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  1. "too Canadian" I am both not sure what this means, and yet absolutely sure at the same time.
  2. ^Three to five (?) orders of magnitude. But that said, I was doing a little reading yesterday to try to find out some of the "truth" and found that the second explosion is apparently now believe to have been nuclear in nature, not steam - a "fizzle" because it dispersed the materials as soon as the chain reaction began, so very weak in terms of nuclear blasts.
  3. I wouldn't refuse to watch the show over that. It's an impressive recreation of the disaster, and knowing the true figures doesn't take away all that much from the story.
  4. Finally watching Chernobyl - paying for it on Prime (I don't want an HBO subscription). 3 episodes in and it is very strong. The visual effects guys did an amazing job. The whole thing looks real as hell. Scary as hell, too. The end of episode 2 was quite frightening. Looking forward to the close-out. I'm not a nuke like @Supe or @RBHeadge PE, but I did flag some suspicious numbers (3 to 4 megaton thermal blast????) and was happy to go back and read your earlier posts correcting this to the kiloton range. Was the figure Legasov quoted of radiation being released by the fire correct? (something like 20 Hiroshimas per day?)
  5. Dleg

    EB Mafia

    Sorry - job is too chaotic to commit to it!
  6. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Let us know how it goes. That one also got surprisingly good reviews. We considered both, but the boy opted for the Birds.
  7. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Well, we actually went to see the Angry Birds Movie 2 this weekend, just because we were looking for something to do and the reviews stated it was surprisingly better than you would expect, or something like that. It wasn't the best movie I have seen this year, but I laughed out loud several times. There were some pretty well constructed gags in that movie. Good comedic timing.
  8. Dleg

    EB Mafia

    I think Guam has the most profitable KMart ever, so that's why it's pretty much the last one, ever. They literally bus Asian tourists in and they buy their American goods by the hundreds or thousands of dollars per trip. Plus for non-military island residents, it's got pretty good prices, so lots of local business as well.
  9. Dleg

    Movie thread

    ^We watched that. Pretty crappy, but the boy enjoyed it so it was a worthwhile watch. I am starting to burn out on movies. Not very many good ones being made anymore. Series are where the action is at now, but I often avoid the new series because I don't want to commit to something for that long, and/or it's too adult to watch around the kid. So instead I've been reading more and playing video games. Probably for the best....
  10. Dleg

    EB Mafia

    Unless you have base access. K-Mart is still ridiculously overpriced compared to mainland US prices, but the base exchanges on Guam are priced at ordinary US retail. Plus shopping at the Guam K-Mart is a nightmare. Bus loads of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese tourists coming in every 10 minutes, crowded aisles full of pallets of chocolate macadamia nut boxes, beach towels and other tourist goods. 15 minute minimum check out lines. I avoid that place like the plague.
  11. Things don't change all that much at 50. Just a slow progression towards death. But happy birthday, Nerd King!
  12. Hah. What a dick. It's nice to see the universe work properly, at least occasionally.
  13. We recently finished Man in the High Castle Season 3 - meh. Seasons 1 and 2 were much better. But still worth watching if you watched the first two. And I can't remember if I said it here already yet, but The Expanse Season 3 was awesome. The whole Expanse series has been awesome so far.
  14. Yeah I wasn't super impressed with Stranger Things 3. Slow to start, gets going pretty good by episode 7, and then it''s over at episode 8 - only 8 episodes, Netflix????
  15. The Witcher could be massive - it looks like, from the previews, they are only focusing on the first book of short stories. So that means potentially 7 more seasons - 2 more books of short stories and the 5-book main story.
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