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  1. ^true, but only for the older generations that remember WWII.
  2. They forgot the territories. Smaller islands hate the next biggest one. Northern Marianas Islands hate Guam, Guam and American Samoa hate Hawaii. I'd imagine that Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands hate Florida.
  3. If they can run professional sports safely, that's a huge boost to morale for everyone. So I am good with whatever it takes!
  4. Whew! Dodged that bullet...
  5. Holy crap, is the the next thing for 2020? At least 83 people killed during lightning strikes across Indian state https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/25/india/lightning-strikes-india-bihar-intl/index.html (CNN)At least 83 people were killed during lightning strikes in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar on Thursday, according to the state government. .... In comparison, there were 20 deaths blamed on lightning in the US in 2019, according to the National Weather Service.
  6. People suck. I didn't know it was possible, but it has become apparent that they suck even more over the past couple of months.
  7. Belated Birthday wishes from me, too!
  8. Anthony Fauci in an excellent interview covering all of the topics and concerns above, in particular America's lack of trust in science, plus more including life as an elderly sex symbol: https://www.hhs.gov/podcasts/learning-curve/learning-curve-05-dr-anthony-fauci-science-is-truth.html?c
  9. Edit: I posted a snarky GIF, but decided to delete it since everyone else in this thread have responded in a more mature manner. So far. But I will say that I do not agree with the viewpoint of Audi driver. I used to believe some of that stuff, but now I do not, at all. In the organizations that I have been a part of where diversity is encouraged (or enforced), I have only seen it result in stronger teams - yes I do believe stronger than would have been accomplished on the basis of meritocracy, had we just picked all of the people based on resumes. Some of the hardest working and most driven people I have met have come from very modest to even poor backgrounds, and often can't even get their foot in the door because of that. And some of the most mediocre people I have worked with have graduated from the best schools and with the highest GPAs, had the best looking resumes, etc. The concept of a "meritocracy" is deeply flawed.
  10. Like I have said, I previously thought like Audi driver, but I have come to realize how superficial that attitude is, and how it completely misses the real problem, which is the difficulty non-white people have in even making it to that point.
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