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  1. Fair point, I was on the lower of end of the spectrum when it came to age. Something else I have noticed is that non-engineers also want their hands on a license. This includes people who didn't have engineering degrees to begin with and worked as designers/drafters for a long period of time and then decided to get into engineering. In my 7+ years career, I personally know 3 people who have tried to pass the FE (all of them are 40+). To their disappointment, none of them have passed so far (besides the point), I think it's mostly because the FE is more diverse compared to the PE. I am not sure if this is a common occurrence or just an anomaly.
  2. You guys forget that non-citizen/resident engineers only take the FE when they come to the states. This includes experienced licensed engineers from abroad that then decide to start their licensure process in the US (Arup/AECOM/Bechtel and lots of other big guys have people like this). In addition, there is a big group of international graduate students that take the exam after their MS/PhD degrees, they may or may not join the workforce, but it drives the average age up for the FE. I myself took the FE after my MS (I was 23). PE @ 26, will be 31 in Oct 2020 for the SE.
  3. SoCalPE


    For the October 2020 exam.
  4. SoCalPE


    Just confirmed with NCEES. The codes won't change.
  5. With the references mentioned here, hopefully we'll know what we did wrong on the problem. I think I just need to look at a couple of examples to see where I went wrong. Registered for April 2020. Good Luck to everyone taking it.
  6. Thank you, I'll look into both resources and see which one suits me best. But having a reference with solved examples makes a big difference.
  7. Hello everyone, I know many people focus on Seismic. I personally haven't had any problem with it, since all my experience is in California with 99% of my projects in SDC D or E. However, my unacceptable problem for the PM portion was the Wind problem. Without going into any details, I thought I had aced the problem. The only justification for having failed the problem to me is that I must have used a completely different/wrong wind chapter (which I doubt, since the problem did mention the chapter to use, as far as I can recall). Based on the diagnostics, I did okay in the morning (28/40), however, I can still highlight areas that I can improve in, but for the afternoon portion having unacceptable for wind has really confused me. Since, I don't know how to prepare for it. I am not worried about seismic problems at all, but more worried if a similar wind problem comes in April 2020, I wouldn't really know how to do it differently. Which brings me to my questions: 1. Has anyone been in the same boat? 2. Just like there are SEAOC manuals for seismic problems, is there something similar for practicing wind problems? Practice problems with solutions would highlight my mistake I guess. Thank you,
  8. Thanks! That helps, as I wasn't looking forward to learning/ looking for changes in ASCE 7-16 and IBC for this cycle.
  9. Has anyone talked to NCEES regarding code requirements for the April 2020 cycle? They told me no change from October 2019 to April 2020. Although it may be too early and the might update later? It would be great not to have to buy new books.
  10. Hello Everyone, My first post here, so I chatted with NCEES and they said that there is no change in exam specs (codes). She said April 2020 will be per the same specs (codes) as October 2019? Has anyone else asked this question? Do they typically wait a cycle before enforcing the latest codes in the exams? On a side note, since most people shared their results, Here is mine (First attempt at both lateral/gravity) Gravity - Acceptable Lateral: AM - 28/40, PM - U, A, A, IR. I am intending to take lateral in April again.
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