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  1. Answer is B. I can post their solution if needed.
  2. Could anyone provide a better solution and explanation to this problem than what they provide in the book? I got the wrong answer because I multiplied the mass flow rate of the air stream by the inlet & outlet humidity ratios and kept the mass flow rate of water stream stay constant. I guess I should have not multiplied the air flow rates by the humidity ratios and instead removed the mass rate of evaporation from the mass flow rate of water.
  3. Would someone be able to draw me a schematic for this problem to help me understand the solution? I’m stumped.
  4. Thank you everybody for their feedback.
  5. What would you rank the difficultly and usefulness of the below Practice Problems/Exams for studying for TFS Exam: NCEES 2001 Practice Exam NCEES 2008 Practice Exam NCEES 2016 Practice Exam EngProGuide Practice Exam SlaythePE Practice Exam PPI Practice Exam PPI Practice Problems 6 Minute Solutions
  6. Thank you! A lot easier then I originally thought
  7. Can someone help explain how to get the solution for this problem.
  8. BuffaloWings


    Anyone know of some YouTube videos or channels that they recommend to those studying for the TFS PE Exam? I'm more of a visual learner than reading textbooks.
  9. Why does y equal m3/m1 and also m2/m7
  10. Can someone help me understand this solution. I get confused in the 2nd part when they calculate y using the enthalpy at State 2, 6, and 7.
  11. Can someone explain why the answer to Problem #127 is 100F
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