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  1. What does the Fox say?

    I went to two Best Buys today to try to get my Samsung S5 Active "flashed" to a newer version of Android. The first sent me to the second, the second said they can't do it because their "machine" broke a year ago and corporate never sent them another. They both tried to talk me into a new phone, of course. Fuck Samsung.
  2. What does the Fox say?

    Yeah, I could try the AT&T store. I'm also headed to the big city this weekend, so I might give the Best Buy Samsung desk method a shot. But I've gone through all the things I can do on my own, and can't get it to update any farther than 4.4.4. I'm getting pretty pissed off at this scam smart phone industry about now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the hardware, they're just forcing the consumer to buy new phones by making it nearly impossible to update.
  3. What does the Fox say?

    I have an android question: how do I force an "upgrade" of my Android OS? My phone is still running Android OS 4.4 "kitkat". I can no longer use my online banking services because of this. I did enough research to learn that I can get up to Android OS 6 with support for my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5 active). But I can't figure out how to do it - whenever I check for "updates" AT&T says I am up to date. I don't want to "update" I want to "upgrade".
  4. Environmental PE exam

    Interesting. I'm not sure how that would have changed the exam experience for me. I'm thinking that will make it harder, but I'm not sure. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Flat Earthers

    Except that everyone knows cats hate water, so your hypothesis is rejected.
  6. A picture from back in January when it was a little colder. This was in a wastewater treatment plant, with a lot of moisture in the indoor air
  7. The Automotive Thread

    Our roads are icy and/or snowy for 6 months straight here. No breaks. I drive a 4WD Toyota 4Runner, my wife drives a Subaru Forester, and my daughter drives an Outback. Both the Subarus are superior to the 4Runner in these conditions - I use them whenever I am able.
  8. Inspirational Quotes

    You on trial for something, Dean?
  9. Inspirational Quotes

    I saw a good (bad) example of this recently: "Now I think, speaking roughly, by leadership we mean the art of getting someone else to do something that you want done because he wants to do it, not because your position of power can compel him to do it, or your position of authority. A commander of a regiment is not necessarily a leader. He has all of the appurtenances of power given by a set of Army regulations by which he can compel unified action. He can say to a body such as this, "Rise," and "Sit down." You do it exactly. But that is not leadership." Dwight D. Eisenhower, Remarks at the Annual Conference of the Society for Personnel Administration, 5/12/54
  10. Which reminds me that I've been giggling a lot on listening to our local NPR station recently, due to acknowledgements of multiple donations received by the station from Hiscox Insurance. Lots of ad potential there.
  11. not on Netflix, but we started watching HBO's John Adams on Amazon this weekend. My son brought home some rather intensive US History homework that I had to help him with, and it got me interested in trying to watch this, and to try to get him to watch it and maybe generate some interest. Well it was a total failure at generating interest in a 14 year old boy, but I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Although (so far) it's not real heavy on battle action, there was a really cool CG scene of Boston being shelled by the British fleet, seen from Adams' farm across the harbor . Excellent visual and sound effects. Mostly the show is about the Big Ideas behind the revolution, though, which is pretty cool.
  12. Movie thread

    So guess what: I saw The 15:19 to Paris. It wasn't as bad as the 38% indicated on Rotten Tomatoes. It was more like 48%.
  13. Movie thread

    Jumanji was "fun". That's one of the weaknesses of the RT percent fresh score - if a movie is generally well-liked but shallow as hell, it will score highly. Freaking Paddington 2 as case in point: 100% fresh on RT, but most definitely not, not, not Best Picture material. It just failed to offend so well that every reviewer thought that it was "good". But 100 goods does not equal a great.