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  1. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    Two big no-nos in my book...a fireplace of any kind, then a gas one if absolutely unavoidable. I can't stand the smell of the gas fireplaces, fire pits, etc...
  2. I almost bought that exact costume for snickette...it was that or a witch and she chose the witch
  3. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    local dive/greasy spoon/park-N-eat...cheeseburger (basically a ginormous white castle looking burger) and deep fried mushrooms. Only cost $3.95. Super yummy.
  4. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    4, 5, 6 are what netflix has/had we binged watched that then found out it wasn't the first 3 seasons
  5. THe chemical is already making the switch starting in January there was no chemical exam this oct...they are probably waiting to see how it goes.
  6. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Shake and bake Chicken. baked not fried.
  7. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    THis...I really wouldn't want to be in the dating scene right now....one really dirty/bad joke or pickup line and people are screaming sexual harassment. Sort of making it really hard for those who are REALLY assaulted to be taken seriously now.
  8. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    After I wathed the first season I saw interviews with the creators and they said it would be 3 or 4 season series tops...they wanted to still end it on ahigh note and not drag it out,
  9. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    New to the netflix original series thing...watched the first season well after it came out.
  10. minisnick - antman snickette - witch
  11. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    so they release the ST whole season at once and not a weekly show? was late to the game with season 1.
  12. Kids of EB

    minisnick is rocking rocket math (daily timed math problems) got through all the addition and is just blazing through the subtraction. I told him subtraction is easier than addition. His daily goal has changed from needing 19 to 21 correct. He has been getting in the upper 20s/lower 30s since starting subtraction. as quickly as he is working through them I am not sure what will happen when he gets through the 17 or so remaining
  13. Exam Weekend

    units, units, units!!!!! make sure to check the units!! did I remember to say pay close attention to the units in the problem.
  14. New Zealand, London, Switzerland, St. Lucia, mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Thomas, St Marteen, Belize, Caymen Islands, Hawaii (big island, maui, oahu)