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  1. I had TB at 3 points then changed to CAR for 8. WTF.
  2. I can do auto draft too. No biggie.
  3. What time is the draft? I am not free until 4 or 5 AK time. that puts you East coasters at like 8 or 9. I am free all day sunday.
  4. I tried that and our group never showed up but we are in it now!
  5. i had the same issues. i can't remember what i did but i ended up getting it somehow. i fumbled through after logging in then using the link leggo sent. like the third or fourth time then all of a sudden there was a box for the password. sorry i am not of much help.
  6. just to make scheduling fun i am on AK time.
  7. I am wrapped up all day this saturday with soccer. can i just auto everything? i don't know how draft works.
  8. i have never played before either.
  9. provolone cheese, eggs. coffee, coffee, coffee
  10. i suppose i should figure out what the hell you all are talking about. i am already lost.
  11. I would be down for this. TBH, i have never played FF before...
  12. 64 slices of American cheese.
  13. have about 20 zucchini and 8 or so summer squash. cabbages are doing great, lots of coleslaw and sauerkraut in our future!
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