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  1. snickerd3

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    cutting cable looks tempting but I love me some scifi and comet channels. I dunno if I could give them up
  2. snickerd3

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    netflix already dropped a lot of the disney stuff. we are using netflix an amazon about equally right now for shows...or at tleast the kiddos are. THey know which service their fav shows are on. I am more of a netflix person. currently in the middle of a documentary about castles in ireland, britian, scotland and their history.
  3. snickerd3

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    we need to replace our shower head or the very least reseat it with new teflon tape. It drips...but it is also an older shower head.
  4. snickerd3

    Random Topics 3.1

    I could use one of those too!!!!
  5. snickerd3

    Random Topics 3.1

    if you will be using it in a space without stairs or a lot of transitions it should work fine, or else you have to keep those stupid magnetic strips out to keep it from falling down the stairs or getting into areas you don't want. My sister has one and it works for a general cleaning, but it doesn't do edges very well. My parents have used it and it goes from the carpet to the tile just fine.
  6. snickerd3

    What does the Fox say?

    verizon has those jet pack things which is a mobile hot spot.
  7. snickerd3


    they used to. new at least as of this past renewal cycle. They also don't send wall certs for passing the test unless you pay $$$
  8. snickerd3

    Movie thread

    agree!!! I think it is the lack of hair now...and the jowls that some people get as they age. I hope I'm not a jowl person when I get older.
  9. snickerd3

    Kids of EB

    sounds like a situation for a second opinion to me before dropping the $$$ minisnick had two shark teeth on the bottom fronts. very freaky, but not totally unusual i found out. the tooth should move into place on its own with no trouble now that the offender is out of the way....it took a couple months but the shark teeth are straight and normal.
  10. snickerd3

    Movie thread

    wow really????? it is only basically the pilot for a 10 season tv show and like 2 or 3 more movies.
  11. snickerd3

    Movie thread

    duh...what 80's child wouldn't...or didn't
  12. snickerd3

    Movie thread

    Stargate joins two of my most favorite things. Science fiction and ancient Egyptian culture (went through a huge phase as a kid of wanting to be an archaeologist)
  13. snickerd3

    Movie thread

    jodi foster is not in stargate...maybe you are thinking of contact
  14. snickerd3

    Movie thread

    fifth element and stargate are awesome movies!!!!!!!!!