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  1. I am glad my post was helpful to you, and hope it is for many others. Thank you, I learned today of the good news of successful processing, and am officially a PE! The board works in mysterious ways, so it's hard to say. Once you hit the 60-day mark from when you submitted, if you haven't heard anything, I recommend reaching out to @CAPLS for assistance. He/She is a saint. Best wishes.
  2. Wow so with the new computer tests you get your results days after taking the exam?
  3. Oh man, the possibilities with this. As someone not much older than you (graduated <5 yrs), I am looking at this and thinking about how great this could be for you. I'm jealous! I recommend you research a local company with engineers that work on things you'd be interested in doing, learn about what they do, and then go in and just introduce yourself. Be polite and tell them you'd like to just talk to one of their engineers for a brief moment to learn more about their work. Worst case scenario they just let you know they can't because they're busy. But I'd bet more likely they'd be impressed and glad to talk to you. You'd be making a professional connection that may one day be valuable. Give it a shot!
  4. I am also in California, passed the PE in October 2019. I submitted my application February 25 (UPS expected delivery Feb 26). I hit the 60-day mark last week and reached out via email and phone, left voicemails. No response yet. I figured Covid-19 might be a factor, and it probably is, but I'm seeing others in previous years also have difficulty contacting CA BPELS. I will come back and update as I hear more. My hope is for this post to be a reference for future people like myself who stumbled upon this thread and are wondering what their timeline may look like. Timeline: PE exam passed OCT 2019, results released in DEC 2019 Feb 25, 2020 : PE License Application mailed via UPS, expected delivery by Feb 26. Mar 2, 2020 : Check shown as cashed in my Bank App Update 1 - (5/6/2020 , 69 days after app submitted) : Received an email informing me it has moved to technical review. Will update again on what we see next. Update 2 - (5/13/2020, 76 days after app submitted) : As of today I now show up online in the CA PE license lookup, so I guess it's official. I didn't receive an email notifying me of this, so it must have just slipped them 😩 . But it's done, so I am thankful for that. I will try to provide a last update when things start to arrive in the mail like the letter, the wallet card, and certificate. Good luck to all and a big thank you to @CAPLS for his help and guidance through this process! Update 3 - 6/2/2020 : Today I received my pocket/wallet certificate in the mail.
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