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  1. left over tacos...ground beef, black beans, and homemade lime cilantro rice.
  2. turkey and provolone on rye with bread&butter pickles and a side of Funyuns.
  3. mr snick's info was stolen a couple years ago with that major big box store security breach. It got really bad, the only way some of the companies would talk to him was through lifelock..thankfully he didn't cancel after the free 2 yrs the bigboxs gave because that is when the major hacking started with the stolen info. He put the permanent freeze on the 3 major creditscore companies last year and he still gets notes from att/tmoblie/verizon about phones in his name or credit card denials because they couldn't verify. They don't always use the major 3.
  4. probably roast a chicken tonight, then make stuffed peppers tomorrow. gluten free pasta selection here lasagna has to wait until I can find some non-no boil variety or else I will have a buy like 3 boxes and spend like $10 just on noodles.
  5. still on track to enter phase 3 next week. then another 28 days before schools and daycares can reopen with acceptable guidelines in place. so I should be back at the office by July!
  6. Even while home on maternity leave with both kiddos, I've never NOT left town like this. Haven't gone farther than the shopping center near the interstate. Gonna need some retail therapy and deep tissue massage when this is all said and done.
  7. Note: the electric boiler things do NOT make it any easier to peel an egg. It just makes you have to eat them sooner because you have to poke a hole in the top before cooking. We bought one of those for that very reason because my sons loves hard boiled eggs. very disappointed
  8. we are looking at this Ninja air fryer. Seems more versatile than the crockpot looking variety.
  9. Those things give me major heartburn and indigestion...I can eat groundbeef without problems though. Its the same way with the precooked chicken.
  10. 800 g of fruit each day should land most people in the bathroom for longer periods of time. sounds more like a natural cleanse.
  11. I saw that one. Although the rules are a little crazy. They can only leave if by private transportation to chartered plane no commercial flights for them and have to leave the city by days end, no hotel layovers. THe cruise company is held responsible if workers break the rules. it sounded like some companies were going to try to sort the staff by geographic regions and cruise them back the areas so they can get on a shorter flight.
  12. BLah, the house now smells like banana bread. It is so horrible. THe bread turned out okay in the looks department. it just came out of the oven
  13. the bananas are ready just right for baking so looks like we might be making banana bread at lunch today because I need the oven for dinner tonight. Minisnick has been begging for it for some reason. I utterly despise anything banana with the exception of eating a fresh banana.
  14. Outshine bars ARE super yummy. I like the lime ones.
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