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  1. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of the known errors in handbook version 1.1, specifically as it pertains to MDM? I am taking the exam on Monday and would like to review all know errors.
  2. @Ijoinedbecausecovid I also want to say congratulations. Your posts and responses in the last few months have been helpful to me in my preparation process. I appreciate the feedback on difficultly compared to the NCEES practice exam and the PPI material. I now have both so that is a good gauge. I am also interested in to what extent you felt that you needed additional information not provided in the reference manual? Obviously I don't want you to disclose anything about the exam material specifically, just in general how comprehensive did you feel the reference material was. Tha
  3. Is there any way to see testing center availability before purchasing the exam through NCEES?
  4. Thanks guys I do genuinely appreciate the responses. I have found Dr. Hanson's Youtube videos and they are amazing for Solids 1 and I feel good about that content after reviewing his channel, but I could use some more of the Junior year content haha. It looks like PPI offers the Learning Hub without the hard copies of the book fairly affordably. I may try 3 months of the online learning hub and hope that the company changes their mind once I pass (probably not but PE credential is worth the pursuit either way). Did your course have hard copies or just the web books?
  5. Hello all. I am planning to take the new CBT format of the MDM exam as soon as the testing centers open back up. I have completed some online solids refreshers and took the NCEES practice exam with so-so results (45/80). I am on a budget like everyone and during this time my employer is not willing to fund any of the prep courses so I was hoping that someone might have some recommendations for good self-study materials for MDM in general since it is such a broad topic. I could use a good refresher on vibrations/dynamics or Von Mises along with more practice problems in most areas. I don't
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