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  1. Hi my fellow enviros this is a lovely thread which so much information. Congratulations to those who passed. I gave the exam last Thursday and unfortunately found out that I didn’t pass. I found the first part of the exam easier than the second. I struggled with quite a few problems in remediation, waste in the second section. My main sources of study were the Schneiter’s practice exams and practice problems. Looking for advice for the strategy to study for the second attempt. Should I take a course or work through Lindeberg manual. Any advice will be appreciated.Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I found this thread extremely helpful while preparing for Environmental CBT. I gave it last Thursday, however found out that I did not pass today. I felt the exam was not that hard. For me The first part was easier than the second and I found the qualitative questions fairly easy. I got really stuck in about 10-15 questions in the second part of the exam and that really threw me off. For preparation, I mainly used the PPI Schneiter practice problems and practice exams and the NCEES sample exam. Iam looking for advice on strategies to crack it the second time round? Should i take a School of PE course to get access to more questions. Would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks again!!
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