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  1. Same crazy here!!! we avoided the whole pmi by getting one of the 80/20 two loan mortgages. the second loan was cheaper than the PMI would have been. Same bank 3 yrs later when we moved didn't offer them anymore.
  2. unless they are actually packing your stuff or have to walk a few blocks to the truck it will be less than 2hrs.
  3. I have 1 giftcard and something for mr snick left to buy.
  4. need to schedule my annual holiday cookie baking day soon before my schedule fills up.
  5. use that you your advantage. do your online research about pricing/options then play them off each other. you can almost literally walk to the next one.
  6. we have a witch and antman again, the costumes still fit from last year!!!
  7. i don't find the haunting of hill house all that scary...there are some startling moments but not scary.
  8. Got a new TV this weekend, our old one finally crapped out. Had been tempermental about how it was turned on and finally stopped turning on. Mr snick changed our netflix password too, so I am in the same boat as mini csb.
  9. cutting cable looks tempting but I love me some scifi and comet channels. I dunno if I could give them up
  10. netflix already dropped a lot of the disney stuff. we are using netflix an amazon about equally right now for shows...or at tleast the kiddos are. THey know which service their fav shows are on. I am more of a netflix person. currently in the middle of a documentary about castles in ireland, britian, scotland and their history.
  11. we need to replace our shower head or the very least reseat it with new teflon tape. It drips...but it is also an older shower head.
  12. I could use one of those too!!!!
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