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  1. i play just dance with my kids on the Nintendo switch. that is the extent of my dance! although my wife and i have thought about taking some ballroom dancing classes.
  2. Kids of EB

    ask the parents if any are willing to help out as assistants. you might find some who would volunteer to be assistants and not head coach because they don't want that responsibility. I had one parent who was a former collegiate player who wanted to help but with his work schedule couldn't commit to being a head coach. So he helped with the skills and drills. but he had a hard time throttling it back because he was used to the college level of intensity. I had to constantly remind him they are 8 yo girls. i had an a-hole parent who's kid was average(but seriously thought his kiddo was the all-star) and there is no way i would want his attitude on my coaching staff.
  3. Kids of EB

    what age group? i volunteered four years ago to coach and have been doing it ever since. The last time i played soccer was in fifth grade so i only had a basic understanding of the game.
  4. It's Friday!!!!

    finally Friday!
  5. Winter Olympics 2018

    David Wise taking gold after those issues with his first two runs was awesome.
  6. Winter Olympics 2018

    broke the bedtime rule last night to watch the women hockey win in gold in a shootout!!!
  7. greek yogurt and leftover pork loin
  8. Winter Olympics 2018

    How about the women's xc sprint team!!! Jesse Diggins and Kikkan Randall for the GOLD!
  9. Winter Olympics 2018

    Sweeping for 10 ends can be demanding.
  10. Winter Olympics 2018

    have you curled?
  11. Winter Olympics 2018

    they nailed that performance!
  12. Winter Olympics 2018

    not me! I can't get enough!
  13. Winter Olympics 2018

    Cross country skiing! lots of alaskans on the roster and two Fairbanks boys!