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  1. snickerd3

    Kids of EB

    just found out minisnick's Best bud is moving out of state...in a couple weeks. Their birthdays are two months to the date apart and have besties since babyhood. He is really bummed.
  2. We have reached a recipe rut with dinner ideas. Any non-slow cooker favorites out there
  3. snickerd3

    CBT...anyone try it yet?

    looks like over 250 people have taken the new CBT chemical test since january at least once. 80% passing rate for first timers and 67% for repeat takers.
  4. snickerd3

    CBT...anyone try it yet?

    so has anyone been brave enough to venture into the CBT test yet?
  5. snickerd3

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    just be prepared to drop a lot of time and $$$$$$$!!!!! chemicals, parts, tools, toys, electricity...it adds up fast. we got rid of ours several years ago. we were dropping $600+ a year for a 3 month season and only ended up using it a couple times.
  6. snickerd3

    Thailand Soccer Team

    from the map i saw there is a lot of dry in between the water sections. so suit up dive, un hook and walk, suit up again and dive, repeat.
  7. snickerd3

    It's Friday!!!!

    mine too for a change. my folks are almost here for a long weekend to see the grandkid's basebase games
  8. snickerd3

    Kids of EB

    minisnick hit his first double last night. good night for the team as a whole, 3 doubles and 1 home run (grand slam)
  9. snickerd3

    Happy Birthday CSB!!

    Happy Birthday!!!🍧🎂
  10. snickerd3

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  11. snickerd3

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I need a new windshield...i have lots of stars in mine. thankfully they are all on the passenger side and haven't spread. Hence I haven't fixed or replaced. I saw each rock coming too, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop it. I have a glassguy, not safelight, there was a time a couple years ago I had fixed or replaced 3 windshields in less than a yr.
  12. snickerd3

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    ac unit in the attic just sounds crazy to me. they drip water and when they go, they go badly. utility room on the lowest level preferably with floor drain present
  13. snickerd3

    Movie thread

    mr snick took minisnick to the drive in saturday to watch han solo. He said it wasn't horrible but wasn't OMG I need to buy it ASAP either. It's one of those Oh that's why back story sort of movies.
  14. snickerd3

    CBT...anyone try it yet?

    so how was it not being open book other than the provided manual? had you taken paper and pencil version before?
  15. snickerd3

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    we used swanstone when we took out the tub for walk in. prefab custom size pan with solid wall panels top is the new bottom is what we took out
  16. if they are working and contributing to the running of the household is one thing, but this guy had no job, no income, just bummed all day.
  17. snickerd3

    CBT...anyone try it yet?

  18. snickerd3

    Happy Birthday tj_PE!

    happy birthday!
  19. snickerd3

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Gotta put this in!!! we found it under the wilsonart tiles in the kitchen
  20. snickerd3

    Where will you view your NCEES Exam Result?

    Illinois was about a week behind the first releases, but I was F5-ing the state license look up and it popped up showing I had a license #. Didn't receive any letters or paperwork from state/CTS until over a week later via snail mail. I think I searched for my name a couple times to make sure. SO happy I cried!!! I assumed I would be taking again, because I had no idea what to expect because I didn't have any sample tests to study with...chemical study material was really hard to find back then.
  21. snickerd3

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    blah...i hate the smell of those propane/natural gas fire pits. pretty but i can't spend more than a couple minutes sitting by them
  22. snickerd3

    The musical instrument thread

    I played the cello for a year...the teacher and I didn't get along so I didn't continue. Mr snick played cello up through high school...expensive European cello (his parents paid for teacher to bring one home on the plane after an international concert thing) has been sitting in the closet the last 16 yrs...has come out less than a half dozen times. It needs to find a new home.
  23. snickerd3

    Random Topics 3.1

    so my kid was bending forwards slightly to push the chair back to stand up from the kitchen table after dinner. As he was bending forward he sneezed and the force (allergy season)sent his head into the table. am I horrible person for laughing.
  24. snickerd3

    Orlando, FL

    Donald at the Comtempory...minisnick looks so little in this pic and it was only like 3.5 yrs ago.
  25. snickerd3

    Orlando, FL

    We did the disney meal plan which includes the character breakfasts at no additional charge. So we had a character breakfast everyday to make sure we got our money's worth. We also did the Character dinner at the revolving restaurant at Epcot. It also made sure we got to see the important characters in a climate controlled environment and some personal time with the characters at the table. We then only had to wait to see the Toy Story folks...cuz you can't not see Buzz and Woody. Ditto the Contemporary Mickey Breakfast...if we had paid outright that was way too expensive for a buffet. The Lilo and Stitch breakfast at the Polynesian was probably the best value for the money...family style with as much as you wanted.