish the main story, to stock my stash for a New Game + replay. I've got the GM Wolven, Griffin, and Manticore sets. But those are all medium armor so there's not much that distinguishes them other than appearance. Got them on display at my manor, though! Plus the Viper gear from Hearts of Stone.
  15. PS4. It's the timing I can't get. I've got the slow motion, lean to the correct side, but most of the time I miss. The crossbow is better, but sometimes I ride off a bridge or something stupid in the process and then it's basically over.
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