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  1. did you score and get the jalapeño cheese spread?
  2. they are not targeting you.
  3. I get a flu shot every year and i have gotten the flu twice, once last year and another about eight years ago. both times they were very "late"in the flu season, May and April.
  4. Last year when we skied Steamboat Alaska Air had a promo that you got to ski for free the day of departure. Just had to show our boarding pass, the flight left in the evening so we got to ski all day. the other two days we got some kind of deal(can't remember how good it was) when we purchase a package(room+lift tickets).
  5. We saw Spider-Man : into the spider verse. Was the best spider man mover ever. And probably the best animated movie I have ever seen.
  6. One point? One point @vee043324 !?! Ahhhhhhggg! Good game Miss, good game, next year! Like leggo said thanks everyone for making it fun!
  7. Am i the only one at work today?
  8. that was probably my daughter.
  9. we will have 3 hours and 41 mins of daylight today. tomorrow will be 0:09 mins longer!
  10. happy birthday Ken! another year are we expecting a new version of Ken PE 3.1, possibly Ken PE 3.2? or Ken PE 4.0!?!
  11. hey there mr fox, Happy Birthday. #gopackgo
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