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  1. Diseased Bugs seem to like her. When Mr snick was 3, a mosquito gave her encephalitis damaging her short term memory forever and gave her epilepsy. BUGS suck! literally and metaphorically speaking
  2. That's for sure. Mr snick just told me his mom has lyme got really ugly there for awhile.
  3. I went and both my kids went in June while we were experiencing a multi-week period of no new cases. Been to the eye Dr and regular dr Too. They reduced the number of people in the office. deep cleaning in between each appt. temp checks outside before entering buildings. The dental people wore gowns, masks, face shield, goggles, hair coverings, gloves.
  4. when I could eat ice cream and not get sick it has always been mint chocolate chip or pistachio. THe later being very hard to find, mostly just at old school family restaurants. Aldi is come out with a vegan/dairy free mint chocolate chip ice cream. Haven't seen it at our store in a couple weeks though. Hopefully not a limited time only sort of thing.
  5. today is last day to decide how you want to go back. Hybrid or 100% remote. The school board is having a special meeting wednesday to go over results of how parents deided and all the individual school plans. They haven't said if they are FB living this special meeting, like the last one.
  6. when I went to Hobby Lobby last month there was a group of retired ladies that all brought lawn chairs and we having their daily ladies group in the shade of the treed medians of the parking lot to follow the social distancing rules.
  7. Been watching Nailed it on Netflix...baking show that purposely looks for BAD bakers. Now I have this wanting to try and make some of the things they had the contestants make. But I have no time...I wouldn't put the ridiculously short time frames given either...if I am going to make a multilayer cake with fondant and buttercream i am going to do it the right way
  8. captain ron!!!!!!!!
  9. i'm glad they postponed the release of the new Ghostbusters movie from this month to March.
  10. in some states NCEES doesn't control those things. In IL, the state hires the locations and the proctors. So that would be a nightmare to try to enforce. at least some people are still able to take the tests, there are now a couple in the CBT format.
  11. I really don't mind them taking temps at daycare. This way it catches the strep throat and other illnesses that people would send their kids to daycare with. Although, our daycare has been okay in that regards. The other daycare in town however, our neighbor who sent their kid there was sick all the time. They stopped sending him and he doesn't sick all the time now
  12. daycare takes the kids temps everyday, but other than that and medical office (dr, dentist etc), when we went to 6 flags in June was the only other place taking temps
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