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  1. Paul Cuomo's book is alright as ref. But I suggest take a refresher in trigonometry since most questions are practical apps. Don't forget to bring a scale. good luck
  2. This ain't the time for self-pity nor whining. Pick up yourself & focus on the target. Learn from prior experiences. You're already ahead in knowing the ins & outs of the tests, that'll make you within the favored 23%. Feel like a VICtor & not a VICtim. It's the journey that you have to cherish to get real value of the destination. Good luck & Godspeed.
  3. Fatigue involves stress range & not just stress reversal per se. Just get the absolute value of the difference between max & min stresses & compare that range to the allowable. If you're using SN curves, the allowable stress range is specified for corresponding fatigue stress application vs. no. of cycles. Appendix 3 of AISC 13th ed. deals with fatigue design
  4. I also took the Daly City Special Civil Exam, both Seismic & Surveying, as an out-of-state comity applicant. I thought that the afternoon survey exam is more pratical than the morning seismic, hence, experience has advantage over theory. Anyway, good luck to all It'll be a gruelling holidays waiting for results.
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