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  1. It's a bad idea... Looks like they wanted to tie the top of the wall back into the diaphragm - but it only works in one direction... Or, they wanted to pull vert load off the 1st joist and push it into the wall and 2nd joist, weird... If there was just one or two, I'd assume this was a quick lifting job, that was also not a good idea.
  2. It's possible, but you will be limited to a handful of states that will give you a PE license. If you are still in school, look into BSCE instead of the Masters - because this will make your professional life easier.
  3. If you can estimate the billing for the office, this can let you know if/when you have priced yourself out of the job. 100-140K isn't that unreasonable when you are now in a management/BD role. Given revenue for the year vs. employee base salaries can vary from 1.8 to 3.0+ depending on industry and firm size. 1.7 to 2.0 is typical in large oil and gas (industrial work) engineering companies, but the caveat is they let you go once work slows down (unless you are a key employee). Factors of 2.5 to 4.0 are common in commercial firms - therefore you often make less in that world with the expectation of greater stability. If you can attribute 400K of billing to yourself alone, then asking for 135K is financially viable (this is an important thing to understand about the business decisions that drive salaries). I was quite surprised leaving the commercial world for industrial O&G world how much more people were paid (often less qualified than those I worked with in commercial), but it all comes down to HOW the business is run. For highly cyclical work, if you can afford to miss a few months every couple of years you will do significantly better, especially appealing as you reach financial independence.
  4. I'm in a position now where it is helpful for me to have PE licenses in most of the States. A few States require that the license be displayed, but we may rarely do work in many of these states, and I don't want to have 40+ frames on my wall. So, I'm considering buying a binder and keeping all my licenses in there, but leaving the binder "on display". Thoughts? What would or have you done in this situation?
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