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  1. Probably the gravy. At least it would taste the way you are expecting. I don't know how the orange beefsicle would taste, but it doesn't add up well in my imagination.
  2. The only one I have that isn't just a plain circle is AK, and it's not much more than that. Washington and Wyoming stamps are the coolest!
  3. Whatever you do, think twice about whoring your stamp out to random people or contractors. "Rubber stamping" has the potential to get you in trouble. You need to truly have control over the design work you are certifying, not just simply glancing it over and stamping it. I see this stuff all the time from PEs who are just looking to make extra money. I am sure that some of them are doing a good job, but I see several who stamp so many plans that I know there is no way they are truly in responsible charge of the design work, and they are eventually going to find themselves as non-PEs.
  4. Dleg

    Movie thread

    I saw Fighting with my Family in the theaters - we really enjoyed it, so reference away! (I hope I can remember enough)
  5. Yes. This. My son is now 16 and we are learning that "growing out of it" just isn't a realistic expectation. But we haven't watched, won't watch, and therefore I have no idea what the show is like. I kind of get the impression that people who don't live with it every day (ie.g., my parents) think of it as a Young Sheldon kind of situation, which it is not.
  6. Thanks for the fix - definitely wasn't planning on asking for one, but feeling the honor flow through me as a "Charter Member" makes it all worthwhile.
  7. Looks like I got demoted.
  8. We finished it last night. Awesome show, 4.8 stars for me. 0.2 star deduction for the single episode that wasn't quite as good, where they helped the shrimp farmers. That episode seemed a bit of a throw away, although it did introduce the shock trooper woman, who was awesome. I think the Jedi are a forgotten thing by this time in the Galaxy. Remember, even Luke had no idea what a Jedi was, or who Obi Wan or Yoda was. The Jedi had all been killed off or hidden away a full generation before, and the Empire had risen during that time and (presumably) deleted all mention of the Jedi in their public school textbooks. I agree with @jeb6294, the storm trooper scene was hilarious and was total fan service, validating all previous memes. I hope they leave the show alone and don't bring any of the main SW characters, unless like you said it's just an incidental appearance. This type of story is what I was hoping for all along since I was a kid - more of the Star Wars universe, not necessarily the Skywalker / vader story. Yeah we were all bummed about Nick Nolte's character getting killed. For a while we were wondering if IG-11 killed him, but it became pretty apparent that it was the speeder troopers. I was a little disappointed IG-11 didn't make it, too. One of my problems with the plot was when they were in the Imperial safehouse and surrounded by the storm troopers, why didn't they just shoot Moff Gideon right then? If as Apollo Creed said, the storm troopers will scatter as soon as their commander is taken out, it seems like that would have been a decent move. Also I think one of the things that makes this show so much better than other Star Wars (or Marvel) is how the Mandalorian keeps getting the shit kicked out of him. But they need to be careful to keep him human so that we continue to believe that is is actually vulnerable to being killed, or else most of the tension will be gone. They did a decent job of that with the last episode where he gets blown up and almost dies of a TBI, but they're getting perilously close to turning him into a Marvel super hero/Iron Man with all the non-fatal CGI falls and wall slams that he inexplicably survives.
  9. Oh shit, I'm glad you mentioned that. I just checked and that's what I bought. I didn't realize it. My wife will be excited to learn we have Hulu, she's been asking about it for a while. I can't remember what it was that she wanted to watch on it, though.
  10. I agree. I saw an article today that said tons of people are canceling their subscription now that the Mandalorian Season 1 is finished. Isn't there also supposed to be an Obi Wan series? Any idea when that is coming out?
  11. US Army "Bunny boots". Warmest boots ever made (maybe too warm). Everyone who is anyone in Alaska has a pair of these. And beaver fur hat. You can't get them new anymore, but you can find surplus everywhere and if you have smallish feet (compared to dudes) you can probably find your equlivalent size easily.
  12. I don't know if they ever said she was a "jedi". I kind of got the same impression as you, that she just dabbled in it for a while. Maybe her light saber was one of those over-enthusiastic Christmas gift kind of things from Luke. Like when you give your wife a PS4 and hope that she gets into gaming like you do.
  13. FINALLY got to start The Mandalorian. 3 episodes in and it is really, really good. All the Jawa and Sandcrawler action I always wanted since I was a kid. But F--- Disney Plus! They consider my location "international" and will not allow me to register. I had to get a VPN to get around that, but I probably should have had one before, so I guess all is good.
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