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  1. One of the most convincing (and potentially hopeless) explanations of mass shootings yet: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/why-do-mass-shootings-happen-best-explanation/ Gladwell then argues that Columbine changed the thresholds. The first seven of the “major” modern school-shooting incidents were “disconnected and idiosyncratic.” Here’s the most ominous part of the Gladwell thesis. The “low threshold” shooters are motivated by “powerful grievances,” but as the riot spreads, the justifications are often manufactured, and the shooters more and more “normal.” Here’s Gladwell’s chilling conclusion: In other contexts, he’s elaborated further. The preparations for massacres are often extremely detailed. Shooters (and wannabe shooters) will often film videos, mimic the dress and poses of the Columbine killers, and otherwise copy the shooters who came before. Gladwell is hardly an NRA conservative — and he believes gun control “has its place” — but he also shares this grim warning: “Let’s not kid ourselves that if we passed the strictest gun control in the world that we would end this particular kind of behavior.” COMMENTS Indeed, it’s the pattern of elaborate preparation and obsession with the subculture of mass shooters that has led in part to my own advocacy of the gun-violence restraining order. While we don’t have sufficient details about today’s shooter in Texas to know if it would have made a difference, it’s a fact that large numbers of mass shooters broadcast warning signals of their intent to do harm, and it’s also a fact that family members and other relevant people close to the shooter have few tools at their disposal to prevent violence. A gun-violence restraining order can allow a family member (or school principal) to quickly get in front of a local judge for a hearing (with full due-process protections) that can result in the temporaryconfiscation of weapons from a proven dangerous person. While early reports are often wrong, there are indications that the Texas shooter engaged in behavior that sounds eerily like the Columbine shooting. We’ve seen reports of a trench coat, of the use of similar weapons, and of explosives — all hallmarks of the Colorado massacre. When I think of Columbine, I think of Gladwell’s essay. There are young men in the grip of a terrible contagion, and there is no cure coming.
  2. Dleg

    What does the Fox say?

    I don't recommend waffles. They get your ears all covered in syrup and butter.
  3. Dleg

    Countdown to Star Wars

    I don't know, I'd go see a Salacious Crumb movie.
  4. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Yeah, he looks so much better.
  5. Dleg

    Damn united airlines at it again!

    Shit, I just can't function without my emotional support cockroach! Damn you, American!!!! http://money.cnn.com/2018/05/14/news/american-airlines-emotional-support-animals-policy/index.html
  6. Dleg

    If you were to die today........

    This thread is starting to remind me of The Life of Brian.
  7. Dleg

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    Hola Amigos.
  8. Dleg

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    You're supposed to LIGHT them.
  9. Dleg

    The musical instrument thread

    That's about the right time frame.
  10. Dleg

    Random Topics 3.1

    Number 1 sleep advice: Exercise after work, preferably running or biking for 45 minutes but not TOO hard, or you won't be able to sleep. Number 2 sleep advice: don't go number 2. Number 3 sleep advice: get a job where you actually work your ass off for a few years, say running an oil well logging crew where you work 48-72 hours without sleep on a regular basis, with naps by necessity wherever you can take them and under all conditions. You'll never have sleeping problems again.
  11. Dleg

    The musical instrument thread

    I played the violin through high school, but I always wanted to convert to fiddle playing. Now I don't play anything, although I did pick up a few tunes on the concertina for Talk Like a Pirate Day purposes.
  12. Dleg

    Movie thread

    At least watch the first 3 on Dex's list. I don't think it would be as understandable without that.