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  1. I see. Good luck and keep pushing through! You'll make it happen!
  2. This doesn't mean you were one question off does it? From what I've heard you could be 5-6 questions away from passing and still get a 69.
  3. I created a post on what helped me pass, and would recommend Zach's course over Testmasters. I only did his free trial, but if I had to do it again it'd be with his course.
  4. I felt like this was a very difficult exam, and looking at the pass rates that feeling is justified. This was my first time taking, and I passed, but I thought since I've been lurking through the forums for the past couple of days, I should share what I did to try to help some people that didn't make it this time. I encourage others that passed to include what they did here too. FYI, this is 100% my opinion and what I did to pass. It is not the only way to pass the exam. Graffeo - This book is literally an amazing resource without all of the technical "fluff". I think its ~$100 for the bound copy. Definitely worth it. Testmasters Review Course (In person) - Not sure how much this helped me. I took the course in Houston Texas, so others could have had a completely different experience, but I felt like I was just in an advanced reading class. Not much explanation, just the instructor reading verbatim from the book. The best thing about the class was the NEC Code Review. I work with it every day, and there were things I learned that changed my life. All in all, aside from the code lesson, not sure I would recommend it based on the cost (company paid for it). The book they give you is so full of information you are bound to find one or two questions worth of information. Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review Course - I watched some videos on youtube and utilized the free trial on his site. In all honesty, if I had to do it again, I would have paid for this over Testmasters. Luckily, the topic that was free was exactly what Testmasters lacked (MVA Method). I worked the NCEES Practice exam, the Graffeo practice exam, the testmasters practice questions, and some of Zach's free quizzes. I started studying the second week of September up until 2 days before the exam. Personally, I did not look at any material the day before the exam. Sounds blasphemous, but I was to the point where I wasn't going to learn anything beneficial in a day. Hopefully this helps someone, and congratulations to everyone that got to see the green bubble. To those that didn't get it this time, remember, this test does not define you. You got this!
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