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  1. The curve is gone. Be careful some of the problems are just common sense and can throw you off. Without seeing the curve, I'd say look for the NPSH required. Pump curves are ALWAYS provided by pump suppliers. Tests start at shutoff head (0 gpm) and using a variable orifice on the piping at the lab head and flow are measured (together with Voltage, Amps and KW). Like the prior post says, parallel pump flows are additive...
  2. As Capt Worley said- you need to have a Fire Preotection PE to be able to bid or work on designs for Federal jobs. Given that there is only one Fire Protection Engineering firm in my city and no Fire Protection PE's in the firm I work for, it seems there is a great potential for future earnings...even after retiring, it would be easier to tackle a fire protection job than a Big ol' HVAC job. That is my motivation.
  3. Hola- Anyone has taken or planning on taking the Fire Protection PE Exam? I passed the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam and I am planning on taking the Fire Protection Exam in October. Any input will be GREATLY appreciated.
  4. I read in a American Airlines Magazine something that I will never foget "In life you DONT get what you deserve- You get what you NEGOTIATE". Get a new job a negotiate a better salary... Recently I was offered a job for a State University making 13K more than their Senior EE. I NEGOTIATED it.... but also turned it down.
  5. I had a DUI on 2002 and I put the location and outcome (No contest). I have a PE. Do not hide that information you may regret it...
  6. If you fail, you will get an envelope with a diagnostic test and the re-file paperwork. You send the check with the re-file paperwork. Pretty easy and straightforward so dont worry about it.
  7. I think it is pretty clear that any Texas Instrument with "Texas Instruments: All TI-30X and TI-36X models. Any Texas Instruments calculator must contain either TI-30X or TI-36X in its model name. " A TI-30XS has TI-30X in its name... If in doubt, why risk it anyways?
  8. Thanks guys but I already passed in April. I didnt buy the 101 problem book but did have quite a few other study materials...
  10. Dude, LMAO LMAO!!!!!!!
  11. No I am talking about the wall certificate. Other states have better looking ones. What's important is that I got it I guess...
  12. WOW this is ABSURD! If the objective of the PE exam is to determine minimum competency requirements, are you telling me they allow incompetent people to be licensed just because they played ARMY for a little while??? That is UNFAIR and SUCKS. Dont get me wrong, Ive done 3 Afghanistan tours, one Iraq tour and one Kuwait tour and I didnt ask for no darn clemency. Competence is competence and you should not pass this exam just because you were deployed in the ARMY. NO WAY!!!
  13. Not to criticize but I got my certificate inthe mail and it looks like it was printed on a Tandy printer when print shop first came out. WOW! I'm not sure I want to hang that crappy thing up!!!!!!!!!
  14. cocoloco

    April 08

    Hey add Cocoloco as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I messed this up- there you go, if I can pass the PE Exam, you all can too!
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