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  1. I had been an early morning exercise class...scheduled = i make the time. The teacher changed and am not a fan. Mr snicks new job also means he starts early which makes bathroom schedule in the morning more complicated so it really isn't an option anymore. Need to get my butt to the gym in the evening and do my own thing instead of a class.
  2. watched secret life of pets 2. Funny but all over with 3 different plots going on that didn't really connect to each other
  3. i can't get those touchless faucets to work either.
  4. everyone of them, but some only once...others several times a year
  5. that's unfortunate, but not unexpected. Not exactly a live action sort of movie.
  6. we bought a little cacti when we went to tuscan over xmas break. the directions said to only water once a month and only like a couple tablespoons at that. and to put it in full sun. WE keep it on the kitchen table so it never gets the full sun, but it does get some from the windows on the other side of the room.
  7. YOu beat me to this!!! I was going to say the same thing. Our new one is horrible!!! Its a whirlpool, mid level. nothing super fancy Almost wish we spent the$ on new racks for the old one instead. Our water is so hard the racks on our old ones rusted out. A new dishwasher was cheaper than replacement racks.
  8. yeah for new cars...two potential recalls already. THey don't even now which cars got the faulty pieces. need to schedule a 30 minute appt so they can inspect the timing belt and engine. THere was a batch of bad teeth on the timing belts that was damaging the engine. The other one is a airbag issue like most manufacturers have having issues with.
  9. baseball season is in full swing for both kiddos. double header tonight unless the forecasted rain is short and sweet. minisnick has 3 games a week snickette has 1 and it usually ends up on a night her brother has a game...divide and conquer has become our a motto lately. Minisnick started the season wanting to pitch (first year kid pitch), and the coach has want to pitch you have to agree to catch. He is one of 3 kids that can actually pitch with any consistency but He really likes catching now, wasn't a fan of catching last year in machine pitch. holy cow...kid pitch is painful to watch. walk, walk, bases stolen, walk walk walk more bases stolen
  10. started Good Omens on amazon last night. jury is still out...maybe I need to see more episodes to get the point. chernobyl is definitely on the list to watch eventually when I have time
  11. have an appt monday afternoon with a landscape contractor to give the backyard a facelift. The current concrete patio has settled towards the house and it pitted and etched and nasty. we are thinking a new stamped concrete patio with a pergola sort of feature then a smaller flagstone type flat area behind the garage for a level surface for working on the mower etc... and replacing the mulch around the house with stone and maybe another landscape/planting in part of the old pool depression area. nothing super fancy but the pictures of this company's work is pretty awesome.
  12. we were outside sunday afternoon playing in yard, had the sprinkler fully potty trained 4 yr old said she had to pee and wanted to pee outside in the backyard like her brother does sometimes. Saw the birthday cake on FB...HBD!!!
  13. Same crazy here!!! we avoided the whole pmi by getting one of the 80/20 two loan mortgages. the second loan was cheaper than the PMI would have been. Same bank 3 yrs later when we moved didn't offer them anymore.
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