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  1. ILvTigers


    Well, it's the end of the week. Any word from anyone?
  2. ILvTigers


    I think it said pending before the exam too. I hope you passed though.
  3. ILvTigers


    any word on the results for Connecticut?
  4. This is how I watched when waiting my results. I opened that site, searched for all engineers, sorted by PE number (descending) and refreshed about every hour. Eventually, I noticed there were a few new ones. Then I refreshed every 15 seconds. My last name started with a T and they post the new PE numbers alphabetically, so it was gut wrenching waiting for my name. But it popped up, and I split a bottle of champagne with a friend. By the way, it was a Friday (early June, can't remember the date), and they started posted the names at about 3:00. My name came up at 4:30. Good luck to those waiting! My guess is that they will posted very soon.
  5. The first time I took the exam, I used a wheeled suitcase. It worked great except that it was hard to handle (since I'm a weak woman) when getting it up into the SUV. There were lots of people with these since about everyone has one. The second time I took the exam, I planned to use it again. I got the testing city a little early the day before and went to the local Kmart. I bought a rectangular laundry basket and a luggage cart. I bungee-corded them together. It was much better than the suitcase. I could use the handles on the laundry basket to easily get it up and down out of the SUV. And my books weren't all beat up after being carried on their sides (like in the suitcase). The ideal thing would be a milkcrate that has wheels and a long handle, but my contraption was only about $20. Make sure to bring an umbrella and a sweater/sweatshirt. You never know what the weather will be like. A cushion for the seat would have been nice too. Good luck to you.
  6. The first time, I studied books (the CERM and the notebook from a reveiw course that I took). I only looked at problems and did not work them out. This time, I was planning a wedding, got married, went on the honeymoon. So I started studying after we returned. Only a month until the exam. The only thing I did was work out all the problems in a sample exam and a practice problems book from Lindburgh. I worked them out completely. The solutions in the back really came in handy. Units, Units, UNITS!! Remember your factor label method? When doing your problems, make sure to actually write down the units, so you can make sure that in the end, you have the units that the question asks for. I found that a lot of the problems were simply units conversions. I didn't know what the problem was asking, but I used some given information and multiplied or divided by other given information, used some units conversions, and I got an answer that I was pretty happy with. Get to know your units in the front of the CERM. I also changed how I carried my books into the exam. The first time I used the largest suitcase we owned. It worked great, but it was so heavy that I had a hard time getting it into and out of the SUV (since I'm a weak woman). I got to the exam city early the day before the exam and bought a luggage carrier and a laundry basket. I bungy-corded them together, and it was much easier to handle. I could use the handles on the laundry basket to lift it all into the car, and I didn't have to set anything up (lay the suitcase down, unzip, etc) when I got the exam. Congrats to those that passed, and good luck to those that will pass later. I hope this gives you ideas.
  7. ILvTigers


    OOps, and Wolverine! Didn't mean to forget you... sorry!!
  8. ILvTigers


    Congrats to GCracker!! Caneriver!! GTScott!! Cheers! :beerchug Are we all in the Atlanta area?
  9. Congrats Road Guy. We'll have to celebrate at the next ASHE luncheon since :pass too! :congrats:
  10. ILvTigers


    I passed!!!!!! A friend and I were just jumping up and down!!! We are off for champagne!!! :congrats: :pass :beerchug
  11. ILvTigers

  12. ILvTigers


    Now, they are in the O's. Say a prayer for me! I'm after O.
  13. Are you talking about Extreme Engineering on the Discovery Channel? I love that one and Engineering an Empire.
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