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  1. Awesome. would you mind describing how the essays problems of bridges a little bit? Thanks
  2. Hi Man, did you pass the exams for buildings or bridges?
  3. Hi SE friends, For the SE exams, do we need to print the whole code of IBC2015 and ASCE7-10, or just a few chapters related to the structural design (say after chapter 16 in IBC 2015)? In addition, currently, I only had Masonry code edition 2011, not 2013. Is this ok? did you see big changes in this masonry code? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi David, I believe you are very proficient in Masonry design. could you tell me the differences between 2011 edition and 2013 editions of Building code requirements and specifications for masonry structures? The current SE exam requires 2013 edition. do you think if it is ok to take edition 2011 since this is the only one I have now. Thanks.
  5. Hi Man, I was amazed by your "design equations". It pretty makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing your design procedure and you definitely showed the correct way that a SE should look like. Thanks again. I highly believe you succeeded in your career.
  6. Did you happen to get any more information from Oregon state?
  7. You mean per week? or in total? I would like to know how many hours you spent for each exam in addition to your review courses. thanks for your help.
  8. thanks for your reply. so you mean we will receive three things in total, paper pocket ID, white plastic card, adn wall certificate, correct? Thanks.
  9. Dear friends, Could you please let me know your study schedule (how many hours, books, courses) that you spent on your preparation for both lateral and vertical exams? I am considering to take the bridges later. Any your experience on SE exams (no matter Buildings or Bridges) are highly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Hi, so far I only got the paper pocket ID of my license, does that mean the other license are still coming?
  11. I received my Pocket certificate too, which is the only thing that I received so far.
  12. Is it also normal for me that even no congratulations emails received from the board?
  13. even no congratulations emails received.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I still have not received any emails from the board about the license. is this normal? In addition, when it is getting close to 6/30, will I receive any emails to remind me of renewing the license? Thanks.
  15. I heard CA board does not require any PDHs for maintaining the PE. Correct me if you find some requirements about this.
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