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  1. Just saw your post..i took my exam today. Just like you said, it's very similar to the practice exam. Some practical/experience type of problems are the hard ones for me. But I feel good about it. Should get the result next week. Fingers crossed! I passed FE first try 3 months ago. I hope the good luck extends. Keep me posted! Best regards.
  2. I had the same problem. Seems like we need some data on the noise control liner material. And I looked up on the Internet, different material really has very different properties. Also, there isn't any reference data on Ncees reference manual. So I came up with this solution, If we really come cross this question during exam. Just remember at 1000 hz it has the highest noise reduction, about 2.3 dB/ft So for this specific problem, at 1000 hz, it goes down to 96-23=73. And towards 2 directions of frequency the per foot reductions are all less than 2.3. Option C matches the pattern.
  3. Thank you. I think I will spend the rest of the days familiarize with the reference material. Found a mistake on the NCEES reference manual. Gonna post it here. If anyone is taking the exam recently, keep this in mind. I contacted Ncees, but didn't really get a confirmation other than they will look at it. It's on page 293, STEAM TABLES. At temperature 64 F, the saturation pressure should be around 0.295 psi instead of 0.36 psi given on the reference table. Since this is the only reference allowed for the new CBT exam, If we use the wrong data, we will get a wrong answer.
  4. Hi guys. I have been preparing for pe exam in the past 3 months. I put about 200 hours serious studying in. Right now I can finish the three 80 questions practice exams I have (ppi, 6 minutes and ncees practice exam) within 4 to 6 hours, each. And I can manage to get at least 90% (ncees practice exam I can get 100%). Should I buy some more practice exams? Or this should be enough. My exam is in 2 weeks. Thank you!
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