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  1. Wall Certificate

    I have to order wall certificate for my MI license. Would you please tell which website to use to order it?
  2. Day/Stock Trading

    Anyone with exprerience in day/stock trading? Would you please share your experiences? Thanks
  3. What should be the Sequence?

    I have got MS, PE, PEng, and PMP...just wondeing in what sequence I should put these designations infront of my my name. I am leaning towards what I have written before.
  4. Michigan Results are Out....

    Thanks to all of those for congrats.

    Congratulations to all on passing the exam and hard hard. It finally paid off.
  6. Florida Results

    Congratulations to all on passing the exam and hard hard. It finally paid off.
  7. Michigan Results are Out....

    Sorry for not mentioning that I took PE Civil Transportation...and it was my second attemp.
  8. Michigan Results are Out....

    I am glad to announce that PE results for Michgan are out and I have passed the exam.
  9. Should I go for an MBA?

    I forgot to mention that I have a PMP certification and presently working as PM on one of the project. As far as moving to the next role is concerned, I am a person who is getting the things done and companies don't promote their horses untill they find their replacements. So I will have to switch the firm to get to the next level. I am sticking with the firm as they have introduced me to a client as a PM on one project. Hence, I am hoping to get good experience in the new role which will definitely help me in getting to the next level. Hopefully, I would be a PM in the near future. But, I am thinking about getting in the position of department manager and that's where I think an MBA "might" help me. I am not interested in top ten mba schools because I am not thinking about switching the fields. So a good and reputable school would work. However an online mba will take atleast 4/5 years to finish as I will have to do all the foundation courses first.
  10. Should I go for an MBA?

    I have 19 years of experience and am working as a senior engineer in highway/roadway design with an multi-national engineering consulting firm. I have a masters degree in engineering and took the PE exam on April 12. I am hoping to pass the test. Now I am debating that should I go for an MBA? I am not sure how an mba can help in the future. I am inclined towards an online mba program on a part-time basis as it would be hard to take a one year leave to finish the program. I also think it will take me few years to complete the program. Should I go for it? I will appreciate your comments and please advise me if you are aware of a good but less expensive program. I would like to mention that my company will only pay 3000$ per year. Thanks
  11. How to find out storage lengths?

    How can I find the storage length for a certain traffic volume as per AASHTO / MUTCD / HCM? Thanks
  12. School of PE Class

    online class
  13. Hi tried to PM you, can you e-mail any PDFs for transpo PM (HCM 2010, Green Book 2009 (newest)) thanks! dschan85@yahoo.com

    1. IndyEngineer


      I have hcm 2010 and green book 2006 in pdf format. but i am looking for the roadside design guide 4th edition. would be able to provide me that in return?

  14. I have a 3rd edition of Roadside design guide. Is it worthwhile to take 3rd edition to exam?
  15. AASHTO Green Book PDF?

    send me a pm...I have a PDF of this boo.