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  1. I am not about to start sending everyone my photo ID to confirm who I am, but I give you my word that I am the genuine article. I will have to start watching the future test results boards to see if future generations care about my picture as much as all of you have, lol.
  2. My apologies for arriving to this party so late. I had no idea that everyone was looking for me and sorry to those of you looking for an entertaining FB page. I just wanted to take a brief moment to answer some questions from all of my fans and haters. Yes, I am the real Justin Stine that some of you have been searching for. However, I refrain from using my all-mighty powers. I am proud to work with the testing group and they are some of the best people that I know. The majority of us aren't paid a dime for the work that we put into it. I did not ask for my face to be on the homepage for testing and it has become a funny part of my life's story. I do kind of hate that still shot pic that you click on before the video starts. Couldn't someone have picked a better time to screenshot the video? It is pretty bad, lol. Maybe it is the face before vomit; I don't really remember that day. Sorry, but I don't grade your exams. I think that there are an army of enslaved robots for that. I am trying to save the world, but I don't think that the political leaders are listening to me. Can we have a chat before you throw a coffee at me in public or fight to the death? I just washed these clothes. It probably isn't necessary to give my picture to the police. People find me everywhere from sports fields, airports, to the zoo. I have no ill will to people's comments of me on here and will happily be the focus of your testing frustration, savior or destroyer of the world, and subject of jokes. I hear some great stories from friends and coworkers about how many of you wish to destroy me and video appearance. Consider it a game of hide and seek if you are looking to release your stress about the exam. I hope all of you did well on the past exam. If it didn't work out, I do encourage you to try taking the exam again. If anyone just wants to take PE exams again for a painful, yet kind of rewarding, experience, I can put you in touch with some people. Good luck out there. Tag; You are it.
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