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  1. The reason I debated on electrician vs mechanical engineering , is it is more $ that I can make as a machinist . I make about 45k a year right now , so if I’m going to school I’d rather at least make more than I am now
  2. I am currently at a local community college taking core classes . I worked full time , 7-330 pm m-f . I am a machinist / press operator . I chose to enroll at the cc to get my foot in the door . I’m 26 years old . I have completed about 20 credits . I currently have a 4.0 , but this is the first semester I struggled . And it’s in math ! I want to become a mechanical engineering , but I’m struggling with pre calculus ! Math has always come very easy to me , but now I’m worried . I’m thinking perhaps becoming an electrician is another option
  3. I applied for financial aid, but apparently I’m over the qualifying income . Job progress is the second biggest reason I’m considering mechanical engineering . Most days I feel like a zombie . My mind doesn’t have to work , I am just set in a routine and it’s too easy . Also the pay scale is limited to my union contract . I guess I’m more curious about how much I should expect to pay per month for school loans , and if my new salary minus the loans is still at least breaking even for the first few years . I have also considered civil engineering , but have come to the conclusion that mechanical is more well rounded and easier to find a job.
  4. Hey guys , I’m new to the site . I’m from Pittsburgh Pa. I’m 26 years old and work as a machinist (no formal schooling ) at a production plant . It’s a family owned company and I just want a safe back up plan , and have always been interested in engineering . I have been taking a few classes each semester for the past 2 years at a community college . The problem for me is , I can only go part time with my work schedule , but I need my job as it puts a roof over my family’s head and food on our table . I did the math and it’s gonna take about 6 more years of schooling at this rate ! I currently make $44k a year without school loans . Is this engineering degree worth the leap ? Or am I missing out on time with my family , and putting myself into massive debt ? Should I just entertain the idea of a trade ?
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