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  1. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    Buy survival food and duct tape your basement windows!
  2. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Shazam! was really good! Funniest superhero movie since the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and perhaps even a little better. Takes a little while to get moving, though.
  3. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    Bathroom - that's what we did for our elderly cat last two moves. Problem was our walk-in closet was off our master bedroom for our last move. The mover claimed he loved kitties so he just went in there and packed up. Cat attempted to tear the shit out of him, but he had jeans and heavy boots so he was okay. Not sure about cat....
  4. ... on @Road Guy's forehead while he was passed out!
  5. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    Thanks for the advice. I tried the burrito method last night and held her in my arms instead of holding her down, and as a result her head was free so got less panicky, plus her legs were more easily controlled. So that helped. I'm looking forward to the EZ IV harness, which lets her walk around freely and we follow with the IV bag... not sure but it has lots of testimonials.
  6. Dleg

    Movie thread

    We rented "The Green Book" last night on Prime. Really good movie! Funny, a little touching, and just excellent storytelling and a great road movie.
  7. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    Ugh. Our 16-year old cat recently took a turn for the worse so I finally took her in to the vet. Diagnosis: chronic kidney disease. Rather than presenting me with the option of ending it, the vet convinced me that we can handle administering subcutaneous fluids every 2-3 days. That is where you get an IV set up, but stick the needle in under the folds of skin at the nape of the neck/back, rather than directly into a vein. We give her about 150-200 ml at a time, which takes about 10 minutes. 10 minutes of pure. Fucking. Hell. I ordered some sort of device off the web called the ""EZ-IV"" and I am really hoping it helps. The big issue is that the cat won't stay still long enough for the fluids, and we have to hold her down, and the whole thing becomes very traumatic, often requiring multiple re-stickings, and once, sticking my hand with the needle after it had passed through a fold of her skin. So now I have Cat AIDS or something terrible, probably. The cool thing was that the Navy Base vet (army vet actually) who we initially took her to, but she couldn't handle it because they dont'do overnight care, checked in on me a little while ago and offered to end it in a merciful manner, but only if the cat isn't getting any better. But the problem is, the cat gets better when we do this stuff.... but I have no idea how we are going to handle vacations, etc., even if only for a weekend. FML
  8. Dleg

    Movie thread

    Yeah we Tivo'd if off National geographic and watched it last week. Pretty white-knuckle watching. Weird-ass dude, too. And his girlfriend, to live with that constant fear that he isn't coming back. Because you just know that will be what happens, eventually.
  9. Thanks for the tip. We'll have to check out the He Man episode!
  10. ^My son and I watched three episodes of that last weekend, and it was some quality time with him. We watched the episodes on Legos, Star Trek, and Star Wars. The Star Trek episode was pretty funny, with some amazingly bad toys that I actually remember playing with from the 1970s....
  11. Dleg

    Movie thread

    I absolutely hate all the re-makes of shit. I find it unfathomable that Hollywood seems to be in such a retread rut while the streaming services are putting out excellent, original stuff every day. Why can't they hire some of these Netflix and Hulu writers to come up with some decent, original movie storylines?
  12. Dleg

    Movie thread

    We saw Captain Marvel, too, and thought the same. It was highly entertaining and god story line with relatable characters, even if there was still way too much throwing CGI people into walls and such with no resultant massive injuries .... I'm personally getting a little tired of the whole Marvel universe.
  13. Cool article and videos. That must have been a fun engineering project (the Gazex installations).
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