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  1. Everyone retains things differently so do what works for you! I had most everything purchased for the april exam. I think the only things i've added are the 4th Cram exam, the actual engineering economics analysis, and the book of batteries which i had contemplated buying before (and i may have a slight book addiction) also thinking of adding nfpa 780. @Chattaneer PE I did print the new handbook, and it's going in my book haul for sure. It's got some good info in a condensed format, and it might be the fastest way to find a formula.
  2. Ohhhh if they cancel it again imma be SO mad. I dont care if we have to take it in scuba gear or whatever. Plus I still havent receive a refund on my hotel room. 😑
  3. Walls of text are great... Here's mine. Last time I worked through Graffeo first. It was a good review since i've been out of school 8+ yrs. Found Zach's course and signed up for it. Went through the entire course and filled up 3 notebooks with notes on all the videos and examples. I tabbed all those and reference them a lot. Ill probably skim through the course again over the next month and retake the quizzes. And it looks like Zach has added new stuff too! I created a binder with all of the live class and formula sheets for Zach's class. I mostly use this binder for reference. When i bought EngProGuides technical guide, i put it into its own binder, divided by subject. I need to go through the formula sheets though. I also have Zach's exam, and all 3 of EPG's exams in their own 1/2 inch binders. I did all of these the last round, and plan to take them again. I bought the Cram book and all exams which are excellent and totally recommend since i dont see it in your list. I only completed the first exam before the test was cancelled so i have the other 3 to take. Ill probably do one over a week instead of timed, and the other 2 as timed practice tests. I went through 1 exam in Complex Imaginary... The exam was easier, but the code drill book was great practice. I plan to use these as practice problems. Ive got a binder full of extra references, and plan to add more to it! I read/skimmed a lot of Wildi last round, and i finally got a hardcopy of Blackburn in April, so im planning to skim through and tab it. I went through several of the protection chapters and examples in the Glover book last round and plan to repeat that. Also have the ncees practice test which i plan to take again too. I do not have the PPI stuff like you do - i keep hearing mixed reviews about it. Overall, ive got 3 milk crates, but 2 are mostly extra stuff. Gonna roll a dolly into the exam!
  4. Twinsies! 😂 I am also much busier with work this time around, and the weather is also much nicer, so it stinks to be stick inside studying on evenings and weekends. What other practice problems did you get?
  5. How's everyone doing this round? What's your study plan look like? I've been working through EngproGuide's review book the last 2 weeks, hopefully ill finish this weekend. I've seen a few things that are new, and different ways of working problems too! This time Im approaching studying a little different since Im not mostly learning things brand new this time around - planning on working more problems and possibly doing some deep dives into texts. My speed on solving problems has definitely suffered the last few months away, but that should improve soon! Im excited for classes with Zach to start up again, and Im planning on taking a practice exam next weekend for the first time since March! 😱 Let's do this thing!
  6. Please let us know about the Tab book. The reviews weren't very compelling around last February and I chose to not buy it. Any suggestions as to what sections to look at in Linden's? This text is HUGE and a little overwhelming.
  7. I would say higher DC current because of the increased heat. I deal with a lot of DC relays that are 50-60 years old and, and usually you're replacing the contact or the coil. Coils like to fail because they get too hot - we see more coils fail in the summer than winter, the ones energized more often fail more often. Contacts need to be replaced because they start to wear out and the contact surface will start pitting or wearing away. Some of this is due to the arc, and sometimes, it's just that its been used so much that the contact is worn out. Current is what generates the heat in an electric circuit. Voltage doesn't. If you ever do any infrared camera stuff. You can actually see the temperature difference between wires that may be carrying the same voltage, but have totally different currents on them - the wire with higher current will be much hotter.
  8. Registration for the October 2020 exam is open on NCEES website. Just registered! (again...) Hopefully we'll actually get to take this one. 😬
  9. Got it! Apparently there is a study guide companion that is just solved problems, and apparently that's what amazon is calling the paperback version... No actual textbook included. 🙄
  10. just realized I bought the Study Guide to the Engineering Economic Analysis book instead of the actual book. I kept thinking people were crazy to suggest it, cause all it had was example problems that weren't terribly helpful... so I just ebayed a copy of the actual book. 😅 maybe that's why i've been doing poorly on all the econ problems!
  11. Continuing to participate in class on Tuesday nights with Zach, and working the homework problems on Thursdays. I've been reading/skimming articles on lunch breaks throughout the week as I can. I'm planning on reading/ skimming some books, but just took the weekend off of anything PE related. Thinking that I might try to do 1 practice exam a month until July/August. Overall, just trying to stay positive!
  12. Zach's section on paralleling transformers is fantastic if you have access to it. I spent 2 days on that section until it finally clicked! How are you liking Eng Pro Guides' book? I bought the exams but not the book because I figured it would be a repeat of everything else, but the few pages I've seen look pretty helpful. (symmetrical components) I like his Codes/references Exam a lot! - probably going to reprint it and redo it closer to exam time. The Full exam was tough and had several items I hadn't seen yet, and I haven't done the Final exam yet. Keep up the good work!
  13. Im planning to keep studying a few nights a week, and probably do a practice exam each month just to stay in the zone. Im ready to have more time to look at references, but disappointed because I was going to be ready. Zach is going to finish this session of classes and has been super generous and is letting us have an equal session for the october exam too. I really liked the class, and its given me a good schedule to keep up with cause im terrible with making my own schedule. I took this weekend and yesterday off and its been great! Im ready for class tonight and getting motivated again!
  14. Same! Why can't they just delay it a month or 2? 😭
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