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  1. Once again, that's a cool job that you've got, with some pretty impressive impact.
  2. Good God.... what's the recourse for stuff like that? Is there some regulatory body? or is it just a matter of how many insurance payouts the company is willing to cover? Were any fatalities or injuries involved??
  3. Florida man breaks into restaurant, strips naked, eats noodles, plays bongos
  4. Maybe I am late to the party, but I just found out that Netflix will be starting the Witcher as one of it's new series at the end of the year, with Henry Cavill (Superman) as Geralt. Based on the books, not the games, and shot in Hungary for the outdoor portions. Sounds like it might be pretty decent.
  5. I went back to the first area (White Orchard) and started taking all the side quests to get more points and loot more junk. So far it's worked out pretty well, but I am still at Level 3. I'll get back on the trail soon with the main story. But again, it's cool reading the book and knowing who Ciri is and what she means to Geralt.
  6. Late to the game too, but I started playing Witcher 3 last month. I don't get much time at it so I haven't gotten too far, and I don't know what level I am yet. All I know is I took a side quest to find some dude's brother and ended up in some shitty mine where a giant spider keeps killing me. But the really cool thing is I started reading the books, on the recommendation of a friend, and that has really made the game seem so much more immersive, and given me the right mindset/ethics etc needed to "be" Geralt, and to appreciate his friends etc.
  7. I've lived in some pretty third-worldy places and being an engineer IS a status job. It just doesn't seem like it in US suburbia, where the differences aren't as noticeable. I'll try to be a little more diplomatic than the others: if your original engineering degree didn't work out, you still have an engineering degree and you can move into other engineering jobs. I know plenty of engineers who are working and licensed in branches of engineering that are different than their degree, including me. Yes you might have to start off near the bottom again, but a seasoned engineer will learn the ropes and rise faster than a new graduate. Seen it and done it.
  8. Dleg

    Movie thread

    And then one at the theater this weekend: 6. Detective Pikachu: A moderately strange, muddled mess of a movie. I honestly did not understand parts of what happened at the end. I mean I understood the end of the movie, but not what was happening (or why) with the main villain and his evil plan. As many of the professional reviewers have said, there was SO much potential with the weirdness and Ryan Reynolds and everything.... but they were probably limited by the Pokemon people and had to stick with it's world structure too much and not allowed to fully explore the absurdities which could have made for a thoroughly entertaining film.... but ultimately did not. I do not recommend, unless you are a Pokemon fan, or you live with one, in which case it's probably the most tolerable of the Pokemon movies I have seen. Which is not saying much, at all.
  9. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Two more movies on the plane (did a lot more reading this time): 4. Vice: the Dick Cheney biopic starring an amazing fat and convincing Christian bale; shittier than I expected. The "creative" moments just got in the way and were distracting more than they were helpful to telling the story. Also seemed a bit too preachy and definitely had an obvious, in your face political objective that I was not at all surprised by, but seemed really in-your-face when they could have just stuck to the basic facts and probably better achieved their objective. The core human aspects of the story were neglected aside from the relationship between Cheney and his daughter, which was the emotional and principal highlight of the film, especially the last act. Overall, I would not recommend. 5. Bohemian Rhapsody: A welcome break after Vice. I don't know all that much of the true story of Queen, but I loved the depiction of the band as a bunch of hard core nerds (astrophysicist, dentist, electrical engineer) and decent family folk, and the "family" relationship between all of them. The guy who played Freddy Mercury was very convincing. Overall, I would recommend, but only if you don't have anything you're not more interested in, and only if you're ready for another more or less standard rock band story.
  10. Shit, so the monacle and cane I got with my NSPE was just BS?
  11. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Three movies on the plane today (so far). Thank God for noise cancelling headphones. 1. They Shall Not Grow Old. Or something along those lines. Peter Jackson's WWI documentary. Pretty good. Almost required watching, focused exclusively on the war from the point of view of the British soldier, told in their own words through original interview recordings and beautifully colorized film. WWII may have created the Greatest Generation, but these guys were tough as nails. 2. Bad Times at the El Dorado. Meh. 3. Arctic. Slow to get going, but a thoroughly compelling survival tale, that almost had me crying on the plane... highly recommended.
  12. I never played D&D, but a couple of weeks ago a friend invited my son and I over for an introductory session. He's an Army vet so that ameliorated the nerd fears (although I am a nerd). It was a ton of fun! We are hoping to play more, except the problem is we were on vacation and my friend doesn't live here
  13. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Well in those cases, the population would recover even faster. So what's the point? Thanos basically bought one generation of reprieve, if that.
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