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  1. Been a while, so checking in with folks. I moved my exam date to end of September. Covid has been a huge disruptor and between work, child care, and selfcare, studying has taken a lower priority. That said, I picked up the PPI practice problems and practice exams. SoPE is a great review but in my limited time I think it would help to focus on working through problems. It's not really ideal but I know a lot of folks are in similar situations. At least Env is CBT! I wouldn't be surprised if the October P&P tests are cancelled again.
  2. It's been a while since I checked in. I was making pretty good progress through SOPE's on-demand review and then COVID-19 hit. Schools were cancelled and we had no child care for our three year old. I had to prioritize work and taking care of my three year old son. By the time he would go to sleep, I usually had to work a few hours to make up what I had missed during the day. Studying became a last priority and I did very little for the last six weeks. Pearson also ended up moving my exam date from early May to mid-June. Daycare is finally back open again and I'm working from home. This is giving me a much better work/life balance where I can actually get back into studying again. I only have about six weeks before the exam (if it's not cancelled again) and I'm going to just sprint through what I can. My plan is to work through as many problems (SOPE, PPI, & NCEES Practice Exam) as I can for about 2 - 3 hrs. per day. It's far from ideal, but I'm going to keep my expectations low. I have a lot of industry experience so I'm hopeful that the relatively high percentage of qualitative questions can help push me though. If not, I will at least have the experience of taking the exam and will be able to better prepare for next time. With everything going on in the world it's hard to say exactly when the next opportunity to take the exam will be.
  3. Hey @Aspiring_Engineer, I haven't taken the PE Environmental CBT yet but as someone who has failed the Construction depth twice, please keep your head up! There's no shame in failing. You at least had the experience of sitting for the exam and you'll be familiar with the exam room and Pearson center policies for your next attempt. I'm curious as well for prep suggestions for the qualitative material. It seems very much either you know it or you're out of luck. I'm taking SoPE and going through their review notes which is a little helpful but definitely not all encompassing.
  4. Has anyone found a solid set of flash cards for review prep? I’ve searched on google and amazon without much luck. If it comes to it I could always make my own.
  5. Hey civilrobot - I'm in a similar position. I took the Construction depth in October 2018 and failed with a 42/80. I wasn't surprised as I just did self-study and had a one-year old that wasn't sleeping well. I took the Construction depth again in October 2019 and failed with a 41/80. I was shocked - I did a prep class, tons of study, and my sleep schedule was fairly consistent. I took Construction because it felt like a "catch-all" category but I work mainly in environmental remediation. I decided this year to switch to the Environmental PE and see how that goes. Maybe you need to consider a change to a different exam as well? The instructor in one of my refresher classes made a comment that you should only do the construction depth if you work in it every day.
  6. Thanks @CHouse and @txjennah PE! I appreciate the feedback and recommendations. I'm leaning strongly towards taking the SoPE review course and then working a ton of review problems. If I still feel like I'm not where I need to be, I'm going to look into the EET depth review. I want to take this once and pass it - after failing the construction depth twice I'm ready to slay this exam.
  7. I'm definitely looking for a solid review course, preferably one that is on-demand, to help get me up to speed on the topics that I'm less familiar on. Do folks have any recommendations? I used SOPE for my FE review and while it was helpful, I know that I only passed because I worked through a ton of practice problems after completing the refresher videos. After doing some online searching, the PPI review course isn't that highly rated. Is SOPE what most folks are using for a review/refresher course?
  8. It was certainly disappointing but I spent the last few days researching the environmental exam. A co-worker who recently passed the CBT shared her study materials so I could get a feel for some of topics and questions. I’m absolutely kicking myself - what was I thinking taking the Construction exam? All of my work experience is on the environmental consulting side. I’m concerned about the waste water and air sections though as I don’t have any practical experience there. My co-worker felt similarly but thought her prep course and material from PPI was helpful. Going through this thread it looks like PPI is recommended and some folks felt their prep questions were on par with the exam. Is that the general consensus?
  9. Hey all - I'm a long-time lurker who just failed the Civil - Construction depth for the 2nd time. All of my professional experience is in environmental consulting (remediation/site assessment) and mostly as a project manager. For whatever reason I felt that the Construction depth was a catch-all, but after the second time failing it I think I need to take the exam where I have the most experience... That said, I'm apprehensive about the Environmental exam because of that lack of reference material. Going by just the provided handbook is concerning. Is there a review course program that folks can recommend? I used SOPE for my FE review and passed. This last round on the Civil - Construction depth, I took a local review class at NC State that I thought was helpful but ultimately not...
  10. Failed - 2nd Attempt Construction 41/80
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