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  1. ^I responded to a major typhoon last year and after the storm there was a crane about the size of those ones that was damaged and leaning against the building, and every day I had to drive under it multiple times. I had a pretty good pucker going every time! Had some drinks in a hotel bar with the OSHA crane inspector guy and got the story of why they weren't evacuating the area in that particular instance: the building itself had not been damaged, and the crane, although it was leaning, had been braced to the structure of the building with welded members that he found to be adequate. And ultimately it did not collapse. But still terrifying to drive under every day.
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/10/16/hard-rock-hotel-new-orleans-video-shows-flaws-contractor-claims/4005543002/
  3. You must have missed "Reasons of State" where you get to participate in an assassination attempt on King Radovid. Apparently you have to complete certain side quests in order to get the quest. In it you also get to decide Djikstra's fate, and in turn who wins the war.
  4. Yeah I hooked up with the same two, Shani and Keira. Both are characters from the books. I'm thinking about getting the version for the Switch and stealing my son's hand held, since the main reason I couldn't finish earlier was other people using the big TV where the PS4 is. I'd definitely like to try again, since I failed a number of quests earlier on when I didn't really understand what was going on. Plus I missed out on several Gwent cards by not getting into it early enough. I eventually learned to really enjoy that game, especially once i got a decent deck going and learned all the tricks. I beat the final Gwent tournament toward the end, and playing the Nilfgaardian deck against another can get crazy.
  5. Thanks to the flu, I completed the main quest line in Witcher 3, and completed the "Hearts of Stone" expansion. Outstanding gaming experience. Hearts of Stone was surprisingly deep and involved, with tougher fights than the main quests. I just arrived in Toussaint now to begin Blood and Wine, but unfortunately I am no longer sick... Just curious for the other players here, which main quest ending did you get? (Warning spoilers ahead!) I got the ending where Nilfgaard won the war, and Ciri became empress. I know that's not defined as the "good" ending, but to me it seems like the optimum end state: Ciri has amazing powers and abilities, and as Empress is in a position to truly change things in their miserable world for the better. Had she just ended up as a witcher because that's what she enjoys doing the most, I feel like that would ultimately be the selfish decision. Just let the world burn. Plus, I couldn't just let Djikstra kill Roche and my other friends who helped in the battle of Kaer Morhen. They came and helped, no questions asked, while Djikstra didn't do shit to help me and spent the book series manipulating and lying to me. So yeah I killed him. I hooked up with Yeneffer over Triss, primarily because of the book. Knowing the original story of their "love" being created by Geralt's last wish with the Djinn, made the mountain top scene with the other Djinn actually pretty touching. Gaunter O'Dimm in Blood and Wine was a pretty cool, evil character. I ended up challenging him for Olgierd's soul and winning. That was a very fun questline, especially the wedding mission.
  6. Good article. This principle really stands out having worked in multiple organizations with different attitudes toward risk. Not to mention having been involved (peripherally) in a couple of fatal accidents, where outcome bias was clearly at play ("I've done this dozens of times and nothing has ever happened"). I recently watched my new host organization allow staff to be placed in a dangerous environment without the proper protective equipment, and the answer was "it's an emergency, and it's pretty unlikely anything will happen to anyone". Sure enough, nothing happened and they will be far more likely to ignore safety precautions (and objections from employees) again in the future.
  7. We watched that a couple of weeks ago. We really enjoyed it as well. A lot longer than I was expecting, though, like 3 hours?
  8. Youtube just found this for me yesterday. Beautiful photography from Southern Colorado, and great song. Not sure how to classify it, folk? country? indie?:
  9. So I'm pretty slow, but I am nearing the completion of The Witcher 3 now. Spent a ton of time running around doing side quests to level up my character and customize my gear, now heading into the final battle at Level 34 with mastercrafted Wolf School gear and almost every alchemy product available (couldn't bring myself to kill a succubus or doppler just to get their mutagens). What a great game.... I'm glad I have the two expansions to play after that.
  10. The major flaw in the article is revealed here: social science and history majors earned $131,154 — an average that is lifted, in part, by high-paying jobs in management, business and law. They are lumping lawyers and MBAs into their averages. The study should have been limited people with the bachelor's degrees only. BA history or english majors (=teachers and waiters) don't fare as well as BS engineers over time, I am pretty certain.
  11. I've never heard of anyone "withdrawing" from a background investigation, but I suppose if it is being done by a private company that is paying for it, maybe you can. Seems pointless to me, though. If the un-named crime is serious enough to warrant a rejection, it will be found out during a background investigation, today or 20 years from now. While questions about drug use etc. are limited to the past 7 years, a criminal record check will turn up any criminal violations for a much longer period (not sure if there are exceptions). So I don't think there is such a thing as "blacklisting" because if you are rejected today for a crime committed in the past, you will be rejected again 10 or 20 years from now when you apply again. So it really doesn't matter - I say just go through with it. As many others have mentioned, the final judgment depends on level of security clearance required, the job itself, and the nature of the past offense. I have a good friend who got a sensitive federal job (which I assume requires a top secret clearance) with a record containing both a DUI and a US Customs arrest for having marijuana residue in his bag upon entering the country. But when it comes to foreign issues and foreign family issues, I think the bigger concern is whether you might be a risk because of those relations - if say you have criminal family members who might ask you for information, and the relationship is such that you might feel compelled to provide the information.
  12. We finally watched The Umbrella Academy this week. Pretty good. The second half didn't quite live up to the first half, but still way better than anything at the movie theaters lately.
  13. I'm saving my money for real estate bargains on Grand Bahama island. too soon?
  14. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Thanks. We tried to see it this weekend, but it was already gone from the theaters here.
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